Monday, August 14, 2006

.... have you heard of

Osunlade, J Dilla, Carl Craig?

Some of my favourite music at the moment.
All play and create music in a dance groove
loads of atmosphere
love the stuff.

Also been playing ::
Matthew Herbert new album and
Joan as a Policewoman
Erykah Badu
Bruce Cockburn
India Arie
........... and a good time listening to my iPod as Joan and Joyce watched the TV football.

Life is different at Wilson Mansions at the moment. Having Joyce with us, my Mother in Law, means we are giving here time and trips out. She is not easy to live with due to her short memory loss. She asks the same questions all the time. She cannot help it - and we know - but it is still strange and disconcerting.
Ann, the little Sheila, came home yesterday and we all hung out. She came to see he Nana but it seems ages since I saw her so it was wondrous.

We had bought her an iPod shuffle for her birthday - what a great present. 120 songs or about 12 albums. A great fab music machine. If you have not got an iPod - this is a great place to start. So light to carry and the sound is perfect for me.

Have a new book out for Greenbelt. Not yet told you about this one. It will be on sale to the yearning public at Greenbelt and from me thereafter. So there will be three on sale::
The Big Book of Blobs
The Very Stinking Rolling Magazine Book
....... and the new one.

Meeting with our Publisher tomorrow and completing the product line for January 2007.
There will be four products out then - including two books.
Also tomorrow is the final Greenbelt meeting before the greatest Festival on earth.
We take Joyce back next week-end and then, the next week-end, it is Thursday through to Tuesday long week-end at

My team won 72-4 yesterday ................ it is all hotting up to the end of the season in October. The next big game for us is the Challenge Cup Final at Twickenham - on GREENBELT week-end grrrrrr.
I think I will be watching it on TV. If I went to see the game it would take the full day and I could not miss that much of Greenbelt.

Watched a dvd late last night.
(not the late nights)
It was called
BUS 174
It was about Brazil.
I am really into music from Brazil
Gilles Peterson, my favourite DJ, has produced several radio programmes from there - creates cd's about the range of music from Brazil. And there is some fab free podcasts on iTunes about his visits, music, artistes and the culture there.
The film was about a hostage taking in Rio de Janeiro by a young man called Sandro. Yes it was a documentary. It was full of clips and interviews as well as the live footage from the four and a half incident. Much of the inserts were about Sandro. His terrible slum upbringing. His experience of seeing his Mother murdered when he was eight. He became a street sleeper after the death of his Mother. The street was his family. Then there was an incident, which I remember reading about some years ago, when the Police came a murdered more than 30 children who were sleeping out in the city centre. He was a damaged human.
Borrow the DVD from me.
It is 'the edge of the seat' stuff. Be disturbed.

All bits of me tonight.
Feeling good though.
Five words to describe my life at the moment - goes like this ::

...... and you ......... ?