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The Blob Tree - EVERYTHING you need to know - The Blobs are COMMUNICATION TOOLS

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These BLOB TREE MATERIALS are like Body Language - when we speak without words!
Here we have TOOLS for the best of communication which can be understood by people who can read any language or NO language. Here we have the language of the soul.

These Blob Tools are being developed as I work with different kinds of beautiful humans week on week. There are over a thousand and increasing regularly as they manage to get into all sorts of of situations - schools/classrooms - street/gangs - playgrounds/behaviour more and more.

See the special BLOB SHOP www.blobtree.com and my dedicated page on www.pipwilson.com for many more details.

There are Blob Tools with differing purposes because they are flexible for your use!

The Blob Tree Materials were developed in my work in the East  London in the 80's when I was working with young people who could not or would not read.
I led a large Teams of Youth Workers as we worked with young people in hostels, gangs, youth projects including lots of group work.

The Blob Tree is used all over the world.Now I am a Facilitator/Trainer/Group Worker operating freelance worlwide click HERE

All about helping people to open up and develop and grow ........

I use many of them in my work every week with humans who struggle with life. I love Group Work and find that creating the right climate of trust and easing humans into self revelation is the most beautiful experience in development terms.

I also use these tools, and other tools in the range of books, in Facilitation and Training Staff who work with special needs humans in the Voluntary and Corporate Sector.

A List of some of the Tools available at ::


BLOB Growth Tree - helping people to place their finger on 
where they ARE - and 
where they would like to journey - TO BE.

MAGICAL EXPERIENCE especially in a group in any context 




2  Big Book of Blobs
'The Big Book of Blobs'  has over 50 x A4 size 'Blob Tree' type tools.
You have permission to photocopy for your own use in a face to face context.
There are many beautiful and powerful new tools here with permission to photocopy for personal use.

3  'You Are a Beautiful Human Person' BOOK.
This is a 'Mr Men' size book which has a few affirmative words alongside Blobs illustrations.
It is affirmative to the hilt with also a gentle/simple Christian emphasis.
Available from HERE

4  A3 Blob Tree Posters - 2 sets of Posters.
Four A3 size posters have been published too.
They are in colour and the pack has four different blob trees.
A booklet is part of the pack with ideas for use.
Not available from me.
Order online from:: HERE

There is four different Blob Trees x A5 size, in each set, produced in colour and on good quality/thick paper. Ideal to use in small group work.
Available from:: HERE

6  The Very Stinking Rolling Magazine Book .

This 250 page Book, published in 1991 by Harper Collins, has several 'Blob Tree' type images and 100+ Games and Exercises.
The are many unique tested Group Work ideas and tools plus a specialist guide indicating sensitivity when working those with with Humans with Special Needs - we all have abilities and disabilities!
This Book costs £10.00* which includes p&p.
eMail me via HERE

7  The Little Book of Blob Questions
Not only does it have The Blob Tree and 14 other Blob Tools, it has some ideas of how to use in a group context and several questions to trigger you own preparation for use.
AND this you can buy on line ::
Printed version or as a Download. HERE 

8  Blob Feelings - TWO BOOKS AVAILABLE
Full of Blob Tools which are much in demand by Counsellors, Educational Psychologists and Mediation Workers etc..
Includes the Blob Tree, Blob Feelings, Blob Depression, Blob Families,and many more.
Only available from HERE

9  Blob Spirituality - ONLY available online.
Blob Spirituality is a book of visual tools designed to enable deep conversations about issues which matter to people. 
Using the primary languages common to all people - body language and feelings - it provides the user with a means to explore issues as wide as bullying and change, through to Christmas and weddings. 
Take a look at the contents page to see the full range of visuals.
Available as a download or to buy as a book ONLY from:: HERE

10  Downloads or Books online::
These items are being added to regularly - feel free to take a peep .....
See also these to download or order online::