Tuesday, August 29, 2006

..... back home from Greenbelt ....

...... 6 days is a long time but not long enough in terms of positive experiences ........ so here I am - a cigar, a Cointreau, MTV burning not so good grooves and me knackered.
My toenails need cutting and I need some sleep I guess.
Last night was a 4.15 bedtime and the other days/nights were similar ........ but I loveitloveitloveit .....

It will take me weeks to pull out of my soul the massive range of feelings.
All as a result of
experience after experience.
Human after human.
Chat after chat.

L5 after L5.
Contact after new contact.
Touch after touch.
Music after music.
Loveology after loveology.

I will try to tell you my feel on the experience - now and forthcoming blogs.

The end of the festival was hand in glove. It could not have been a better end to the days of reaching out to heaven ........

Michael Franti was last on our new main stage.
He was most wondrous.
He had the whole audience dancing and clapping and responding to his calls for participation.
We did.
His ethos was so hand in glove with Greenbelt.
He affirmed the festival.
He loved us and we loved him.
He is strong on the anti war thing. A big emphasis at the festival.
He was spiritual - about diversity - about acceptance - about all we stand for .......

I asked him after - the gig - what was his most significant experience at the festival.
He said he had spent three hours touring the Greenbelt site and he had journeyed through a room where you cold experience the journey of a refugee without home or language or understanding of procedures. He said it had a profound experience and turned him over.

He came from the stage, after the gig, into the audience and spoke to everyone who wished. Posed for a photo or a hand shake with everyone. A great man.
If you don't know who he is - just go to iTunes music store and type in 'franti' and you will see details of his new album and a fantastic free podcast.

Other highlight s were ::
The Sunday morning service with 10/15 thousand humans of all ages.
Sooooo well done and so wholistic.
The iPod Show which I hosted. So powerful in terms of everyday Greenbelt beautiful humans, just coming to the front with me - talking about their Grenbelt and music, and playing some of their vibes. Wondrous.
We are talking about having an event in Central London before the year end. Watch this space. Get your iPod warmed up for action.

Zig our beautiful non-human friend, and cat, has just come in from his night prowl. Missed him so much and we have had big hugs ......

Another highlight has been the Level Five conversations, see www.blobtree.com for a simple explanation. I have experienced some of the most powerful open communication - EVER!
Due to the climate of trust and security at GB - we can so easily go on in our relationships ...... greater depths ......... so so major in terms of meaning ......... loveitloveit .....

Must click off and catch some zedzzzz ......... but watch this space for more reflections and more of the 300 or so photographs from Greenbelt.