NEW BOOK - ' The Blob Guide to Childrens Human Rights'

The Blob Guide to Children’s Human Rights

The Blob Guide to Children’s Human Rights

ByPip Wilson, Ian Long
Edition1st Edition 
First Published2021 
eBook Published17 November 2020 
Pub. locationLondon 
Pages128 pages 
eBook ISBN9781003096641 


Blob Guide to Social Distancing Download

Use the Blobs to explore emotions during Lockdown
By Ian Long and Pip Wilson
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New BOOK May 2019








EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - New BOOK - A DIY personal growth handbook. EI

"... some books make a difference to some people 
for all kinds of often very different reasons..
. trust me, yours is one of those books.
Pip is good at that soul unwrapping things! “
Martin Wroe


eBook (PDF)



I have always asked questions.

There is never a right or wrong answer.

Only you have the right answer - 

Because they are BECOMING Questions.

One day I posted on my website:: & Twitter / Facebook

‘Can I ask you a question?’


60 people from around the world said yes !

That got me excited so I asked a question online

and then re-Tweeted it / re-Facebooked it and I had a massive response.

There followed 15 weeks of Questions.

I posted one Becoming Question every Sunday

and posted on my www every Saturday - 

and the 

beautiful humans responded




undressing their souls 

so SO unlike so much chatter online.

I was encouraged by all this response & a book came to mind.

The reflections from so many

are so powerful

I wanted to share them with the world


encourage each book reader to add their own answer

as an act of BECOMING.

(I would love you to consider that?)



Be ready for the new term!Improving children's' emotional well being is vital to enabling them to access learning and being able to recognise and talk about feelings - one of the main focus points through recent legislation (‘Special educational needs and disability [SEND] Code of Practice,’ and DfE guidance, 'Mental health and behaviour in schools 2014’).
Teachers need both an awareness of the early indicators of mental health difficulties, and also the confidence to provide early interventions. Blob School resources provides a vehicle for overcoming fears around these topics area.
Pick of the Week - Blob School 

BLOB SCHOOLBlob School is an educational resource designed specifically for one of the main purchasers of the Blobs – teachers! It was created by Ian whilst he was a full time primary school teacher. It aims to cover all the key areas of school life so that teachers, assistants, school workers, pupils and parents can reflect upon a wide range of contexts and issues which occur throughout the school year.The book has about 47 images in black and white (with a colour option which extends it to 94, to be made available on a companion CD or password protected website) which can be projected upon an Interactive White Board or photocopied for whole class or small group discussion.
Talkabout for Adults
Find Out More 


The first three words in my book 
'Pip Wisdom' by Pip Wilson

Pip Wilson has been around for several decades in mainly the third sector, places like the Mayflower and YMCA, 

these ramblings are very insightful and with the current revisiting of emotional literacy helpful. 

Constantly inviting the reader to share, open up, and be a listener. 

Key themes in emotional well being, value of others, examining self and own impact, exercise in group hugging and encouragement to kiss. 

The Author does tend to self indulge although that minor, if someone wants a kinda urban wisdom group guide, to dip into that does not take itself too serious. 

Then this small pocket size book will be handy, not a serious read but surprised how deep the issue go. In short useful, helpful, reflective and fun.

By serpico


11 BOOKS here to download into your Ideas Bank / Your SKILLS Toolbox and YOUR SOUL
Several links below to all the publishers and down load sources.


The Backstreets of Heaven
my latest, just released and 
it's my LAST book.
Please consider spreading the news
View preview here


Blob Communication Tools for BODY MIND SPIRIT

The World YMCA is focusing upon Youth Empowerment. 
This book is a wonderful, beautiful tool,to communicate this message. 
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs

  • A massive collection, almost 200 pages, of resources to use in YMCA's worldwide.

  • Great ALL AGE TOOLS - Children, Youth, Leaders, Executives, Seniors +

  • Great for all areas of Y Programmes - Sports/ Fitness/ Youthwork/ Teams/ Faith/ Housing/ Personal Development+

  • Great visuals - attractive for all because the Blobs use the primary forms of communication = FACE & BODY LANGUAGE

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(Actual book is almost 200 pages, may take a few seconds to load...)

Blob Level 5

Paperback, 87 Pages
Price: $16.76
Ships in 3-5 business days
Blob Level 5 is a book that helps the reader to grasp the different layers of communication that happens each time that we have a conversation. Starting with cliches and ending up with total openness, it provides a positive understanding of the need to express ourselves at a deeper level.Each section is covered using illustrations, exercises, questions and places to make notes. Towards the end, it applies these ideas in the areas of bullying and spirituality. A quick and easy read that will change the way that you encounter others forever.


You are a Beautiful Human Person

Paperback, 41 Pages 
Ships in 3–5 business days
This is a book to touch the heart. All of us have felt rejected and undervalued. This book is an antidote! It reveals how beautiful we truly are...and how valuable. Ideal as a present for a friend in need of encouragement
Relevant with the issues of today 
UPDATED and extended by Youth Worker Pip Wilson.
"Pip Wilson has been on the frontline of Youth Work for many years, 
including much intensive work and love for young offenders. 
He feels with the Gutter Feelings of the toughest of teenage gangs and wants, 
at the same time, to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. 
This is a book about putting Christian principles into practice and living it out 
– the failure, the hurt, the wounds and the hope. 
It is a faith journey of a human being... becoming."
Available as Paperback and Download::
The New Book
Please feel free to pass the details around all your friends.
This book contains the correspondence between Pip Wilson, who for years worked on the streets of the East End of London, and Bobby Hossain, as he struggled to deal with his feelings whilst inside prison.  The diary of communication that flows between them is real and frank. It relatesthe pain, the days of darkness and the gradual internal strength that Bobby discovered with Pip's help.
who I have written the book with.
By the age of seven he had moved home countless times 
and watched his mother battle with depression ....  At the age of eleven Bobby was known to be a young,  troubled child with anger management issues. .. ...he slipped further and further into the criminal world. The result of this was numerous arrests and eventually a case holding a maximum sentence of fifteen years. 
At twenty-two had lost his job, his first mortgaged property and found himself in a 
YMCA Homeless Hostel. 
And that's how we met.I led a course he attended - sponsored by the YMCA. But soon after he was in WORMWOOD SCRUBS and the letters started to flow - all in this book.
It speaks a lot about prison
a life of crime
the possibility of change
and beauty of becoming.
I love it love it
"An emotional and educational read that charts an individuals struggle with anger and the challenging environment that they are forced to live in. The book offers solutions; useful tools and antidotes that we can employ as individuals to help us know ourselves and 'shore up' that Achilles heel. The book encourages us to take that leap of faith and rise from the ashes bathed in the knowledge of self worth and self discovery."
by Jenn Mac
"The best book takes you somewhere you've never been, 
'Between The Bars'
Pip Wilson & Bobby Hossain."
Martin Wroe *
"... some books make a difference to some people 
for all kinds of often very different reasons..
. trust me, yours is one of those books. 
Pip is good at that soul unwrapping things! 
Thank you both beautiful human"
Katie  * Today I read  'Between the Bars'  - AMAZING -  When u r next in touch can u tell Bobby it was really powerful.  And thank him.   And I feel EVEN more privileged to know you...  X R *

Blob Lent

Price: £10.00
Ships in 3–5 business days
Lent is a time for change. It has always been so, and always will be. It is the journey towards the most significant event in human history - the death and resurrection of Jesus. This book enables the reader to reflect on why Jesus went into the desert and how we can apply those same ideas in our day to day lives. Each day includes actions and an opportunity for personal reflection using both words and unique images created for this book. An ideal resource for a personal companion during these forty special days.
Paperback posted to you or download.