Sunday, January 31, 2010

.... continued from BLOG below .....

130 beautiful humans residing
in my Norwegian home base.
Late teens, early 20's,
Norwegians and a stardust sprinkling
from all over the world.
A spice pot of world flavours.
All in a sort of gap-year experiencing
a journey into wholeness
a journey into no examinations
a journey into discovering
a journey into their
self determined future -
a road less travelled.

Amongst the Norwegians
we have colours of
Madagascar, Tanzania,
Armenia, Nicaragua,
and Kenya.
They bring experience
we westerners cannot even consider.
They fit in
so intelligently
so relationally
so articulately
so beautifully.

And here I am
the only first language English -
with everyone else using mine
as I facilitate games,
experiential exercise,
group self revelation,
group work,
and workshops which open
them like flowers to the sun.

I was a stranger at breakfast.
That 'alone' feeling.
I accept it,
know it,
clock it,
feel it and
look around to to see if anyone else....
So I breakfast with the unknown
- maybe with some 'unknown' to themselves?

The students enter the large hall
to pretty loud music out a great system,
pumping music they will love,
I love,
and eyes grip the moving images on the large screen
Provocative, soul searching,
you are beautiful,
eye ball gripping ......
..... are they ready for me .....
.... are they ready to reside in a place called stretch .......
.... are they ready because .........
'growth does not reside in a place called comfortable ....

...... continued tomorrow ......

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joy in Mexico
I lurve the hug one
Beautiful model
beautiful daughter
hey hey

These guys really have snow ploughs.
Big, Tonka Toy - real ones!
Not like wimpy English versions.

I see forests of fir trees
glistening with laden snow.
I see roads and footpaths,
bridges and tunnels -
all covered in white duvets.

My ears begin to feel pain.
I hold my nose and blow
from inside out.
My ears popped and I begin to hear
and the pain fades.

Then I see dimpled clouds below me.
All gaps are filled in by the same
bedsheet whiteness on the ground below
awaiting the wheels of
SAS flight SK806 - LHR/Oslo.

I pause my breath
as my iPod strikes up with
'only love leaves such a scar -
it was a joyful noise'.*
((When we start to love,
love is a doing word,
we collect scars - sometimes physical ones.)
(* U2 = 'Moment of Surrender')

Big modern busy bustling -
full of strangers pulling trolleys.
Some running, some idle.
Glazed eyes viewing Duty Free shops.
I don't understand one word.
I only know two languages,
English and Body.

Soon, after flight 2,
I will be welcomed by
I will be welcomed into my Norwegian
vibrant community with beaming smiles
as they welcome this strange Englishman.

Now, flight 2, is slow to go.
First time I have ever been de-iced
before take-off. Delay.
Hmm. Free tea on domestic flights,
I had to pay on International hmmm.

Following the sky part there is
a bus
a ferry and
a car collect.
But missed them all so .......
a Guarding Angel came and
led me another way + great conversation.

..... to be continued .............

Friday, January 29, 2010

Scots Rock

Tax week this week and done today.
I feel like a new man..
My office floor is the current filing system.
Tidy up day tomorrow and maybe
just maybe
getting to a few emails and stuff.

Downloaded 13 hours of favourite DJs
just as soon as I got on line again.
Some great stuff::
catch Giles Peterson
playing, and interviewing, Kode9.
Wondrous stuff
on the edge music.

My new friend Marly
raves to me about
Dub Colossus - got one album=
A Town Called Addis
but not the new one=Rjd2
must must must.

Anyone who like Dubstep
or the bass side of life,
I always point towards
a great podcast called
'Secret Archives of the Vatican' (see iTunes)
love it love and want to breathe it.

Great 30 minute live film
of Alicia Keys
playing to a small crowd in London.

She does 'Empire State of Mind'
without Jay Zee
and I liked the kiss ........

Give me Five::
When I ask you if you will share
five words to describe your life
at the moment -
it is only a summary for me -
just a taste - but for you it is a
soul scan!!!!
It is a mini-evaluation.
It is a deep breath in the midst of life -
a bus stop
a take stock.
Give me five?
and I will place them on my blog
with your first name only
(or anonymously if you wish?)

Pip x 5 right now::

................. and you?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"When we tell stories, we touch hearts.
If we talk about theories and speak about ideas,
the mind may assimilate them
but the heart remains untouched.
It is the story of a specific person that is the way to the heart."

Jean Vanier.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey-my-broadband is working at Wilson Mansions.
It is the longest I have ever been offline since I started blogging in 2003.

I had an intermittent dialling tone.
Off for almost a week.
It went off while I was away.
Talk talk not very good.
Told me 48 hours to get back.
It took longer.

They had 4 humans communicate.
Only asking the same questions

When I got in tonight,
after falling asleep with iPod playing,
whilst Joan watched the footyzzzzz
I pulled out all the plugs,
cables and refitted, restarted and bingo

So I am back now
and a relief.
So much to say but - I am in TAX week.
Taxing for me and only have one prority.

Please see the video playing here on my blog player.
Humans I love.
I met them for a curry in Brick Lane
then they went to S Africa to learn life.
Great movie.

Still no broadband at Wilson Mansions. Chasing Talk Talk trying to get them to talk to me

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You are beautiful.

I lurve my Sheilas

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You are beautiful.

Beautiful non Human

... He makes his self comfortable on my belly. Warm as toast. Purring like a Rolls Royce

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You are beautiful.

Drunk, two black eyes, beer stained Wilson that Was

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You are beautiful.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feelings are signals. Not something to flee from but draw close to. Becoming able to give a word to your feeling is Emotional Literacy. Try giving a word to the dominent feeling you have NOW.

FEELINGS ARE SIGNALS - so get the message - and choose.
How we feel feelings. How we receive them. How we use them, misuse them or let them misuse us.
how we handle them.
Feelings - negative responses to them - positive responses. How to develop positivity.
How bad feelings can motivate to be positive and loving.
How feelings are often buried. Buried alive and still haunt us.
Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence awareness and skill development.
L5 communication. Using in work, mission, relationships and growing awareness
Cycles of talking that streams of opinions and interventions into engaging at different levels.
Emotions and our Parents. Submissive and aggressive responses can become ASSERTIVE.
Developing ADULT-ADULT relationships with Parents and our own children.
Building skills in managing emotionally charged interactions.
Behaviour - seeing beyond it. Focusing on 'why behaviour' not just behaviour.

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You are beautiful.

I cannot Blog other than via my wireless less iPhone So a few pix and thoughts xxx

For men and women are not only themselves they are the region in which they were born, the city apartment in which they learned to walk, the games they played as children, the old wives tale they overheard, the food they ate, the schools they attended, the sports they followed, the poems theyread, and the God they believed in

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You are beautiful.

You are beautiful BUT ....... There is a better version of yourself if you are becoming ........

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You are beautiful.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Reflections travel .......

Here I am. Oslo airport. Kanye West in my ears and soul. Tired but with a deep satisfaction. Being with beautiful humans does it for me. I take so much from encounters. Love it.
My own contributions I learn so much from. All stretches me. Traval adds to that as I reflect alone.
Have turned off all the home moves. It has been good. Look forward to being with the ones I love soon- whilst leaving the humans I love too.
Thank you for you soul full generousity to me. I love it love it

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You are beautiful.

These beautiful humans have inspired and motivated me ......

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You are beautiful.

I am broadbandless and the meaning of life is lost. iPhone rules ok.

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You are beautiful.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decide to take a blessing.
Read again.
Take it to your heart.

Did you take the easy one for you or did you experience the passion to take away the one with the greatest challenge - for you?

you are beautiful .......

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am in Norway
15 hours travel today
more soon

you are beautiful