Wednesday, August 31, 2005

....... My Head is a bit numb .....

..... my soul is bursting ....... I need to recover from all that I have experienced, below, and will spill out the last six days road less travelled - during the rest of my breathing and clicking eternal life ........
The picture below .....

......... if you click the photo below it will enlarge - it does on my mac.

Just look into her eyes.
See and feel the feelings from her to her Father.
See the light shining in her eye.
See the wonder in that little face.
The beauty.
Be there ..........

Liveinwonderfortherestofyourlife .......

...... I have been away, to a Festival held at Cheltenham Racecourse called Greenbelt.
I have been at this annual event for 28 years - each year. I am part of the Board of Trustees. It is is important to me and I am back home after six days and want to reflect so I can unlearn.

I am full up with a life of learning and I want to unlearn. I want to rid myself of all the 'shoulds' and move to a position of greater freedom that I have ever experienced. I don't want to sacrifice freedom for security .....


A Greenbelt Moment ...........
Every year I have a special moment in my life - at Greenbelt.
This is one - I have several.............

I hosted a show at Greenbelt. Every day I interviewed a guest in 'My Movie - The Soundtrack of my Life". It was held in the 'Groovy Movie Picture House' which is the only solar Cinema. A tent!!

I was interviewing Paul ....... and talking through his six selected music tracks - and through them his life. Paul was wondrously open and telling about his life 'as it was'. His beautiful eight year old daughter was hanging on his every word and his leg. Here was an interview - here, on this one foot high stage, was also some beautiful interaction other than my questions and his flowing responses. It was two humans connecting - father and daughter. I pulled my camera, always with me, and caught some beautiful loving eye contact and more and more - a photograph I will study for the rest of my life.

He was telling about the beauty and the hurts in his life - all formative. The sub-text was the non verbal communication and I love it love it .........

My soul has been touched by so many Greenbelt moments that I will HAVE to share more and more as the days pass and I journey into unlearning .................


Monday, August 29, 2005

SIMON........ from River Tribe ..... see their dot com site ......


.. tired but still beautifully happy Greenbelt Family ......

.... a late night drink on Greenbelt Sunday which turned out to be 1 - 2 - 3am ++ on Greenbelt Monday .......

Sunday, August 28, 2005

pictures from the festival ........
..... forgive my lack of words due to the special attractions and other beautiful things which demand ........


....... also playing at the Borderline in London on SEptember 1st ........

..... BLOB TREE DOT COM IS .......

..... now up and running ....... simple but beautiful ...... and big up massive to Torgrim in Norway for doing it for me ......

..... I am at Greenbelt in the 'Nuts Cafe' ......... just had my veggie meal of the day as it has been busy before then.

The new show went well - my guest Robert Beckford is and was and excellent communicator. Great geezer in terms of his thought processes, radical faith and also his TV communication. Interesting how he talks about a tv channel which is called by a number - 4 - to be exact, just like my own daughter who says they want jeopardy all the time - tabloid tv! He makes programmes with issues and they still want short words an loads a pop!

Tonight we are doing the L5 seminar and it is something else to do a seminar - all we have done in 25 years is meet and relate - all of a sudden we are exposing ourselves to the world ............ before many humans and that is strange, a challenge and ....... we will see how it goes!

Feel more relaxed today. Yesterday just not settled, restless, needed to adjust the soul to take in new experiences. hmmm
I think I am ready now ..........

'making' the festival as one of the many volunteers ........

'taking' too ........... I want to drink at this well ........

ps - now Saturday is over and I am off to a Service with 20000 other humans ...... see ya


Friday, August 26, 2005


..... at Greenbelt 2005 ....... I will post pics here all w/end until Tuesday am and then I will be back home to reflect ....... keep checking if you are near to the click machine ......


..... man ...... doing a major job for The Greenbelt Music and Talks MP3s and CDs and even oldie tapes!!

Meeting beautiful humans .....

.... what a great man Keith is ....... he came all the way from Geordie-land to deliver the hand perfected CD racks for the Festival Shop ......

Was great meeting for the first time hey hey ......

.............. Jeff here, plays dem stages with Brant ........ met him for the first time ..... but it did last till three in the morning .....

...... brant ..... in d bar .....

have a look at his website .......

brant christopher ..... have a look at his website eh?

Thursday, August 25, 2005


some humans I find have called it:-


Over 50 different 'blob tree' style tools in here and available from me ....

over and out ....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

DEATH ............

..... like a death today ........... last day at home and Greenbelt packing. Books, Posters and more books for sale. Prep for shows - last minute regret-able stuff.

Then my new BRMC album comes from play dot com .............. in the iMac it goes - only to freeze.............. very unusual.

That is the death I mentioned. Crashed - will not start.
That place I keep all my gigs of music - my soul is there!
About three weeks ago I fitted a back up hard drive an cloned the lot (don't let me kid you - I had to have help). So it looks like I have lost everything in the last three weeks but - stink - what do I do now!

If yo are nice to me at Greenbelt as from tomorrow - I will beg your advice (anyone!) - this is serious ......


"i am finding that vulnerability gives me great strength, because you're not hiding anymore.
It's really about being a pioneer for myself, going into the places where i am not being taught.
I have to teach myself."

tori amos

t h e
r e d
p i l l

"This is your last chance.
After this there is no turning back.

You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.
You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."


This is Ian
He is not for sale ....

This is a 'Blob Tree' Tee Shirt
It is not for Sale*

'The Big Book of Blobs' IS for sale
£10.00+p&p to any place in the world

The World
NOT for Sale
bought with a price already ......

* This is the only Tee like this in the World and will be found walking midst 20000 humans at Greenbelt as from Friday hey hey ..........


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"The last one to know about the sea is the fish"

Old Chinese Proverb

"Experience is......

.........what you get
just after you needed it"


..... I want to experience life long unlearning .......
I want to learn new things - soak .......

I want to unlearn habits which are filling me up.......
I want to be filled up with new stuff .....

I want to sacrifice security for freedom .....
I want to break free from limiting mindsets .......
I want to to be free from linear dualistic blinkered thought processes I bring to the issues of life ....
I want to be generous enough to let others learn from my failures .....
I want to stop looking at the pointed finger but look to where the finger is pointing .....
I want to lose myself so I can find myself .....
I want to relearn that real learning resides in relationships ......
I want to continue along a road less travelled ....
I still haven't found what I am looking for ......

........... a bit of me pre-Greenbelt ........




Monday, August 22, 2005

A Circle
Compassion ...

"A human being is a part of the whole that we call the universe,
a part limited in time and space.
And yet we experience ourselves,
our thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest
- a kind of optical illusion of our consciousness.
This illusion is a prison for us,
restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us.
Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison
by widening our circle of compassion
to embrace all living beings
and all of nature"
Albert Einstein

" I want that one "

"Are you sure?"

"I want that one"

(one of the new Greenbelt tee shirts hey hey .......)


..... Just see the item below...

...... I am still buzzing ....


Sunday, August 21, 2005

L5 L5 L5 L5 L5

..... the Saturday night experience is still lingering in my soul as a special experience ....... unusual and great. hmmm

A small group of us met on the exact week when we met 25 years ago. Read a bit about it on my web-site and note we are doing a one hour seminar at Greenbelt this year - yes it is the Level Five group.

We met in our favourite eating out place - the occasion was because Annabel was over from her home in Hong Kong. The last time most of us saw her was the day of the funeral of one us - Simon, in 1999.
I had the further special treat when we went shopping together for some Vietnamese food in East London which was then created into a fab meal by her - for us two - in year 2000.
Ann-She ...... daughter Ann, was the last of us to see her when she visited her a couple of years ago when she was filming in HK.

And there we were on Saturday, this Saturday, hugging every word as we tried to catchup ....... wondrous.
One of the features was the wine. I already chatted up the fab Italian Restaurant owners that Annabel was bringing some special wine from Portugal and that she was a wine writer da de da.
Then she came and the wine was opened midst all the food and other deep moments of intimate conversations. Then the red wine was put on ice - RED WINE! -beyond me mate.
Later we were ready for another bottle so Annabel made her second visit to the restaurant wine rack and returned with a bottle of wine - red - on ice again!! It was fab in it's entertainment and added to the already exhilarating climate of level five-ness.

It left Joan and me buzzing and it was so hard to end ........ so we went around the corner to the Covent Garden Hotel Bar and celebrated with a bottle of Champagne (the photograph is from that occasion) ................... after that it was even harder to separate hmmm ........

So here we are - a group who first met in 1980 and we are still going strong.
It is due to many factors but one certainly is - we talk at a level which is open and honest and on the edge. It is all in a climate of safety and trust. We belong to one another - even though we live many miles apart - even Hong Kong cannot separate us! hmmm

I cannot give due words to the experience - a good experience cannot be verbalised or clicked about ......... but I have tried .........


'When I work with people .......

'When I work with people
who have had massive disasters in their childhood's
followed by later crippling blows,
it is something special to hear their stories.....
I experience beauty and pain
and refuse neither.'

Pip Wilson

Greenbelt ..............

Help us remember that the idiot who cut us up in traffic
is a single Mother who has worked nine hours that day
and is rushing to Greenbelt
to cook a meal and settle the kids down
so they can have a good first day at the festival
and spend a few precious moments with her friends
who have saved hard to get to Greenbelt.

Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man
who can't handle his change correctly
is a worried YMCA Hostel resident who is behind in his rent
and cannot afford the cheapest hotdog on site.
At the same time balancing his apprehension over his fear
of not getting on well with the group he came with.

Remind us Lord, that the scary looking young woman
rolling her eyes and cannot stop moving her body,
is a recovering slave to addictions
that we can only imagine in our worst nightmares.

Remind us that the scars of the self harming woman,
scarred for life,
is just like me with my scars
that and hinder and equip at the same time.
And remember that we, maybe,
can just hide ours better.

Help us to remember that the old couple
walking annoyingly slow through the festival site
and blocking our process
are savouring this moment,
knowing that, based on the biopsy report she got back last week,
this will be the last year that they will be at Greenbelt together.

Creator God, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us,
the greatest gift is love.
That it is not enough to share that love with those we hold dear.
But those for who,
on first impressions,
make us shudder, or sigh or grunt with irritability.

Open our soul and press your finger tip right on that part,
the part to raise your love to the surface.
So it touches the practical.
The proactive.
The love department.

Make our Greenbelt an act of love.

pip wilson


Saturday, August 20, 2005


If you would like to buy this book ................

......... it is available direct from me .......... or at THE Greenbelt Festival.

It is yet to be reviewed because it is so hot but they will be on view in the coming months and they will be good ones I guess.

OVER 50 x A4 BLOB ILLUSTRATIONS which acan be copied and used in groups - large are small.
They are often used in people work and community work.
They can also be used in the family home to help humans of all ages to communicate.

I was so moved that the first two humans who handed over hard cash for their copies were My Sheilas - my own daughter Joy and Ann.................

..... more details .....

SCRIPT .......

... the most famous Greenbelt band who never played at Greenbelt ....... they are so special they have lived on for many years and may be making another appearance on film this year ........ hmmm ...... and we have a big screen this year at GB ....... hmmm - maybe a big appearance ...... what do you think?

If you have never been to this special festival, next week-end with 20000 humans, please check out the website because I DO go on about it and it is big in my life and will be big on this blog over the next few weeks .............. I hope to blog daily at the Festival next week-end and post some great pix.

"Where do we go from here ......... "


Friday, August 19, 2005

.... been away .....

...... cannot say I have enjoyed it but life is not just about enjoyment eh?
Got to do the right thing. Joan and me delivered Joyce, her Mum, back to her home town after
her two weeks holiday with us. It has been three weeks for Joan as she spent a further week with her before she came to us. Many humans have ageing Parents and now we are living longer - we have to make life decisions about independence yet care. We try hard to get it right. The worse thing for all of us - Joyce is losing her memory and asks the same question maybe three times a minute. Bless her.

Now I am back home after being off-line - if I unplug her phone to do a 'dial-up' blog or anything - the alarm goes off at the 'care-line' service and I get in trouble. So - with lots to do - I have been turned off and that is difficult for me. I want to communicate to all the humans out there who want me to - and those that I want to click.

Now I am home and scared of turning on the TV because the horrible four hour motorway journey stopped us from viewing the Super League Game tonight between the Bulls and Leeds.
(BEEF ON THE BONE STUFF) So we are waiting for the 1 am repeat before we go to be at three. It is no problem as we are so pleased to sit and relax - read the Guardian and listen to the Radio.

This week I read a book in one day and dumped another after the first chapter. Commuting helps me put the time in on iPod and books, you may know I don't read fiction other than on my two weeks summer holiday - it is usually stuff relating to my work as a Trainer.
I like the book input which doesn't make me look at the pointed finger but the direction the finger is pointing. Some writers are just doing a self promo ...... so stuff that.

The book I didn't take away with me, regret, is 'Bono on Bono', which does make me look at the direction of the pointed finger and make me rethink my life. Fiction is an escape from reality. I lurve reality ............... I want to live it in the hurts and the pain and the joy and the beautifulness ........ as I take a sip of Cointreau, a puff of he cigar as Zig brushes up against my shins and rolls over for a stroke. hmmm

Tomorrow it is catch up and a great evening out which I will click about tomorrow. hey hey