Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year BECOMING suggestion for you to consider ........

"The thing that is really hard 
& really amazing, 
is giving up on 
being perfect 
& beginning the work of 
becoming yourself” 

Anna Quindlen


Friday, December 30, 2016

Blessed are those willing to go the second mile, for they will get a lift + other Blessings BECOMING

Blessed are the lost and confused, for admitting what the rest of us deny

Blessed are the paranoid for they will realise they were right all along

Blessed are the addicts, for they will be able to release themselves

Blessed are the welcoming and friendly, for they will be welcomed by many friends

Blessed are those who are cursed by bad luck, for their number will finally come up

Blessed are they who find they cannot believe, for they will find honesty is a fruit of the Spirit

Blessed are those willing to go the second mile, for they will get a lift

Blessed are those who see Love in the eyes of the forgotten, for they will find Love gazing back at them

Blessed are those who use foreign names for God, for one day we will all speak in tongues.

Blessed are those who have lost their life, for they will find  Life comes looking for them

Blessed are those with a roof over their heads,

food on the table, work that rewards and friends to rely on,

for there isn’t much more anyone can ask for

Blessed are those who find the poetry in religion,

for they will find a divine rhyme in the ordinary and everyday

Blessed are all of us who are found wanting, for we will all be found wanted.


Getting close to humans ............



WORLDWIDEfm - some great TURKISH Music being played - see it live via Facebook


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Where I belong ...............

If you have got some #emotional #indigestion after #Christmas

.... how are you #feeling? 
[FINE is not a feeling] 

If we get to give words to them 
when we have feeling - 
we get to #manage our feeling & not 
being controlled by them.

If you have got some 
#emotional #indigestion 
after #Christmas 
by #writing out your feelings 
and then tell them ::

"I am not letting you control me". 



How do I learn to love - a long and winding road ..........


Happy Birthday to DJ Dave Harris of Mayflower / Greenbelt / Rolling Magazine / L5 / YMCA fame ........

Making a DECISION ......

If we decide to #LOVE
Someone we don't #LIKE
[usually because of their behaviour]
We will learn to love when our initial dislike feelings start to switch to LOVE. 



Monday, December 26, 2016

2017 preparation .......

BLOB TREE - New Year Blob Collection OF Communication Tools.

A selection of blob scenes that include a
Christmas and New Year theme.
Available as single Blob scenes,
or as complete collections