Saturday, January 31, 2009


d destination.
L5 - the group

We are in our 29th year of being together and L5ing
It was great
love it love it.

Sally who has been off the radar turned up unexpected.
She is home fro Australia having worked there for years.
She is now a Professor in the Medic world.
She slotted back into the group so beautifully.

Katherine came with Tim and was so beautiful to be with.
It was a wondrous evening.

If you never have a chance to take your clothes off with a group
your soul clothing
undressing to be the naked you/me
you are missing a great great experience
which us humans are born to be

Born to run?
Bord to Level Five.

Greenbelt Trustees all day tomorrow
Big John drinking Cointreau all night
Life is exciting when you can be among such beautiful humans

It gives me strength to be with those
who society sees as worthless.
I want to reside there too ...................

Friday, January 30, 2009

... so another clue, another shot.
What is this?


Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have felt moments of vulnerability today.

I have felt moments of vulnerability today.

I want to feel it when it is there.
Not deny it.
I have felt uncomfortably vulnerable today.
I believe that growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.
But - uncomfortable without choice is er - uncomfortable.

Then the thinking process kicks in and those feelings go away.
I monitor my interior.
Then I am alone again and I feel it again. They remain.

I will tell you about it sometime. Now is not the time.
I have a commitment to tell you who I am.
I believe that to only tell you about the positive is telling lies.
Mask stuff.
I do not want to reside there.

Had a long day today.
Many emotions and interactions.
All leave a mark of learning in my soul.

I am knackered now - but will tell you lots tomorrow.

You are beautiful.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Between 75 and 85 I was the Leader of a Youth Team in East London.
Tonight Bobbie and Pete Oliver popped back into our lives.
They were young volunteers who joined the team between 1977/79 and were married there. I was the man who walked down the isle with Bobbie - giving her away to Pete. They are still together.

Now they live in Perth, Australia and have been in the UK for a few weeks.
They called so me met up in Brick Lane eating great food and catching up on thirty years of separation. When we worked the streets doing detached work. When we ran a small group programme with many groups of young street kids. When we went on an adventure mini-bus trip to South of France and the Italian Riviera with difficult group of teenage boys and girls.

Great evening - memory lane

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Monday, January 26, 2009

T*X done
Joan is much better
she stopped the rattling chest noises yesterday
Still three days of strong antibiotics to go.

Joy invited us over so we went for the night
Great being away
hanging out with Sheila
Doing nothing with pleasure
love it love it.

Could not blog
the broadband flaky
but did do some work.

Now back with you
and nice place to be
you are good to be with
just like Sheila.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Found this and scanned it in.
Big John will be proud of me.
My printer/scanner was mashed again.
This time sounding like a tank.
But I searched the web.
BJ, the best searcher in the world, taught me this.
I fixed it on my own.
Now one less problem in my life.
Now only 999,999 left.

These are the Sheilas back in the day.
At Greenbelt I think.
Beautiful humans.
It looks great on my 24 inch Mac desktop display/wallpaper.


If life was a calendar what month would you be?