Monday, August 21, 2006

...... Greenbelt on my mind ... ... ...

....... if you go to Greenbelt will be a
Greenbelt Taker
but if you can consider becoming
a Greenbelt MAKER ........ so have look at the Greenbelt Angels Tent and consider becoming a Greenbelt Angel .....

Go on - be an Angel ......

Paul Field is one of the artistes at the Festival and he is involved in a fascinating project see ......
It is all about Slavery .............. and you will be hearing more about it as time goes on .........
It's a project that will involve local communities on a large or small scale but can also work as the focus of solo concerts or special services based around the issues. It is next year 2007 ....... grab a view at his web-site ........ and if you are at Greenbelt - try to see him in action.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world’
(Margaret Mead).

Behind the big bands and better known speakers there is many different opportunities and this is one called SVOX .....

For the sixth year running, SVOX is offering a programme of support and education around issues of abuse aimed at both people who have experienced any form of abuse (as a child or adult) and the wider community. These groups are only for people who have experienced abuse: sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual, as a child or an adult. They come together to share their experiences, recognising that all are at different places in their journey. You are welcome at any time, to share or just listen and ‘be’.

The groups will run for 2 hours, and then the space will remain open for informal support. There will also be information about support and healing resources available nationally; and the opportunity to network informally with S:VOX members at other times during the festival.

We all need support at certain times in our lives. I admire this sort of work. I know humans who have benefited and would love to see it better know to those who can take the opportunity to slip away and attend a seminar or a support group.