Sunday, August 06, 2006


............ up at 5 today and travelled to the heart of rugby league and glass manufacture ............. home town St Helens.
Slept - eat a little and returned with Joyce.
She is staying with us for two weeks.

Two and a half hours to drive up.
Five hours +, to return, including a tour of Stoke-on-Trent as we tried to find any diversion due to the M6 Motorway being closed. So a bit beat up but not so much as the humans involved in the serious crash on the motorway. Bless them.

Sad to see in a sad newspaper today - Sunday Mirror - a column about the big brother tv show house-mates. One comment referred to Aisleyne because she said
" I haven't been to University ......"
and the journalist wrote
".... because you are a Moron".

How shocking to refer to a human person like this.
Tabloid journalism.
Most likely a Graduate himself.
What a terrible tone to set to the reading public.
Rubbishing humans for fun - or cheap and sad journalism it seems to me.

We have a long journey ahead to spread the word that you, Aisleyne and me are beautiful ....