Sunday, January 31, 2010

.... continued from BLOG below .....

130 beautiful humans residing
in my Norwegian home base.
Late teens, early 20's,
Norwegians and a stardust sprinkling
from all over the world.
A spice pot of world flavours.
All in a sort of gap-year experiencing
a journey into wholeness
a journey into no examinations
a journey into discovering
a journey into their
self determined future -
a road less travelled.

Amongst the Norwegians
we have colours of
Madagascar, Tanzania,
Armenia, Nicaragua,
and Kenya.
They bring experience
we westerners cannot even consider.
They fit in
so intelligently
so relationally
so articulately
so beautifully.

And here I am
the only first language English -
with everyone else using mine
as I facilitate games,
experiential exercise,
group self revelation,
group work,
and workshops which open
them like flowers to the sun.

I was a stranger at breakfast.
That 'alone' feeling.
I accept it,
know it,
clock it,
feel it and
look around to to see if anyone else....
So I breakfast with the unknown
- maybe with some 'unknown' to themselves?

The students enter the large hall
to pretty loud music out a great system,
pumping music they will love,
I love,
and eyes grip the moving images on the large screen
Provocative, soul searching,
you are beautiful,
eye ball gripping ......
..... are they ready for me .....
.... are they ready to reside in a place called stretch .......
.... are they ready because .........
'growth does not reside in a place called comfortable ....

...... continued tomorrow ......