Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Often I stay up later than Joan.

TV on as a mental shower.
Often music or laptop on my knee.

Some time after midnight
I open the kitchen window
and Zig decides to play-out
or not.

I have sometimes have had
a shot of Cointreau,
not every night.
Then I go in the kitchen
and wash the pans
from the evening dinner.
Stuff the dishwasher,
only turning it on when v full.

Sometimes I shut Zig in the kitchen,
with the window open for him,
whilst I blog in my little office.

So it was tonight.
Zig is playing-out now
with only slush residue of snow.
He hasn't enjoyed the

Two nights ago
I slipped into bed quietly
as Joan slept.
She was making sleeping noises,
we can tell those can't we.
I lay on my back,
only having spent a minute or so
on my left side getting warm.

After a minute or so
I move my position gently,
as we do.
As I did that,
Joan stopped her sleeping sounds,
patted me gently on my thigh and
within a second she was sleeping again.

That happened three times,
each time as I moved a little,
before I drifted away thanking God
for that beautifulness in such a relationship.
For companionship
For Joan
For those without the touch of intimacy.
For the blessings of touch.
For life
For breath
For ....... and I disappeared
towards another day .......

I remembered that precious moment
of intimacy
three times ................ three times ........