Sunday, March 21, 2021

Did I ever tell you about our spectacular event in the BLACKPOOL TOWER ARENA


NOT the above super CIRCUS Stars - seen in the normal performances here but .............when I was the Youth Worker (Captain) in the Parr Boys Brigade.

I was the (so called) leader when we took over the Circus Rink with a special performance by our teenage lads.

The first was a race between two team running and running/climbing a ladder in challenges stages - all gymnastics stuff.

Our second stunning event was when our team had a race with another - we were all dressed in pure white vests and shorts - then the race was to get our gymnastics horse to look like a big washing machine with soap going in and bubbles streaming out.

The big fun item at the end of all the gymnastic fantastic leaps and acrobatics - one of your boys had a very soiled clothing - more black than white. 

The event reached it's climax when this boy was rammed in the 'pretend washing machine' and (with a quick clothes change inside the 'horse') he bounded out into the circus rink all snowy white !

It was a big preparation rehearsal event.

So honoured to be in the famous arena.

Anyone got any better photos ?