Saturday, December 24, 2016

The stirring of the soul now/Christmas has triggered me to connect with memories of my Mother

I have been busy with things 

and I wonder -
funny time of year for you? 

I see faces in the streets and the shops. 
Strained faces. 
Tense faces. 
Frowning faces. 
Few smiling faces. 

I worked for many years in hostels.
Out of the 10 homes we have had,
including the one I was born in, 
six have been in a residential/community context,
on the job including with people who were
offenders, homeless and rootless.
They are uncertain if there maybe a chance of 
being somewhere else on Christmas day. 
That uncertainty is worse 
than the certainty of even 'no hope’. 
The ones remaining in the Hostel on Christmas day 
will be the ones without any another option 

I have always struggled with
how to do something in a group-work context
which is a sensitive helpful life-sustaing challenge. 
The context is restless humans. 
The context is lack of concentration. 
They don’t want to be there
- be anywhere
but there is better than being alone …..
I prepare as best I can & then deliver  …… 
but still have to 'busk it' like crazy. 
Calmly of course! 

You can read some of my Christmas Group-Work
described in a step by step method,
by searching my 

The stirring of the soul now/Christmas
has triggered me to connect with memories of my Mother 
who went through some tough times and yet 
was wondrous and beautiful to the end. 
All four sons were around the bed when she died. 
I have good feelings about her death. 

The other feelings  .............. 
I will say they were about 'emotional deprivation'. 
Mine of course but also the people I recall. 
I have more connections in my soul 
which makes me feel Christmas more deeply. 
They are a bit below the surface but the next few days 
I could dig them out.