Friday, January 29, 2010

Tax week this week and done today.
I feel like a new man..
My office floor is the current filing system.
Tidy up day tomorrow and maybe
just maybe
getting to a few emails and stuff.

Downloaded 13 hours of favourite DJs
just as soon as I got on line again.
Some great stuff::
catch Giles Peterson
playing, and interviewing, Kode9.
Wondrous stuff
on the edge music.

My new friend Marly
raves to me about
Dub Colossus - got one album=
A Town Called Addis
but not the new one=Rjd2
must must must.

Anyone who like Dubstep
or the bass side of life,
I always point towards
a great podcast called
'Secret Archives of the Vatican' (see iTunes)
love it love and want to breathe it.

Great 30 minute live film
of Alicia Keys
playing to a small crowd in London.

She does 'Empire State of Mind'
without Jay Zee
and I liked the kiss ........

Give me Five::
When I ask you if you will share
five words to describe your life
at the moment -
it is only a summary for me -
just a taste - but for you it is a
soul scan!!!!
It is a mini-evaluation.
It is a deep breath in the midst of life -
a bus stop
a take stock.
Give me five?
and I will place them on my blog
with your first name only
(or anonymously if you wish?)

Pip x 5 right now::

................. and you?