Wednesday, February 29, 2012

......... This Saturday a one day event which I started years ago ......
now I am invited to lead some workshops about using games in Youth Work hey hey

Weddingsx2 shopping with family stylist + iMac Stuff.

All-Vinyl Brownswood Basement Retrospective

A Grrrreat Gilles Peterson 2 hours!

Listen :

Listen now (120 minutes)


6 days left to listen

Last broadcast today, 02:00 on BBC Radio 1.


This week Gilles kicks off the first of four retrospectives with an all-vinyl Brownswood Basement show.

As well as dropping some priceless records from Celia, Isley Brothers and Ebo Taylor, Gilles also revisits the classic Madlib mix from 2005, DJ Shadow's chat from 2010, and the epic interview with the legendary Roy Ayers back in 2004!

Music played

  1. Charles Earland Charles Earland Coming To You Live

  2. Volume 10 If At Last

  3. Frank MinionIntroduction To Black Opium Street

  4. Frank MinionSo What

  5. Vibrations SocietySpirits Up Above

  6. The Black FairyBlack Land Of The Nile

  7. Hozan YamamotoIna Busho

  8. Herbie Hancock Herbie Hancock Blessing Over The Candle

  9. Abdullah Ibrahim Kalahari

  10. Morr Thiam Presents Dini SafarrarAyo Ayo Ne Ne

  11. Sun Ra Sun Ra Sometimes I'm Happy

  12. Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari400 Years

  13. Mike James Kirkland Hang On In There

  14. Lorez Alexandria Didn't We

  15. King James VersionHe's Forever

  16. Andrew WarttsRise Up

  17. Darling DearsI Don't Think I Could Ever Love Another

  18. Quinto Sol El Hombre Cosmico

  19. Krishnanda Esta Tudo Ai

  20. Celia Na Boca Du Sol

  21. Roy Ayers Roy Ayers I Really Love You

  22. Roy Ayers We Live In Brooklyn

  23. Roy Ayers Running Away

  24. Roy Ayers Coffy Is The Color

  25. Roy Ayers We Get Our Love From The Sun

  26. Roy Ayers 2000 Black

  27. Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder Superwoman

  28. Roy Ayers Roy Ayers Aragon

  29. Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan The Mystery Of Man


iMac snagging at the Genious Bar. Great humans

Bluewater Genius Bar at the Apple Store and a big tech challenge.
I had lost 36k photos back in October 11.
At last time to get that dealt with.

Damn my back up Time Machine is corrupted so no rescue today. This has only happened in the last week.
I have to send it to a specialist to try to save data.
Then return to apple with my iMac and hope then to save all my historic Pipturesques.

Nee. To find time to do this.



Noise by Martin Wroe

They say you're available
on certain conditions.
Quiet ones.
That if I can find an air of tranquility
it carries that still small voice.

But I don't do quiet,
I am not tranquil except when I am asleep
and then I am not available
as far as I know.

what's the chance of a still big voice
in the noise,
of hearing you in the roaring traffic,
the screaming meal-time,
the crowded train,
the supermarket queue,
the smoky, throbbing bar?

I know that time you weren't
in the fire,
the storm.
But everyone's different.
Maybe Elijah was better at quiet.

You're usually quiet.
I'm usually wired.
If I try for your silence,
perhaps you could try for my noise.

Your place or mine?
I know they say you're in
the country,
but maybe we could
Meet in town?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


ABOUT these feelings
we ALL have
bad feeling

THEY don't mean
we are bad

they are signals
It's behaviour
Which can be
Right or wrong

Spill those feelings
Before they build up and


I wonder
What you are like
Who you are
When out of the public eye?
On your own?
Interior life?

Whatever -

Here's to the babies in a brand new world
Here's to the beauty of the stars
Here's to the travellers on the open road
Here's to the dreamers in the bars

Here's to the teachers in the crowded rooms
Here's to the workers in the fields
Here's to the preachers of the sacred words
Here's to the drivers at the wheel

ROBERT GLASPER album just delivered to Wilson Mansions hey hey

Here's to the winners of the human race
Here's to the losers in the game
Here's to the soldiers of the bitter war
Here's to the wall that bears their names

Here's to you my little loves with blessings from above
Now let the day begin
Here's to you my little loves with blessings from above
Let the day begin, let the day begin, let the day start

Here's to the doctors and their healing work
Here's to the loved ones in their care
Here's to the strangers on the streets tonight
Here's to the lonely everywhere

Here's to the wisdom from the mouths of babes
Here's to the lions in the cage
Here's to the struggles of the silent war
Here's to the closing of the age.

Here's to you my little loves with blessings from above
Now let the day begin
Here's to you my little loves with blessings from above
Let the day begin


In the morning I will go alone into .....

After my meeting a.m.
I will drive to a quiet spot
Dr Dre headphones on
Plug in some great music
Sit in the passenger seat
Flip open my Laptop
my first ever published book.

It will be strange
Revisiting that world I lived in
and cringing at my

About a person so
Like now
A person who had decided
To make my life
An act of love

I will be dragged back
Into tough times
Committed times
Team times
Learning so much

I will be reminded
Of my lack of
Bull headedness
Bad examples of
amongst waves of good
And stumbling faith

I don't want to be that sort
Of human again
Not that sort of faith
Not that sort of insensitivity

Yet I will be reminded
Of some great Youth Work
With a team of 40
Beautiful unique humans
Who I loved
Who I Love

And those beautiful human
Violent too
Hundreds of loving growing
(Who still communicate with me)
Full of life
Full of searching
Who I loved
Who I Love

I will let you know
How I cope

You are so beautiful

“In everyone’s life,
at sometime,
our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame
by an encounter
another human being.
We should all be thankful
for those people
who rekindle
our inner spirit.”

(Albert Schweitzer)

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Journey is individual choice including not taking any steps at all. What about when things get tough?

The seas between islands
are risking
tough times
rough weather.
Change is turbulent.
GROWTH does not reside
in a place called

100+GAMES in this book WILD MESSY SPIRITUAL FAITH DEVELPMENTAL EDUCATIONAL NON-COMPETITIVE. Available from me £10 post free. Mail me via

Hey hey
THIS SATURDAY 3rd March 2012

This is a day for Youth Workers and I am leading two GAMES sessions.
You can still register or just turn up.
100 expected.

SPREAD IT like the farmers do !!

B u Beautiful

I like asking for 5 WORDS to describe your life at this moment?

Pip Wilson




refresh the irritation

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joy getting her new bathroom fitted out with style. This is just one wall.

Music is ....



Tuesday afternoon
I have scheduled to read/tweak
my first ever book
to re-publish v soon
Emotional Intelligence
Youth Work
Stumbling Faith
Group Work
Inner City
Young Offenders
Making Mistakes
Vision Beyond Visibility
Human Becoming


Saturday, February 25, 2012

. I lurve this video - about learning/children/young humans .......


I was .....

I was so inadequate in my 40s
I still am inadequate
but will not know
until my 80's

We do not know
what we don't know.

I am on the journey of becoming.


Music is ....



People ......

All sorts of feelings
people with passion
people with life issues and on the way
people with faith and exploding
people with insults at me
people with triangles of relationships
people without heads on .... chemically removed
just another day of loving
and being
and becoming

Friday, February 24, 2012


General Manager, One KX (Central YMCA)
Young Embedded Advisor, YMCA White Rose
Charity Bag Collector, YMCA White Rose
Fundraising Manager, Central YMCA (London)
Learning and Engagement Co-ordinator, Sussex Central YMCA
Volunteer Coordinator, West London YMCA
Database and Supporter Relationships Officer, Y Care International
Summer Daycamp vacancies, YMCA Fairthorne Group
Current vacancies, Reigate and Redhill YMCA

Contact the Y in question


All that you fashion
All that you make
All that you build
All that you break
All that you measure
All that you deal
All you count on two fingers
And all that you steal
Leave it behind
You got to leave it behind
Leave it behind
You got to leave it behind

You look so beautiful
So beautiful
The spirit is in the house

Final lines from a U2 Concert
at Slane Castle
on DVD

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Speech Debelle, Bruce Cockburn, Bellowhead and OperaUpClose
23 February 2012 | by Phil | Filed under Festival | 2 Comments

Greenbelt is delighted to be able to announce that Mercury Music Prize winner Speech Debelle; audience favourite Bruce Cockburn; live folk sensation Bellowhead and the fantastic, sell-out OperaUpClose are among the first clutch of acts to be confirmed for Greenbelt 2012: Saving Paradise, taking place from 24th-27th August at Cheltenham Racecourse. Get your tickets now »


Critically acclaimed South London artist, Speech Debelle will bring her soulful and raw blend of poetic and powerful rhymes to the Greenbelt mainstage, combining tracks from her Mercury Music Prize-winning album with the recently released new album 'Freedom of Speech'. With her devotion to politics and social issues and musically inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Tracy Chapman and Meshell Ndegeocello, this South London wonder is the perfect act to join the Greenbelt party this summer.

Canadian-born Bruce Cockburn brings his ever-evolving folk brilliance to Greenbelt’s Friday mainstage. Having been compared to the likes of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Cockburn is known for his virtuoso guitar playing and powerful political lyrics including hits “If I Had A Rocket Launcher” plus “Wondering Where The Lions Are”. Joining Cockburn, fellow folk sensation Seth Lakeman will bring his bow-shredding violin riffs and driving tenor guitar rhythms, creating a magical atmospheric vibe filled with charismatic and passionate energy. Bellowhead will perform for the first time at Greenbelt with their “full throttle…rare and exhilarating”(Q Magazine) live showcase, rousing crowds to their feet in what is set to be a sensational performance. Described by the Daily Mirror as “one of the country’s greatest live outfits”, the 11-piece collective are previous winners of the Best Live Performance award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and have recently returned from their sell-out UK tour. Audiences should prepare to dance like they’ve never danced before!

Further additions to the line-up include BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards winners The Imagined Village plus “hot property” (The Guardian) folk revival band Megson with their infectious sounds and heavenly vocals, lush harmonies and driving rhythmic guitars. Thomas Truax will stun festival goers by using his bespoke inventions of strange self-made instruments in a surprising spectacle. Last but by no means least for the festivals music stage, Brooklyn-based, multi-instrumentalist and former member of American indie rock band The Hold Steady, Franz Nicolay, who is famed for combining the accordion and piano in unique way, will be making his debut at Greenbelt in 2012.