Saturday, August 12, 2006

...Wilson Mansions
here .... strange time year with the holiday period ....... and then, here in the UK, we are having these big alerts regarding terrorist imminent attacks.

Strange to see it all on TV.
Must be more scary if you are about to fly. Not the inconvenience - but the issue of death by aeroplane. Joy is abroad at the moment and I trust that all will be safe and well by the time she is due to return in one weeks time. But it is not only the personal which concerns me.
What about loving the world?
It is of great concern to anyone who cares for the positive development of 'society' and the world. If we as a nation are having these issues and priorities - we can be disabled in our work to contribute to a positive world. It feels like we have our backs to the wall and in that defensive position - it is more difficult to do much as a single human. In a democratic country we have to rely on social organisation, government, to have many tools in the toolbox to be in defence and caring and loving.
It is so complex that I will not attempt to offer opinions.
I don't have opinions about everything.
I don't know enough to have a thought out opinion on how to defend our country from terrorist attack. Or how to stop the Middle East Wars. It is so sad, that in this modern advanced age, that we still have to war against each other.

My life and faith and purpose and mission is to be a lover.

I find that I can only really love humans when I am close - nearby - connecting - feeling with them .. ..
Beautiful word
but painful ..........