Thursday, December 01, 2016

PEARLS OF WILSON - ideas for Christmas Group-Work

Blob Christmas           

Hello beautiful human 
(when is the last time that ANYONE has told you 'you are beautiful'?)

You are beautiful and 
I was 40 years old before I could say I am beautiful 
- and feel it (sometimes-!!)

I don't want to bring-on Christmas too early but I wanted to pass on this Blob Christmas tool 
for you to use in your life and Mission as you prepare for Christmas.

It can be used in different ways such as::

1   A Church Service to stimulate some interaction - at least in the individual brain!

2   A Youth Group leaflet - makes a change from a Snowman or Father Christmas type images.

3   A Youth Group session  which I am focusing on here - just some ideas.

Give all your group a copy - it is more personal that an image on a projector screen.
Ask an opening easy question. 
I always start away from the personal as it is an 
ice-breaker before deeper things ahead. 
Answer these questions for yourself before hand - 
engage with the deeper sense of yourself - 
especially the tough questions!
Have them to share the answers with a human sat next to them, 
often it will be a human they came with!

1   Which Bob is most sad and which is one most happy- and why?

2   Which Blob is having a good time but only superficially - what tells you this?

Split the group up into three's so that everyone is mixed up - do this between every question from now on - to enable the group to get used to change.

3   Which of the Blob scenarios reminds you of your earliest memory of Christmas?

4   Which scenario reminds you of your last Christmas?

5   Which Blob, or Blobs, reminds you of your worst Christmas?

6   Do you follow the flow at Christmas - just follow the crowd, do what your family traditionally do,  or your friends do? Pick a few of the Blobs to describe?

7   Do you feel or believe that you have any choice in how you live your life at Christmas or is your life in the hands of others during this period? (Secondary question -When will you feel ready to make decisions about your own Christmas life?)

8   If you are a human with a faith in God - and trying to live it out - which of these Blobs describes how you would want to live your Christmas life?

9   Look carefully at all the individual Blobs. Which one is in most emotional pain? Put a word to that feeling? Who do you know who feels the same or similar feelings?

10   Think of a human who you know or have seen around your community, school, college or work - someone who speaks in a different accent than the majority, or a different colour of skin, way of life, stigmatised, alone, unkempt, not much money, dependent on chemicals, sad face .. ..... Who will bring Christmas Life and Christmas Love to that beautiful human? (who God loves and Jesus has died for)

11   End with sharing a big tin of Christmas sweets and after all have chosen a sweet - ask everyone to say why they picked that colour and type of chocolate? Does their choice match their personality and character?  ....... a fun way to end.

Last comment ................ these are just ideas. Use your imagination to think of questions which are appropriate for your group - you are expert in you context. But - I recommend going for stretch - outside the comfort zones.

Pip Wilson bhp

LINK TO BLOB CHRISTMAS TOOLS DOWNLOAD - There are several different tools here