Tuesday, August 22, 2006

'The note said if you ever show your face in Wigan we'll kill you. But I live in Wigan . . .'

Wigan (I say it like 'Wigin') ...... are our rivals and have been since I was a kid ........

This Rugby League is under my skin and I love every pass and tackle. I have my heroes and Sean Long is one of them.
There is a great article/feature on him today in the Guardian.

We are not about to play Wigin - but it is the biggest game of the season on Saturday - The Challenge Cup Final. I cannot/have decided not to go - Greenbelt is first all this w/e. But I will be screaming in front of the TV on Saturday. Hoping we win. Placing it on DVD while I am away too! Feeling the blood pressure mount.

If you are not at Greenbelt this w/e - and can grab some BBC TV - try watching the game and admiring the skills and the toughness and power and intensity and ferocity .. .. .. .. .. .............

Here is a clip of the ariticle and a link::

Donald McRae
Tuesday August 22, 2006
The Guardian

"It's definitely up here, tucked away where no one can see it," Sean Long grins as he taps his temple and admits the truth. His cheeky blond head might be crammed with chit-chat about baby scans and betting scams, death threats and poker nights in the small but rollicking world he spans between St Helens and Wigan. But a riveting sporting objective lurks in the quieter corners of the 29-year-old scrum-half's mind. This Saturday, at Twickenham, Long will attempt to make rugby league history by winning the Lance Todd trophy for the third time, when it is presented to the man of the match after the Challenge Cup final between St Helens and Huddersfield.