Friday, December 23, 2016

I feel most deeply with those who struggle emotionally, socially, relationally and with CHRISTMAS.

I used to dislike CHRISTMAS .
Regularly I didn’t look forward to it.
I used to see the glitter/commercial CHRISTMAS
as a distraction from the real meaning - as I felt it.

I still have some distaste about how CHRISTMAS 
has been mugged by Trees, Baubles and Santa.

I have changed non stop since I was born again 
the 40th time, (or maybe it was the 400th time!)
My Christmas past is distant but now I think I am more whole
other than lots of unfinished ‘work in progress.’

Now-a-days I see shops full of stuff - not CHRISTMAS stuff
but all the Reindeers, Santa with Robins on Snow and 
No mention of the Nativity,
The CHRISTMAS  - Christ-Mass story.

That’s OK.
People are free to sell/buy all they desire (I love freedom for all).
NOW I accept all that & go my own CHRISTMAS way.
I can’t dictate to others/the social flow & don’t want to.
I now delight in gift giving & children being to the fore.

I live in reality
Accept it.
As with people generally - I accept them
despite their behaviour.
I want to learn to love everyone
wether I ‘like’ them or not.

I feel most deeply with those who struggle 
emotionally, socially, relationally and with CHRISTMAS.
So so many do.
I know it can be a great pain - this CHRISTMAS  thing.
I try my best to be aware and sensitive.
So love and hugs to you if you feel not OK about CHRISTMAS .

I still have to stretch to find a depth of spirituality in CHRISTMAS .
How to get deeper into the meaning - the reality that was
the reality that is …...
Struggle to to focus through the fairy lights
to see the fragile baby - the Divine human 
The smallest of gifts.
A living breathing dependent growing gift ……..
and aren't the smallest presents the best?

Thats a bit of me at Christmas.
I hope your Christmas is bearable if you expect it to be tough.
I hope it is a beautiful experience 
if you can be with a person or peopel who you love.
I trust you can be Becoming - changing / learning life
and step forward into a new/refreshing life into 2017

I want to hold your hand …..
or touch a finger tip as we walk on ……..