Thursday, August 31, 2006

Redemption songs

Redemption to what we were made for
Dreamed for
Loved into being for
Redemption from slavery and drudgery
From envy and vanity
Redemption from materialism and consumerism
From sectarianism, pessimism and
Loony fundamentalism

Redemption Songs
Where all of us are free
Where we can
Get up, Stand up,
Stand up for the rights
Of the people that Jesus Christ remembers
Even if everyone else forgets them
A song of
Redemption in the poor world
From slavery to the rich world
A song of redemption in the rich world
From slavery to false dreams
We want to hear how the hand of the Almighty
Can free this world from mental slavery
We want to
Get up, Stand up
And not give up the fight
A song about a world where
No woman, no man, no child
Does no crying no more
A song of redemption

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

These are the tracks I used and played during the three iPod shows at Greenbelt ........
The list of tracks played by others will be on the Greenbelt website soon I trust ....

Don't Say Nuthin (Instrumental) The Roots Don't Say Nuthin - EP
Lightworks J Dilla Jay Dee Donuts (Advance)
Yellow Daffodils Malia (Feat. Erik Truffaz) Saint-Germain-des-Pres Cafe
Daydream (Feat. Jill Scott) Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor
Everything In Its Right Place Osunlade featuring Erro (Radiohead Tribute)
Muhammad walks Lupe Fiasco
Diferente Gotan Project Lunático
Right Make it Right (Osunlade Remix) - Franck Roger ft Mani Hoffman
Workinonit J Dilla aka Jay Dee Donuts
Itzsoweezee (Hot) Album Instrumental De La Soul Itssoweezee (Hot)
To Fit In My Heart Bruce Cockburn Life Short Call Now

Redemption songs
From South Africa to the Lebanon
From the Middle East to middle England
From the West Wing to the West Bank
From the House of Commons to the House of Big Brother
Songs of freedom, anthems of liberation
At Greenbelt 06
The sweet melody of emancipation
To hear how the hand of the Almighty
Can free this world from mental slavery
From physical slavery,
From emotional, political and economic slavery
From the slavery of the self
Into the freedom of Love
The freedom of Truth
Who will set us free ... ... ... ... ... ...

.... this is the man who is the most popular speaker at Greenbelt - every year.
John Bell::
You can download his talks from
..... just give it a consider
this stuff feeds my soul for a year
so many 'talks' available ......... hmmmmm

I caught one he did called 'Adam and Steve'
about the Gay issue (not a no-go area for Greenbelt - like so many places)

.... this is the great man who pulls all the YMCA programme together at the " Greenbelt YMCA "
Ken Montgomery::

The cafe has just run from
Friday 5 pm
Monday 10 pm
24 hours a day hey hey

.... back at the hot desk of pip wilson dot com ......

Just had my first Peppermint tea of the day and my Porridge earlier.

I have a mass of mud contaminated books to sort, washing from a week in the mud, draining the 300 deep inbox and posting books to people who want them - usually urgently!
I need to trip to the post office to weigh-in some wee parcels and return a lost mobile phone to a Kent address ....... and my my brain will click on other 2do things as the day slides ......

Pete Tong is within two feet of my ears. I am hoping his Friday House music show will raise my heart beat so it pumps enough blood into my brain to make the day effective ....

I am going to post something I did before Greenbelt - later today.
I did it before Greenbelt to a friend who, as yet, is only a cyber friend.

It is about you being beautiful.
It is about me offering it like an elbow in the ribs.
Or a whisper in the ear.
Eye contact.
Wanting for you to hear it, that whisper, alongside all the other noise going on in your life .....

you are beautiful


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

..... back home from Greenbelt ....

...... 6 days is a long time but not long enough in terms of positive experiences ........ so here I am - a cigar, a Cointreau, MTV burning not so good grooves and me knackered.
My toenails need cutting and I need some sleep I guess.
Last night was a 4.15 bedtime and the other days/nights were similar ........ but I loveitloveitloveit .....

It will take me weeks to pull out of my soul the massive range of feelings.
All as a result of
experience after experience.
Human after human.
Chat after chat.

L5 after L5.
Contact after new contact.
Touch after touch.
Music after music.
Loveology after loveology.

I will try to tell you my feel on the experience - now and forthcoming blogs.

The end of the festival was hand in glove. It could not have been a better end to the days of reaching out to heaven ........

Michael Franti was last on our new main stage.
He was most wondrous.
He had the whole audience dancing and clapping and responding to his calls for participation.
We did.
His ethos was so hand in glove with Greenbelt.
He affirmed the festival.
He loved us and we loved him.
He is strong on the anti war thing. A big emphasis at the festival.
He was spiritual - about diversity - about acceptance - about all we stand for .......

I asked him after - the gig - what was his most significant experience at the festival.
He said he had spent three hours touring the Greenbelt site and he had journeyed through a room where you cold experience the journey of a refugee without home or language or understanding of procedures. He said it had a profound experience and turned him over.

He came from the stage, after the gig, into the audience and spoke to everyone who wished. Posed for a photo or a hand shake with everyone. A great man.
If you don't know who he is - just go to iTunes music store and type in 'franti' and you will see details of his new album and a fantastic free podcast.

Other highlight s were ::
The Sunday morning service with 10/15 thousand humans of all ages.
Sooooo well done and so wholistic.
The iPod Show which I hosted. So powerful in terms of everyday Greenbelt beautiful humans, just coming to the front with me - talking about their Grenbelt and music, and playing some of their vibes. Wondrous.
We are talking about having an event in Central London before the year end. Watch this space. Get your iPod warmed up for action.

Zig our beautiful non-human friend, and cat, has just come in from his night prowl. Missed him so much and we have had big hugs ......

Another highlight has been the Level Five conversations, see for a simple explanation. I have experienced some of the most powerful open communication - EVER!
Due to the climate of trust and security at GB - we can so easily go on in our relationships ...... greater depths ......... so so major in terms of meaning ......... loveitloveit .....

Must click off and catch some zedzzzz ......... but watch this space for more reflections and more of the 300 or so photographs from Greenbelt.




Sunday, August 27, 2006

... I am at

Please see the website with all the photos and for the very first time ever .....

You can download MP3s from the website. These are talks and the Sunday morning special ..... hmmm

Sorry I have not been lyrical due to the demands on my attention. Just don't want to miss ANYTHING ......

I have a notebook full of blogs - feelings - experiences - humans - my change - seeing others open like flowers to the sun ..........

Here are some of the humans I have been delighted to be with ........ and catch their art ......

The text below - think it is the most powerful writing - and that is art!

Love to love you baby

and remember ... ... ...



Saturday, August 26, 2006

..... read theis Poem/Prayer which was written by Martin Wroe for the moment when Greenbelt Opened - the moment.

I was co-presenting this with Paul ....... with one choir and two other solo performers.

Read this and expect your bones to shake .......
A Redemption Song for Greenbelt 06

We are not on our own this weekend
We are together
We are not singing solo
We are a massed choir
We are not singing songs for ourselves
We are singing songs for each other
Songs of freedom
Because none of us is free
Until all of us are free
Songs of hope
About a movement of Jah people
Away from a land of war and greed
Away from a world policed by soldiers
From the heart of America
We are going to Exodus land
Where the song of redemption
Is not just for ourselves
But for our sisters and brothers in every country

Redemption songs
From South Africa to the Lebanon
From the Middle East to middle England
From the West Wing to the West Bank
From the House of Commons to the House of Big Brother
Songs of freedom, anthems of liberation
At Greenbelt 06
The sweet melody of emancipation
To hear how the hand of the Almighty
Can free this world from mental slavery
From physical slavery,
From emotional, political and economic slavery
From the slavery of the self
Into the freedom of Love
The freedom of Truth
Who will set us free
Give us your help good Lord
To sing these songs of freedom
We want to be
One Love, One Heart
We want to
Get together and feel alright
Cus way down inside us
And way out beyond us
All we ever knew was redemption songs
Songs of freedom
Redemption songs
Redemption to what we were made for
Dreamed for
Loved into being for
Redemption from slavery and drudgery
From envy and vanity
Redemption from materialism and consumerism
From sectarianism, pessimism and
Loony fundamentalism
Redemption Songs
Where all of us are free
Where we can
Get up, Stand up,
Stand up for the rights
Of the people that Jesus Christ remembers
Even if everyone else forgets them
A song of
Redemption in the poor world
From slavery to the rich world
A song of redemption in the rich world
From slavery to false dreams
We want to hear how the hand of the Almighty
Can free this world from mental slavery
We want to
Get up, Stand up
And not give up the fight
A song about a world where
No woman, no man, no child
Does no crying no more
A song of redemption
where all people choose to
Do justice
Love mercy
Walk humbly and
Live generously
On the good earth
You have
Loaned us
A song of freedom from addiction
To substances which are choking our planet to death
A song of redemption where
Every little thing’s gonna be alright
A song saying thanks and praise to the Lord
And we will feel alright
Saying let’s get together and feel alright
Cus our hands will be made strong by the hand of the Almighty
All we ever had
Redemption Songs
Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom
All we ever had
Redemption songs
One love, one heart
Let’s get together and feel alright
Give thanks and praise to the lord
And it will be alright
Give thanks and praise to the lord
Cus all we ever had was songs of freedoms
Redemption songs


Friday, August 25, 2006

Just pix but life here is busy and L5 ....... and bands and friends and soon to be friends - so much so will blog tomorrow when I will grab some time hey hey

you are beautiful


Thursday, August 24, 2006


.... I am going to Greenbelt.

Mac shutting down - now.

Will be doing my blog from the Festival with some good pix too!

Before I go ...... read this book last night
at midnight.

So deep and powerful.
Sort of poems/prayers
but those words not good enough.

They are like eternal yearnings.

Martin gave it to me in da pub last Monday and I will certainly give him one of mine.
(If you want to keep up with my stuff - just go here you will see .... )

Buy this book by Martin Wroe.

fit in my heart

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Six Foot Blob and friends
'The Blob Tree'
and Special new friend
'Blob Tree CD-Rom'
are all getting ready for Greenbelt hey hey

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thank you
for this .. .. .. .. ..

There's a longing in me to be whole
To be secure
I'm told that "everyone" feels the things i feel
So why do I feel so isolated in my feelings?

There's a longing in me to feel secure
To know I can cope, to know I have defeated
this demon depression.
But no-one can tell me
if my longing can become reality
The statistics say otherwise....
I'm fighting, always fighting
To be the best I can
But now I want to be that best for me, not just for others.

And I don't even know why I am writing this
Or writing it for you to read
Only that it needs recording
And that it needs an audience.

I want to break the cycle.
There's a cycle in my family
Of mothers rejecting their daughters
I will do all I can to let my daughters know
that they are precious
and loved
Always loved.
I don't want them to be searching (like me) ever searching
for love and acceptance
For they are beautiful human people
Even if I cannot feel that for myself
I feel and know it for them
and want them to know and feel it for themselves.

Beautiful human people
What must if feel like
To know
that you belong
to that group?


'The note said if you ever show your face in Wigan we'll kill you. But I live in Wigan . . .'

Wigan (I say it like 'Wigin') ...... are our rivals and have been since I was a kid ........

This Rugby League is under my skin and I love every pass and tackle. I have my heroes and Sean Long is one of them.
There is a great article/feature on him today in the Guardian.

We are not about to play Wigin - but it is the biggest game of the season on Saturday - The Challenge Cup Final. I cannot/have decided not to go - Greenbelt is first all this w/e. But I will be screaming in front of the TV on Saturday. Hoping we win. Placing it on DVD while I am away too! Feeling the blood pressure mount.

If you are not at Greenbelt this w/e - and can grab some BBC TV - try watching the game and admiring the skills and the toughness and power and intensity and ferocity .. .. .. .. .. .............

Here is a clip of the ariticle and a link::

Donald McRae
Tuesday August 22, 2006
The Guardian

"It's definitely up here, tucked away where no one can see it," Sean Long grins as he taps his temple and admits the truth. His cheeky blond head might be crammed with chit-chat about baby scans and betting scams, death threats and poker nights in the small but rollicking world he spans between St Helens and Wigan. But a riveting sporting objective lurks in the quieter corners of the 29-year-old scrum-half's mind. This Saturday, at Twickenham, Long will attempt to make rugby league history by winning the Lance Todd trophy for the third time, when it is presented to the man of the match after the Challenge Cup final between St Helens and Huddersfield.


Monday, August 21, 2006

I am inspired by
T Shirts ........

It is just too exciting for words ..... the Greenbelt clothing this year is more then Fair Trade .... it is about FREEDOM ...

If you are at Greenbelt -

Look at the labels

In the GB shop this year
When you browse around the shop and decide to buy a Greenbelt tee shirt at the festival this year you will see the label for the adult tees is 'Traidcraft' – we are delighted to be in association with Traidcraft this year and very pleased they have supplied our teeshirts.

...... equally beautiful is to have the 'Freedom Clothing Project' label attached to our children’s tees and if you look carefully at the label and you will see the tees have been manufactured in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Freedom Clothing Project is a not-for-profit co-operative. As an open-source brand, it aims to be more open about those involved in the manufacturing of its products than anyone else. In time, it hopes to become an international co-operative, so the factory workers, unions and consumers can share together the ownership of our business.

Be inspired and read about it here.


The Sheilas

Joy (L) and Ann ...... yesterday they did their usual text to their PipDaddy and an said that - as Ann was landing in Majorca - Joy was taking off from the same airport.

Then Joy clicks as she travels to Manchester today and tomorrow flys to New York - NY.

They are fantatic humans .... but I would say that .......... BUT
I think you would if you met them ...... hmmm


...... Greenbelt on my mind ... ... ...

....... if you go to Greenbelt will be a
Greenbelt Taker
but if you can consider becoming
a Greenbelt MAKER ........ so have look at the Greenbelt Angels Tent and consider becoming a Greenbelt Angel .....

Go on - be an Angel ......

Paul Field is one of the artistes at the Festival and he is involved in a fascinating project see ......
It is all about Slavery .............. and you will be hearing more about it as time goes on .........
It's a project that will involve local communities on a large or small scale but can also work as the focus of solo concerts or special services based around the issues. It is next year 2007 ....... grab a view at his web-site ........ and if you are at Greenbelt - try to see him in action.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world’
(Margaret Mead).

Behind the big bands and better known speakers there is many different opportunities and this is one called SVOX .....

For the sixth year running, SVOX is offering a programme of support and education around issues of abuse aimed at both people who have experienced any form of abuse (as a child or adult) and the wider community. These groups are only for people who have experienced abuse: sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual, as a child or an adult. They come together to share their experiences, recognising that all are at different places in their journey. You are welcome at any time, to share or just listen and ‘be’.

The groups will run for 2 hours, and then the space will remain open for informal support. There will also be information about support and healing resources available nationally; and the opportunity to network informally with S:VOX members at other times during the festival.

We all need support at certain times in our lives. I admire this sort of work. I know humans who have benefited and would love to see it better know to those who can take the opportunity to slip away and attend a seminar or a support group.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sheilas .. .. .. .. .. ..

.... in The Isle of Man with Joyce and Ted ......... about 33 years ago.

Been on the road taking Joyce back up North to hometown St Helens. Life not much more than taking her back, burning rubber on the M1/M6, and making sure she was settled.

Feel a different human now I am back home. Doing the caring is needed and has been central in our lives for two weeks. She is now back in her own homespace and being watched over by her nearby son.

Joyce and Ted were really good to us when the children were little. There was not much cash around and we were living in a tough part of east London. I was working with street gangs and the demands were great. But the wages - not so great. I wrote a book about it. 'Gutter Feelings' it was called. It will give you a clue as to the experience. It equiped me too.
They, Joyce and Ted, helped out big time by taking the Sheilas and Joan on holiday and buying them clothes etc.. Now she is in need. Failing health. Memory poor. Beautiful human with needs.

Now back home.
It feels like a new year has began. Greenbelt is now only three days away for me - then it is the new year in terms of work and mission. Greenbelt will change my life.
I will meet the unexpected.
It is expected.
The unexpected.

I will map out in the next couple of days what I will be doing at GB. I will also be blogging and sharing some photos during the six days.
I will be sharing the impact.

you are beautiful ..............


Friday, August 18, 2006

Reality Therapy

It has been said that the Blob Tree, and other similar tools, fit well into Reality Therapy.
I am not trained in this form of counselling.
I am not even familiar with it but I am interested because much of my life and work is about entering into a helping relationship with other humans.

(and entering into helping relationships - certainly helps me!)

The core of Reality Therapy is the idea that regardless of what has 'happened' to us, what we may have done, or how our needs may have been unmet or violated in the past, to be happy and effective we must live and plan in the present.
It enables people to clarify how they can best fulfil their needs;
to evaluate their own behaviours and make more effective and need satisfying choices,
both now and in the future and, importantly, without infringing the needs of others.

This book is available from the Internet ONLY.
It is downloadable or you can order it online.
The Little Book of Blob Questions.
This is new.
Not only does it have The Blob Tree and 14 other Blob Tools, it has some ideas of how to use in a group context and several questions to trigger you own preparation for use.
AND this you can buy online ::
Printed version (Not available from me.)
or as a
Download. (Not available from me.)

See also ::



Thursday, August 17, 2006

@ Greenbelt .......

Help us remember that the idiot who cut us up in traffic
is a single Mother who has worked nine hours that day
and is rushing to Greenbelt to cook a meal and settle the kids down so they can have a good first day at the festival
and spend a few precious moments with her friends
who have saved hard to get to Greenbelt.

Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man
who can't handle his change correctly is a worried YMCA Hostel resident who is behind in his rent and cannot afford the cheapest hotdog on site.
At the same time balancing his apprehension over his fear
of not getting on well with the group he came with.

Remind us Lord, that the scary looking young woman
rolling her eyes and cannot stop moving her body,
is a recovering slave to addictions
that we can only imagine in our worst nightmares.

Remind us that the scars of the self harming woman,
scarred for life,
is just like me with my scars
that and hinder and equip at the same time.
And remember that we, maybe,
can just hide ours better.

Help us to remember that the old couple
walking annoyingly slow through the festival site
and blocking our process
are savouring this moment,
knowing that, based on the biopsy report she got back last week,
this will be the last year that they will be at Greenbelt together.

Creator God, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us,
the greatest gift is love.
That it is not enough to share that love with those we hold dear.
But those for who,
on first impressions,
make us shudder, or sigh or grunt with irritability.

Open our soul and press your finger tip right on that part,
the part to raise your love to the surface.
So it touches the practical.
The proactive.
The love department.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Photo of the day ......... Maggie and Giftie ........ what a name ....... named because she was a gift from God.

Well - here I am and a bit tired tonight. Having a late night cigar and watching TV with unseeing eyes. Drinking the late night quiet ........ long day today and all-sorts of interactions, experiences and observations. Note book full of wee thoughts ............ too tired to spill.

.... beautiful to have drop-in-Charlie-and-Janet tonight ........... I feel blessed ...... we tried to solve the problems of the world but ............ beautiful imperfection ......

I know when I am tired - if I slow down and 'be' - I become refreshed. I know also when I must pick up a book to get some focus. Sometimes I read one page, from one of 5/6 I am reading at the moment, and I can be jerked into a new mind set. It seems to connect to all my interactions of the day. I understand a wee bit more. I become eager. Thirsty eyes. Thirsty soul.

I wish I could type and write propa.
Every book I have had published in the past - I have had a secretary as part of my job. I never typed. All hand written or placed onto audio tape. Bingo - a real writing book! Now I can only manage little bits like this. hmmmmmmm - if only.

I stop and ask myself 'how am I feeling?'
Late night always.
All offered up.
All with another question 'why do I feel like this?' ............. and life is reflected ......... who was it who said "a unreflected life is not worth living ....."?
I agree.

Hope you can reflect? Make the time? Own the reality? Be real? Aim for the next step = onwards ........... not just a human 'being' ............. but a 'human becoming' ...........

you are beautiful .......


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We are going to Greenbelt ..................
This is Steve a Master Carpenter - he has made the Blob Human in time for Greenbelt and other events ........... (if you live on the East-side of London and you want an excellent job done - get the best man!)

D Blob has some Books on sale and he intends to watch over them ....... keep watching this space and for the pending pipdotcom eNewsletter which will be coming out of Wilson Mansions SOON .... ensure you are clicked in for the free subscription ........


If what most people take for granted were really true—

if all you needed to be happy was to grab everything

and see everything

and investigate every experience

and then talk about it,

I should have been a very happy person,

a spiritual millionaire,

from the cradle even until now…What a strange thing!

In filling myself, I had emptied myself.

In grasping things, I had lost everything.

In devouring pleasures and joys,

I had found distress and anguish and fear.

Thomas Merton

.. .. ..... ..missed out on a blogday due to not going to bed much .. .. ........ spent the time with beautiful humans ....

.... and here we see a sample of beautiful humans from the Greenbelt community who pull the festival together - only a few of us here in the pub.
The staff had just jumped in a van and followed the road to Cheltenham so they can set up their on-site office for next week. Others went home to catch up on sleep so that they are refreshed for the festival - next week.

An interesting encounter in the pub after the meeting. A homeless man called John. Clean and clean shaven. Clean clothes and interested in classical music. No bed for the night. A bit muddled. He must have felt, through the haze, an acceptance and value. He left with some money in his pocket.

Some would say 'he will only spend it on drugs and drink' ....
What do you expect him to spend it on - some new shelves, to put his books stereo and TV on, as he sleeps in the London town doorway or bench that will be his home. Or maybe he can buy a a BBQ and a set of chairs for the garden a car wash .... .... .... ... .... !

Today - big up to Big John who spent all day fixing me up with back-up for my mac. I now have one hard drive called 'big john' and one called 'little john'. hey hey ....

Monday, August 14, 2006

Greenbelt 2006 ::
Redemption Songs : 25 - 28 August

(11 days until the festival)

News, offers, dates, plugs, people, campaigns, ideas
at the speed of your modem .... from Greenbelt Festivals

Greenbelt news
Daily Diary in advance – download it now
Campsite and FAQs
Calling all young budding film-makers

Partner news
Christian Aid need you on the 14 September
Church Urban Fund at Greenbelt

Greenbelt news

Daily Diary

Logon to and follow the instructions
there to download your Daily Diary in advance of this year's Festival.
You'll need the username and password from the last issue of Wing & A Prayer
(this can be found on page 14, the Angel noticeboard page).

We trust the process is clear and that it proves a valuable service to you.
After the festival we'll fix up an online feedback form to gauge how you
find this experiment. But for now, get downloading! And please don't copy
the file to others and don't try and print it off, please! We can't afford
for this experiment to impact on our Festival Guide sales.


Tickets are selling fast , so make sure you book yours online tonight or
tomorrow to get them despatched in the post. After that, you'll be able to
buy them from the onsite Ticket Office each day.

Click on (and pay
no booking fee).


We've now got most things viewable day by day in the lineup pages and we've
added a 'Panels' section too so you can see the great range of panels set up
for this year –, including one on
Northern Ireland, featuring both a Sinn Fein and a DUP speaker (see

Campsite map and FAQs

You can download a map of the way the camping areas are being laid out this
year here and you can get most
of your pre-Festival questions answered here

Calling all young budding film-makers

It's not every day that, as a teenager, you get the chance to make a film
with DFID, have it shown on the Big Screen, and then judged by Nick Park. So
come on! See for more details.
We've extended the number of places by just a few. So let us know this week
if you'd like to be in on this.

Volunteer opportunities for Greenbelt 2006

We are still in need of more volunteers for our Talks and Box Office
teams. See and respectively. No experience

And the three biggest volunteer teams we put together for the festival are
still recruit until the last minute (with the appropriate CRB caveats). They

The Children's Team – see
The Stewards* – see
Venue Managers – see

So it's still not too late to be a Greenbelt maker this year!

Partner news

Christian Aid
Why they need us on 14 September

More than 8,000 people took part in Christian Aid's local drumming events
last month to ask the UK Government to act on the promises it made to make
poverty history campaigners. Now, they're taking that beat to the Treasury.
Join hem on Thursday 14 September for an unforgettable day. Trade justice
supporters Pete Postlethwaite, Ronan Keating, Damian Lewis and Adjoa Andoh
will be there. It's not too late to order or download flyers, posters and an
action pack. If you are organising a coach or want to join one, add it to
our coach notice board.

Register here
Find out more here
Watch clips here
To add or a find a coach go here

Church Urban Fund
First time at Greenbelt

This year at Greenbelt, the Church Urban Fund will be addressing the plight
of millions of people in this country who live below the poverty line. Fran
Beckett, Chief Executive of the Church Urban Fund, will be speaking on
Contemporary Church, asking “Are we ready to meet the Social Justice
challenge in 21st Century?” A debate focusing on what works for churches and
what doesn’t when it comes to community action, chaired by Paul Hackwood and
including Stephen Timms MP and others involved in social action who will be
discussing ideas on how churches can make lasting changes to their

The Church Urban Fund invests resources in hundreds of grassroots community
projects in England’s poorest neighbourhoods. Look out for the Church Urban
Fund stand at the event or in the meantime find out more at and see for more
on all pour partners.


Festival Dispatches is edited by Paul Northup.

All ideas considered. Email with 'for
Dispatches' in the subject bar

There are now more than two thousand GB souls receiving this. Please
forward this issue to anyone who might be interested in receiving it.

If you've not already done so, then, to receive Festival Dispatches
in the future, drop a blank e-mail to


For tickets go to
For lineup go to
To become a Greenbelt Angel go to
For Trust Greenbelt go to


.... beautiful beautiful beautiful
beautiful humans ........ and I love them every single one .. .. ......

loveology ...............