Friday, March 26, 2021

I am not who I was .................


I am not who I was.
The meds I am on - drives me to sleep.
I sleep at nights better than I used to +
daytime I am drawn to sleep
even first thing our of bed in a morning.

This morning I was keen to catch the  
Australian rugby league game on TV.
I felt sleepy all the game = not enjoyable, only regrettable.

I am not communicating well
Even my best of friends
Unanswered emails
Even phone calls

I am not in day in day out in pain as I was.
I apologise to you for my lack of communication.
I feel the love between us
both ways
that’s why I apologise 

This where I am at. 
Not complete. 
On a journey. 

A road less travelled
Join me?

Please consider taking one thought away from my reflections.
Consider transposing that one thing into your life -
that next step you will take
Consider what you plan to do with that seed.
Keep it as a secret ’going forward’ consideration
Feedback and your life reflections - are always always welcome.

Our daily walk does me good.
I would love when it gets warmer - to rest on the longer way.

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