Wednesday, March 10, 2021

I have been a PAIN IN THE BACKSIDE today

 I had a Science Teacher at my school who always started the lesson by asking a question::

"What is the most important piece of equipment in the laboratory?”
We all replied in unison::
“The stick Sir”.
ON Q - he waved his cane !

I don’t believe in hate anymore for the giver or receiver. But as a young teenager I hated this man.
He once gave me the stick, in front of the class of course, for completing my homework with a fountain pen rather than the school provided dip-in school pen.

It is no wonder that I had a bad education and left school at 15 with only one certificate = ’Swimming a breadth '

All day today by buttocks have been aching leaving me with an impossibility to sit ALL DAY!
I feel like I have had the cane this morning and I feel like I have had it all day.

Moving on to my current backside pain.
All day today I have had that feeling in my backside - like I have had the cane. 
Buttocks in pain all day and also the small of my back.
It feels like the cancer is crawling up my spine.
The pain killer meds are not working today.
can't sit down for long.
I have been prowling around - hurting.
Before today the pain was on and off as they only functioned for about 4 hours  - then I needed more  - BUT I could only take 8 a day -  two at a time ...... leaving gaps !

Many have kindly asked how I am doing generally. 
This a little update. 

One of the side effects!
My prostate cancer is in my spine now and I am troubled by pain.
I am living with it all the time. 
I can only talk to my oncologist every 3 months so don’t know how things are internally. 
My treatment is a 3 monthly hormone injection aimed at holding back the cancer growth.

The big thing here is me managing my pain with the new medication. 
It has been 24 days taking the prescribed tablets so far. 
I am up at 5am in a morning many times because my late night meds only last 5 hours Max.

I experience other side effects.
Hot flushes during the night, toilet visits during the night and other disruptive side effects.
Other than that we are managing lockdown pretty well. 
Joy delivers shopping once a week, a veg delivery weekly & we have an Ocado delivery fortnightly.
We walk every day and would welcome better weather do do more & meet others 

It’s tough not seeing C = age 11 & N aged 5 -  our Granddaughters - they did a 'drive by' at half term & I wept!

Otherwise we are ok but eager to get back to some normality when we can meet people. 
Engage * Hug * Converse * HANGOUT etc..

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