Monday, August 21, 2006

I am inspired by
T Shirts ........

It is just too exciting for words ..... the Greenbelt clothing this year is more then Fair Trade .... it is about FREEDOM ...

If you are at Greenbelt -

Look at the labels

In the GB shop this year
When you browse around the shop and decide to buy a Greenbelt tee shirt at the festival this year you will see the label for the adult tees is 'Traidcraft' – we are delighted to be in association with Traidcraft this year and very pleased they have supplied our teeshirts.

...... equally beautiful is to have the 'Freedom Clothing Project' label attached to our children’s tees and if you look carefully at the label and you will see the tees have been manufactured in the West Bank and Gaza.

The Freedom Clothing Project is a not-for-profit co-operative. As an open-source brand, it aims to be more open about those involved in the manufacturing of its products than anyone else. In time, it hopes to become an international co-operative, so the factory workers, unions and consumers can share together the ownership of our business.

Be inspired and read about it here.