Monday, March 15, 2021

When a young woman is walking home alone - how wicked can the murder be - and how we all feel disturbed to our core.


I am unconscious about a lot.
But I don't know what
because it is outside my consciousness.
I am not aware.............

I use the 4 stage model here.
Most humans can understand it.
Some need help with stories.
I tell stories.

Then I use experiential exercises, with permission,
to dig below the known experiences of those present.
By necessity it means we all need to step
outside our comfort zones
where consciousness resides
where awareness resides.
Then follows skill.
But skills must be always proceeded by awareness.

Awareness is the consciousness we yearn.
Skill is the the competence we yearn.

It it is always about feelings.
Emotional literacy.
I am always leading sessions about this at for a range of humans who work the needy humans in many contexts..
The biggest block to awareness raising is::

Human feelings are with all of us
all of the time.
They often block our awareness
because they are in control of the person.

It is only when our own feelings are understood,
we need to be able to get in touch with them,
then we can then manage them.

Managing them is not controlling them.
Controlling means
Oppressing them
Suppressing them
Hiding them
Ignoring them
Running from them
Pretending they don't exist
Reacting by fight or flight in response to them.

Managing them is
Listening to them
Feeling them
Touching them
Energised by them
Loving them
Receiving the signals from them.

Only then can we be aware of another humans feelings.
Then we can be conscious of new dimensions of awareness.
In self
In another.

I am highly disturbed about the murder of a young woman in the UK recently.

"She was only walking home ..........."

There are so many feelings around especially amongst young women - all women.

This is a good example of how easy it it to allow feeling to dominate/take over our thinking - just feelings dominating ........

Feelings are not right or wrong. Behaviour can be right or wrong.

I could write & reflect more deeply on this terrible attack & loss of a beautiful human. It is not right to dig deeper into it here. At the moment I just want to love all her family and friends and pray fora positive outcome for women everywhere.

Me, and you I suggest - are only conscious of certain things.
We are all different
so we are aware of different things.

I feel ignorant
because I am unaware of so much. I will reflect about much later - much deeper.

Join me in the journey
in becoming
Becoming consciously competent in,
never all things,
but the more beautiful things.

“In everyone’s life,
at sometime,
our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame
by an encounter with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people
who rekindle our inner spirit.”
(Albert Schweitzer)