Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gifts often come wrapped differently.
delicately wrapped,
in plain brown paper,
tied in ribbons.

You are precious
Special - in extreme
A GIFT from God to this World Community

The worst thing anyone can do is to get a gift
and leave it unwrapped –
-not revealing the gift inside.

You are a gift from God and the worst thing is for you to stay
You have so much to offer –
and that is your
uniqueness –
than every other person
on the planet.

If we unwrap – feel a bit naked,
we grow
If we stay unwrapped,
un - revealed to others
we do not share our uniqueness,
we take no risks.

In a couple of my books I talk about
'Level 5 communication'
and I want to walk you through the levels ::
Level 1
Cliché ::
is when we communicate in cliché –
“lovely weather we are having” -
so natural to say to strangers
so boring with intimate friends
those we wish to relate too better.

Level 2
Facts ::
This level is when we
communicate facts only.
Retelling what we have done,
What we saw on TV,
viewed at the football match.
Interesting, maybe, but only for a little while.

Level 3
Opinions ::
This level we start to unwrap a little –
it is when we give opinions
we give something of ourselves away
(maybe about the TV programme or football).
Watch out here – others could disagree.

Level 4
Feelings ::
This is the big start of real communication – unwrapping.
Level 4 is all about feelings.
When we are honest to another about our
feelings which are active - here and now - right there in our interior self.
How we are feeling within – emotional stuff.
When, are are willing to take that step, we reveal/unwrap these –
we are taking risks
but wonderfully so.
People begin to understand our human beautifulness.
We become more alive to them.
The relationship becomes alive.

Level 5
Total Openness ::
This is the target.
Maybe never achieved.
It is total openness,
honesty –
fully unwrapped.
This, I believe,
is beautiful.
This is how all people best open up,
grow, develop, change.
And I believe that the better we become at this –
the warmer,
the more beautiful
we can become - in our 'becoming'.

We can ‘Level 5’ with our partners.
With our friends.
Work mates.
God too!

It all begins with taking the risk
taking off wrappings
share the gift we are
with others
not waiting for others.

or we can stay
a gift unwrapped
a beautiful human
a beautiful human

You are much more than I can see.
.......... will you take a peek?

© Pip Wilson

It’s funny:
I always imagined when I was a kid that adults had some kind of inner toolbox, full of shiny tools: the saw of discernment, the hammer of wisdom, the sandpaper of patience.
But then when I grew up I found that life handed you these rusty bent old tools – friendship, prayer, conscience, honesty – and said,
‘Do the best you can with these,
they will have to do.’
And mostly,
against all odds,
they’re enough.’

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hey ...... I am sipping Cointreau and clicking my best before entering the zedz zone.

Got my new spex.
had a great chat with the woman serving me. We hit it off. I told her she was beautiful.
I asked if she had children.
If she loved them.
If she loved them with her face - not just words.
(Communication is 55% facial expression)
I gave her a quote from Eric Berne, eminent psychiatrist, who said that from an early age, 2 or 3, children make decisions about themselves and the world they live in, based on the messages they receive from parents or other caretakers.
They make decisions then - then work them out in the rest of their lives.

My bit now - it is a learning process which does not enter the head, cognitive, it is soaked into the sponge of their whole being ...... they become that sort of human - the sort that they have been taught/modelled by these adults.
Unless they break free .......
Unless we break free ............

And as I left the Opticians, a few hundred quid lighter, I left her with a head full of thoughts and a little sticker saying .........
you are beautiful.

Met with Emma afterwards and we had a great catchup.
What a beautiful L5 human.
We talked and talked, flowed and flowed and
had some food too ........ loveit.
Talked about the above too.
And with Eva - our beautiful waitress - ever such a passionate human.
and .......... I didn't have sticker on me, in Spanish for her, which says ...........
you are beautiful.

A consideration for you::
'How to Look Good Naked' presenter Gok Wan

(Why not watch Channel 4:: tomorrow and see him at 8pm - a Wilson Production - in LOOK GOOD NAKED?)

He is also doing a new programme:: a weekly studio-based fashion show for Channel 4 as part of its spring/summer season.

In each edition of the show, developed under the working title Gok's Clothes Show, the host will show the audience how to adopt the latest fashion trend on both a small and a big budget.

Gok will lead a team flying the flag for the high street, taking on a designer-led team in a battle to win the audience's vote on which clothes they would wear.

The show will also offer glimpse into celebrities' wardrobes – including the chance to win a famous item of clothing - and goes behind the scenes in the world of haute couture, fashion parties and catwalk shows.

Joan is back home - will not see her much until we set off for France on Wednesday morning and then we will talk talk talk all along the autoroutes ......... with Gilles Peterson as company hey hey.

I must pass on a message to you::

you are beautiful

"For as I went through the city, I looked carefully .............."

I always have my little life book with me in Church.
I am always reflecting in it.
And as always,
I looked carefully.

I am always intrigued by the young woman who often carries the candle, robed, leading the choir.
There are others doing it - but she must be 19?, and yet she is so serene.

A song today took me back to Mobberley Boy's School in Cheshire.
Paul Delight used to play it as we all contributed to the out of tune bits.
Joan was 21, I was 26 when we sold up, burned bridges, and moved to live there as Houseparents.
It was a school by name but really a prison for young boys 14 to 17. All from Manchester.
It was the start of our journey - break away
follow the call
risk failure
inability turning to competence - well ......... not so much the competence.

Before this job, I was working at Pilkington Glass in their Research Laboratory.
They used to call me 'the Rocking Vicar' because I was always singing as I worked.

I am on my laptop and Zig is sitting at my feet.
He only does this when Joan is away.
I guess he doesn't want to lose us both!

I used to be scared of attractive girls, and as got older, attractive women.
Attractive in my perception.
Now - I look beyond the attractive smiles and see the hurts behind the teeth - just like all of us .....
NOW ......... I just say "You are beautiful" ........ I guess not many say that to them ..........

Grace was 100 yesterday.
My Mother would have been 100 this year.
The organ ripped into full volume for the closing hymn but it turned out to be 'Happy Birthday to Grace'.
After the service there was a glass of wine for all and a birthday cake.
AND a fab chart on the wall, peered at by young and old.
It had lots of here photos on it, family and many historic changes and happenings during the last 100 years.
It had a copy of her birth certificate and, more importantly, the beautiful human Grace was there too.

I wonder if I will make 100?
I am 21 now ....... so that will be 79 years more = year 2087 !!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"There is a program in the schools in Toronto
called Roots of Empathy.

A woman named Mary Gordon started this program in 1996.
She brings babies—yes, real live babies-- into Toronto classrooms
to help students learn social and emotional literacy
to promote empathy,
to promote caring for someone other than yourself,
especially for the someones who are weaker and more vulnerable.

Research is showing that the program reduces aggression,
especially bullying, in the schools.

Mary Gordon tells this story:

Darren was the oldest child I ever saw in a “Roots of Empathy” class.
He was in Grade 8 and had been held back twice.
He was two years older than everyone else
and already starting to grow a beard.
His mother had been murdered in front of his eyes
when he was four years old,
and he had lived in a succession of foster homes ever since.

Darren looked menacing
because he wanted us to know he was tough:
His head was shaved except for a ponytail at the top
and he had a tattoo on the back of his head.

The mother who had brought her baby Evan into the classroom that day
talked to the class about how her baby liked to face outward
in his Snugli, a type of baby carrier,
and that Evan wasn’t really a cuddly sort of baby.
When the mother asked if anyone would like to try on the Snugli,
which was green and trimmed with pink brocade,
everyone was stunned when Darren said he would.

Just then the class ended and students rushed off to lunch,
but Darren stayed behind.

He strapped on the Snugli
and then asked the mother if he could put Evan in.
The mother was a little nervous but she handed him her baby,
And Darrin put Evan in the Snugli, facing toward his chest.

That wise little baby snuggled right in,
And Darrin took him into a quiet corner and rocked back and forth
with the baby in his arms for several minutes.

Finally, he came back to where the mother and the teacher were waiting
and asked:
“If nobody has ever loved you,
do you think you could still be a good father?”

If nobody has ever loved you,
do you think you could still be a good father."

I read this on the web.
I just started to sob.
Tears of Wilson.
It got to me where I hurt.
Where I yearn.
Where I belong.
I am not ashamed of the tears ..............


..... a new Blog site has been set up by some beautiful human - to enable humans like us to contribute thoughts and reflections related to John O'Donohue.
Also a link to a series of Podcast ............... interested?



Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greenbelt today.
Beautiful humans.
Searching the soul.

Church in the morning.
Coffee with Mr Singh after.
Maybe a curry with Mr Singh in the evening.
It is like sitting at the feet of Wisdom.

Picking up some new spectacles on Monday.
Meeting with Miss Em after.
Love catching up and,
a bit like my inbox,

Joan home from 'up North' about 5pm.
She will be as drained as usual but,
we will be able to have a good catch-up.

Two books recommended to me this week
'Crucial Conversations'
'Mountains Beyond Mountains'

Tuesday - more 'going to love'.
Wednesday Joan and me go to France.
hey hey

All facts above - and in L5 terms,
these facts are 'Level Two'.

Level Five me.
I felt some unease at the Greenbelt meeting today - at first.
I have missed the connection which I have had from 25 years of monthly meetings - sometimes more than monthly.
It soon went, disappeared, when in the presence of Angels.
Now my feelings are satisfaction. Relaxed. A wee bit tired but mainly a deep sense of purpose and relaxation.

The principle behind emotional literacy is - we need to be in contact with our feelings in the everyday situation. Not just when feelings explode. Not just when they overwhelm. It seems to me that, if we can't get in touch with our feelings 'on demand' - we will never be able to manage them when the going gets tough. When in tense situations. When there is irritation with the one you love, a child, a work colleague and, in fact, anyone.

I end with considering your beauty.
I think the worst thing about your unbeautifulness is
your imperfection in recognising your beauty.
Loving your beauty.
You are beautiful .............

Friday, April 25, 2008

Blood tests and samples today.
Hospital - big and bold here in the Wilson Mansions community.
Not a long wait like last time.
I was 87, last time 189 in line.
So boring but all in the cause of sorting the gut issue, documented in blogs below.

I always talk to the blood suckers.
Nurses taking the samples.
Today by a young man, origin Bangladesh.
I told him that my friend Mr Singh, fought in the Indian Army for his country.

They handle 300 humans each day - outpatients only.
Add to that - the residing patients from the wards.
This is a multi billion pound hospital,
serving a big chunk of East London.

While I was out and about on the London double Decker's,
I was capturing BenjiB at home, a most wondrous DJ who plays such great stuff for two hours a week.
It is unclicked back at home, then is slides automatically into iTunes and then to a docked iPod.
Loveit love it.

At the same time, on the double Decker - and in the 87 queue,
I was listening to Gilles Peterson - loveitloveit.
When I die - I will miss Gilles Peterson, BenjiB, Pete Tong, Late Junction, Westwood, Mary Ann Hobbs, Essential Mix .....
Will there be music in heaven?
and I have the new Roots album due, the new Bugge Weseltoft, Portishead, Roots Manuva ........
NOT Madonna but maybe the Ting Tings, Jamie Lidell, Tiesto, Carl Craig, Doug Walker .........
Can I capture and download in heaven?
Or will there be live artistes giging?
I cannot imagine my life without music,
or my death ..............

I have been screaming and shouting tonight.
I have had all fingers pointed - not just one.
I have been taking my clothes off - sweating.
I have been moving from seat to seat.
My Team 'come on the Saints' have been on TV.
I was overwhelmed by the energy, speed, passion.
I was captivted by the toughness in the tackle.
I was gripped by speed and skill.
and we won 22 - 30.
whew - it was close and the Wires done good.
I feel for them.
We always win.
We play them in the Wembley cup in two weeks time.
It will be tough again ..........

I am at the Greenbelt Trustee day tomorrow so I can't do a catch up on my inbox - it must happen Sunday.

Next Wednesday Joan and me will be drinking Champagne.
And Thursday.
And Friday.
Then we return home from the home of Champagne - Rheims.
We are going for a couple of nights - just chilling.
Meals out, Champagne, visit to a Champagne House,
Michelin Star Restaurants - love it love it .....

Some Questions for your soul
have a go at them.

Do you set aside all you principles and beliefs when you get angry?
Are you more snappy and irritable with those humans who you love the most?
When you are tired, do you feel that feeling - or just say something negative which you wouldn't if you were fresh faced?
When someone is saying something you don't like, do you look at their facial expression and try to hear what is behind the words?
Do you believe that the most disliked human in your life - is a beautiful human person?
Do you believe that there is no such a thing as a difficult human, just difficult behaviour?
Is your behaviour being modelled for you, and whispered to you, by your parent - even if they have died?
Do you sometimes regret how you have transacted with another human?
Do you sometimes have deep feelings about how you have communicated to another human?
Do you believe that you can change for the better?
Do you do anything about it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am eating a ginger biscuit - the best on earth from Fortnum & Mason's.
Joan bought me a tin on Tuesday when we had our good news day in town.

I am blogging instead of touching my 166 emails in my inbox.
I will have half a day tomorrow and Saturday to reconnect in the eWorld.

I have just captured Gilles Peterson from the BBC Listen again service.
I will keep it forever and will listen three times this week.
He comes with me in the car, on the underground, in the bathroom.

I have had a long day.
I don't say I go to work.
I say "I go to love".

One thing sticks in my mind.
A beautiful human woman.
Dressed in a floral dress.
She works the nightshift in a special needs hostel for young humans.
She said that, one night, she toured the floors in the hostel,
delivering toilet rolls to the hostel toilets.
She did it twelve times to try, informally, to bump into one of the residents who was isolating himself.
She did the act of delivering toilet rolls - twelve times ...............


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Leaning Towers of Pip Wilson dot com

Tired here. Long day.
Prius on the Motorways and still clocking an average of 57 mpg.
Sat Nav - I feel guided by Angels.
6 am start.
Fantastic day.

I was working with a Team who run two hostels for High Needs young beautiful humans.
I was impressed with their humanity.
Full of character - every one.
It was a pacey experiential day.
It was stretching for me.
They were up for the stretching.
"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable" - this was a highlight for a number of those present.
If that is a stand out, an intrigue for them - it is a good start.

If an individual, or a team, work with behaviour that challenges daily - they are usually keen to explore 'learning'.
Not always, but usually.
I loved how they started to be open from the start.

Do you ever feel you are communicating with someone, and they are trapped in superficiality?
Do you follow the line - or do you desire to break away and try coming in at the side.
A question.
A different level of question or comment?

These workers are faced with young humans who stay in bed for as long as they can cope with, then getting out of bed to empty hours and days.
A spliff or two.
An emotional explosion or two.
A depression or two.
A relationship gone wrong .................. or two.

An expressed need in these young humans, is a yearning to belong.
Particularly their own family.
Often they have been rejected by their family.
The family cannot cope with the young human.
The young human has cocked things up and doesn't know how to sort out the mess.
Inadequacy confronting inadequacy.
Families with few resources to bring to being successful parents.
Young humans with no grip on life.
They don't know where the handles are to turn.
They don't know where the buttons are to press - to make life work for them.

My job today, in the training context, is to create learning experiences where the staff can set their own imagination free.
Free to be strategic in thinking and applying both supportive techniques and intervention. All done developmentally.
A big job.
We tried working on that today.
It was good and steps forward made.
A distinct privilege to be amongst them.

................. and just take a deep breath, in and out, slowly and deeply................ start now .........
Notice that small gap between breathing in - and starting to breath out.
In that very gap - I can hear a whisper (whispered to you) and these words are ................... "you are beautiful" ........


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

100 women taking annual blood tests.
100 women taking annual scans.
Six years on, the ovarian cancer tests continue.

A few weeks ago Joan, who has been volunteering to do these research tests, was issued with a letter about an irregularity.
I cancelled I planned training course I was leading for today, so I could go with her for a re-check - and, I will say this quickly, all the results were clear. It was a mistake. She is fine.
We were really pleased and Joan ........ very much relieved ........

So we stayed in London town which was drenched in sun. A large turn around from recent weeks.
We walked in St James Royal Park. Sipped peppermint tea. Chilled in the sun.
Then we walked up Piccadilly to Fortnum-Mason, the Queens shop - it was so beautiful that I snapped a few colourful views with my iPhone.
Then we slipped down the street and had afternoon tea at The Wolseley, a favourite restaurant.
Great day - once the tension had slipped away.
It makes us feel deeply for many humans who's scans are not clear, and they have to face a different journey when they leave the hospital confines ...

Early start tomorrow ......... will get back to you late tomorrow.
You are beautiful.

Click the Pipturesque
It jumps BIG
This book, 100 games, illustrations, fun, wacky and exercises is available from me for ten pounds.

Monday, April 21, 2008

3rd April we planted a bird table in our garden at Wilson Mansions.
No birds.
Nuts, seeds, coconut, bath, shower, soap, helter-skelter, spectators and .....
no birds

One week in, we had the squirrel eating the nuts.
we saw birds enter into the food zone.
Blue Tit
another tit,
(........I am not good with birds.)
The all landed and pecked a little hey hey.
Perhaps there has been positive word of mouth in the community?
Positive word of beak?
Hello you beautiful human.
Do you feel beautiful?
Just pause here and place a word alongside your current feeling.
If it is a big one - you will know it, feel it and be able to name it.
If it is just simmering below the surface - more difficult.

I am really keen on this Emotional Literacy stuff.
It is so vital.
Being illiterate is not a good thing.
Especially with our emotions.
They are so close to our spirituality.
So close, therefore, to our soul.
The heart of the matter.

You ask ...........

Felt a bit low key tonight.
Feel a bit disturbed/troubled/restless.
I am prepping a gig and it churns the soul.
but also I have to dig deep on resources.
Scratch the soul.
I have felt full of energy today.
Now .......................
I also feel focused - in tiredness.

Met with my friend Martin today in a Kosovan Cafe in the heart of London.
If you ever want to meet me in London.
That is the place.
It is a hop skip and a jump from Leicester Square.

We talked and talked and flowed and flowed.
He is a great man.
I respect him deeply.
We have done things together,
shows at Greenbelt, meetings - lots,
prayed over crumbling financial concerns
struggled to apply faith and life into reality.
It has been months since we met - last year in fact.
loveitloveitloveit ...............

I didn't tell you about my visit to the Homeopothist.
She asked me questions for one and a half hours.
I loved it
Some have never been asked of me before.
That was Tuesday and by Saturday I had some medicine.
Two drops of 'whatever it is' on my tongue every bedtime
and some v small, tiny, pills to take if I ever get an attack.
I have more faith here than in the Doctors.
I need to return after four weeks.

Joy, Sheila, texted me tonight and asked me to go to New York City for a few days while she is there.
As if.
She goes Sunday - I laughed but also hit by her generosity.
She is a Dad lover.
The other Sheila, Ann, started a new TV job today - some new concept.
Great to have two Dad lovers ........
It is great talking to the Sheilas when they 'phone.

The Jigsaw Blob new idea - Steve is working on a wooden version and I am excited.
Would love to show you - maybe in a Kosovan Cafe?

I am rambling ................ but I don't care.
I am getting it all out of the system.

Hope you are listening to my Blog Music?
Hope you have good speakers plugged in?
Hope you are plugged in to great vibes which impact life?
Hope you are plugged in ..............

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Met with Ian Long, my Blob Tree partner, - we climb it together.
He was telling me we now have about 400 blob tools now - wow.
All of them used all over the world - only small pockets of knowledge of their existence.
All on my iPhone and it is fab to see them portable.

There are loads of books existing::
The Big Book of Blobs.
Blob Feelings.
Little Book of Blob Questions
Blob Spirituality
You are a beautiful human person
and more ............

And we have posters big/massive
laminated and colour!!
I hope we will have Ball to throw around soon - all with Blobs and great for fun and opening up humans.
Also a Jigsaw Puzzle!!
Publishers are Incentive Plus and Lulu dot com.

We had a great meeting and loads of new ideas coming out of Ian,
who works in a School, and myself from a Training and Group work context.
We are going for a Blob Bible, a Blob Training Manual, Big Book of Blob Youthwork, Blob Emotional Literacy, Blob Questions and more and more.

If you are user, fan, Educationalist, Informal Educator, Counsellor, Trainer, Qualitative Researcher, People Person, Psychologist, Group Worker/Leader, Team Leader - any or more than these - please feel free to mention these tools in your Blog/Web-site or any situation you feel able. I would love it if these tools became better known around the globe. I can send you a pile of leaflets if you can leave them hanging out somewhere.

I had sixteen ideas in my little Life Book. We talked and talked and yearned and become ..................... continued in the process of becoming .....


Angel Sarkis has departed from the top job in YMCA England

I clicked about her appointment in 2006::

8th June 2006
Angela Sarkis
..... has just been appointed as The National Secretary of YMCA England. That means she is CEO of the Central body which about 200 autonomous YMCA's affiliate to.
She is CEO of the head* - but not the body ......... that is why every human who has ever done the job has ............
......... needed to breathe deeply - often!

"I am an independent consultant with particular interest in organisational management, leadership development and diversity.

I have worked in many voluntary organisations, the public sector, faith communities and charitable trusts, including stints at the Probation Service and Family Service Units, around five years as Chief Executive of the Church Urban Fund and as a founding member of the Social Exclusion Unit.

Heavily involved in urban regeneration programmes, I have been trustee to BBC Children in Need, Youth Net UK and the King's Fund, and contributed in various ways to various Government and other committees and advisory groups, including the Home Office's Correctional Services Board and Active Community Unit Advisory Panel, the House Of Lords Appointments Commission, the Department for Education and Skills, the NCVO Diversity Project, and the African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance."

* ...... it could be she will be the CEO of the heart - or the soul - or the mouth ...... maybe only what the movement wishes.
So - it is a big job!!
So - the YMCA, in these parts, is left with an issue x more::

Why are leaders leaving the job/pushed/jumped?
Does the YMCA in England need a National body?
Does it need a small, two humans and a desk type of structure - or a multi faceted structure?

I am much removed from the scene now. Used to be a National Board member for a few years. Still concerned about the profile/image/national work including it's connectivity with the World YMCA.

bBlessed Angela
bBlessed all YMCA humans ....... there is a great job to be done by all .......


Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Little Book of Blob Questions

by Pip Wilson
Ian Long

Publisher: ian long
Copyright: © 2006 Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
  • Download £2.76
  • Paperback book £5.56
Download: 1 documents, 1303 KB

Printed: 28 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", saddle-stitch binding, black and white interior ink


The Little Book of Blobs is the companion book to the Big Book of Blobs (available from www.blobtree.com) and explains how to use questions effectively with others. Using the Blob Tree visual it crosses all boundaries of gender, culture, and language. Small at 28 pages, but beautiful.

emotional .......

Nina Simone returning to play live after a 10 year break.
She had left the USA, who gave her a rough time because of her politcal/civil right passion, and she went to live in Africa.

Buy it
watch it loud
in a dark room
I weep ..........

Nina Simone made four appearances at the Montreux Festival
between 1968 and 1990. This DVD features the whole performance
from 1976 as the main feature and is supplemented by bonus
features of two tracks from her concert in 1987 and four from her
final show in 1990.
This is the definitive Nina Simone Live At Montreux DVD.
1. Little Girl Blue
2. Backlash Blues
3. Be My Husband
4. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to be Free)
5. Stars / Feelings
6. African Mailman
Bonus Tracks
7. Someone to Watch Over Me
8. My Baby Just Cares For Me
9. I Loves You Porgy
10. Liberian Calypso
11. Four Women / Mississippi Goddam
12. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don't Leave Me)

.... going to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ............

Friday, April 18, 2008


I have 183 messages in my inbox
certainly not boasting.
It is because I was sick/ill/outofsorts/gastromad last week
I apologize to all the beautiful humans who have emailed me
like pouring water into sand
I am in tomorrow so I will get a chance to click ........

Fantastic article HERE about
John O'Donohue.

I feel Greenbelt in it .....