Sunday, January 17, 2010

Much has been talked/written about these two in the last days.
Midst Haiti it is small
but still significant in terms of lives lived - community development and faith stuff.

The best I have read on the issue is here::

Speechless is the general feeling on the street about the revelations last week about Northern Ireland’s first and second lady, Peter and Iris Robinson.
Having said that they seem to be the topic of every conversation, so though initially a province was struck dumb, there has since been a torrent of political comment, lewd gossip and risky jokes and satire!
There are few conversations they have not been mentioned in.
For those outside our tiny little parochial boundaries, Peter Robinson is Northern Ireland’s First Minister in our Local Storment Assembly and his wife Iris also sat in that local Assembly. Both were also MPs at Westminster. Iris also sat on the Castlereagh Borough Council.
Just a few weeks ago Iris Robinson said she was standing down from public life as a result of ongoing depression.
Last week it was revealed she had attempted suicide after confessing an affair with a nineteen year old man (she was 58 at the time) whom she was wrapped up in business with, causing her to break Assembly and Council rules about what she hadn’t declared financially and in business interests.