Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I was in a school to facilitate group work & they sent me the disruptive teens selected from the older / needy BHP's.


I was in a school & they sent me teen humans who were 'awkward disruptive uncooperative +'

I started my session with them - I loved Em. 

I showed them 2 minute movie clip which stirred emotions & demanded engagement. 
Then I used a few Blob Tree tools get them moving, 'motion changes emotion'!

I remember one non-participant walking to the large projection screen & placing her sticky tape on one Blob to describe how she was feeling. 

She engaged importantly as much was this - but with no articulation. 
She was not yet ready to put words to the feelings which were already displaying in her facial expression. 
She was affirmed publicly for her honesty & openness by myself followed by the whole group. 
Then a number of others took that step of self disclosure. Transposing her risk-taking into their own self disclosure.

The dynamics had changed!

Here is some feedback from her school teacher via her Headmaster to me following my session::

'She left class rather like an angry lion 
- and whilst it would be untrue to describe her later return as a 'lamb' 
- she entered the room in a wholly appropriate manner 
- mild but confident. 
And joined in immediately with our activity.
I spoke with her quietly before she left. 
She told me she had thoroughly enjoyed your sessions 
and fully and positively acknowledged her change in thinking/approach.
Something had impacted significantly upon her.
She explained that the session had allowed her to examine and express her feelings - 
she has said before that is what she needs to be able to do -
and we have previously talked about appropriate ways to do that. 
However she has admitted she often struggles to do that.'

This young woman had been through a group process.
Simple non-threatening exercises with Blob Tree type tools,
leading to examination of more personal emotions.

(the Blob Anger Cards are also great for group work)