Thursday, March 11, 2021

What do you think about when you have TOOTHACHE .........? ...........ANSWER IS 'TOOTHACHE'

 In my training session I often slip in that question above.

When we see humans around us being aware & not seeming to be bothered about 'our' issues.

When we see humans living in deprivation - not coming up to our standards = THINK  ..... 'TOOTHACHE'

If we are in a tough situation - things slip and are often disregarded.


Everything slips the frame if we have toothache.

"They' seem not to care"       !!!!!!

Toothache = they are wrestling with issues we know nothing about .......... letting things go - standards - behaviour !

They are thinking/working at getting rid of TOOTHACHE right now - nothing else matters.

I have been like that for the past few days - distracted from normal life because I have toothache!

I have had to deal with physical pain that I have never experienced before.

So toothache takes over. I have done little because of ....


Today I have at last got through to a Doctor and collected a new high standard of pain killers to help manage the constant pain - stopping me sleeping (I was awake at 3am this morning and at 4am I was up and seeking medication health !

The cause of pain has not gone but I expect my next days will become pain free due to the new medication. WHEW

Thank to everyone who has sent me messages, affirmations, love, prayers, blessing, support, suggestions +  ............. I am indeed blessed. THANKING YOU .................

My life going forward will soon become NOT working at toothache but fulfilling my mission in life (AND to find what my MISSION is -  you will need to search my with     'MISSION STATEMENT' )

You are beautiful