Friday, July 31, 2009

........ and even bigger news from Wilson Mansions is::

Little Sheila
Little Wils
Ann, our youngest, is due to present us with our first Grandchild around 1st February 2010

So here I am =

We are delighted and still recovering from the shock

Congratulations She - we love the news and are delighted extreme - hey hey


..... to describe my life at the moment::

1 Knackered
2 Privileged
3 Amazed&Dazed
4 Overwhelmed
5 Unbelieveabbubble
6 AND - I am off to zzedz and will click about those five in details tomorrow.....

.....and I will tell you who I am too.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm 21 today. Got the key of the door. Home now knackered.

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You are beautiful.

Opera on TV
Zig having an early night
Joan gone to zzzzz
Me reflecting at the end of the day.

Today, when I awake, we go for the keys.
Wilson Mini-Mansions becomes reality.
I will be strange stepping into an empty space,
standing, looking around, feeling and
imagining how it will be to live there
and call it home.

The daze won't last long.
There are jobs to be done.
Preparations made at that end
and Wilson Mansions end.

We will have less than three weeks.
Alongside other tasks as always.

I will be glad when the lap is complete.

5 Words::
1 between still and numb.
2 between scared and excited
3 between tense and tired
4 between faith and stupidity
5 between ....................

Dana shares her five::
desired (maybe?)

And Dave (who's surname must be) 'Adam Ant' sent me his 5::
(thank you Dave - I received you message regarding my Adam Ant and my mate Big John will be contacting you soon).

My feelings are buried.
I hold hands with myself.
Staring into space.
Peering into my soul -
and still cannot articulate my feelings.

I need to prepare.
Tonight is not the night.
I have options buzzing around my head.
Un-designed exercises, only ideas at the moment.
When I turn to them, with time,
then I will really start to buzz.

So I will be in touch with you soon.

You are beautiful
However you feel right now.
Feelings are temporary
your beauty-full-ness is forever ...........
Dance like no one is watching
Sing like no one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have a friend
This is a beautiful self reflection
Thought it may be good for you?

My Smile

Do I have to smile always?

People always says – he got a smile on his face,
What do they know?
Do I have to smile always?
Yes, I smile when I am happy.

My smile has HOPE
My smile has DREAMS
My smile has JOY
My smile has my INSECURITIES.

I smile with HAPPINESS
I Smile with PAIN
I smile with COMPASSION

If I am HURT I smile
If I am ANGRY I smile
If I am UPSET I smile
If I am LOST I smile

I smile when I am SUCCESSFUL
I smile when I am HELPLESS
I smile when I am VULNERABLE
I smile JUST to hide my EMOTIONS.

What do they know.

I am an
urban human.

I am moving out.
I don't know how I will manage the transition.

What follows is possibly my favourite text on the urban context.
I am disturbed that the divine is confined to
babbling brooks
windswept mountains
twittering birds
and did I mention 'silence'?

They say you’re available
on certain conditions.
Quiet ones.
That if I can find an air of tranquility
it carries that still small voice.

But I don’t do quiet,
I am not tranquil except when I am asleep
and then I am not available
as far as I know.

what's the chance of a still big voice
in the noise,
of hearing you in the roaring traffic,
the screaming meal-time,
the crowded train,
the supermarket queue,
the smoky, throbbing bar?

I know that time you weren’t
in the fire,
the storm.
But everyone’s different.
Maybe Elijah was better at quiet.

You’re usually quiet.
I’m usually wired.
If I try for your silence.
perhaps you could try for my noise.

Your place or mine?
I know they say you’re in
the country,
but maybe we could meet in town….......... "

by Martin Wroe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are you considering finding someone to build a relationship with?
::Click here to see an option::
Your needs?

*things are happening
*working stuff through
*emotions wrestling
*relationships unfulfilled
*direction changing * yes*maybe*possibly

These are my expectations of your interior workings.
I am with you.
Even though you don't disclose.
I believe there are trembling of the soul inside.
Maybe earthquakes.
Yes we keep on smiling -
"How are you?"
and the answer is still
"Alright thanks".
I have feelings right now
this week
this life - now.
The keys to our new home will be handed over this Thursday
First step for Wilson kind.
Measure up *size wise * change wise
and prepare for occupation of Wilson Mini-Mansions.

I feel ready::
*Last lap
*Last lap before the next circuit
*Get this out of the way-mood
*Forward stepping
*Vision over visibility
I am a student of Big Brother on TV.
It stimulates feelings in me.
Sometimes I feel things like anger, dislike, frustration, distaste and many other feelings.
Sometimes they are strong and I don't clock them and learn from them. And yet -
this is important to me.
And yet - I still get taken on an emotional ride because of TV !!

One big thing - there is a lot of duvet-diving in there.
Why do humans duvet-dive?
I expect you to answer this as part of our agreement to be interactive with each other
(we have never made that contract but I love the idea !!)

Are you willing to take the things I click about and transpose them into your own life?
Meaning, take the stimulus from my clicks and transpose them, apply them, into your own context.
This way - we can learn so much from each other.
Let us .........................

Monday, July 27, 2009

In the Airport, @ Dublin, I asked my fellow travellers for five words to describe their life at the moment.

They gave and gave me permission to blog.

Big John::

Dark chocolate



I would love to know what yours five are?
Right now.
Because I can blog or not.
But, more importantly, because it will be good for your soul if you do .........
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The boys were outside,
kicking the club door again.

They were on a suspension from club.
Only a week before they had reached a peak of violence.

They had been smashing numerous car windows and stealing from them.
They then steamed the club swinging iron bars and broken cues.
Then six of them had acquired a scaffold pole and rammed it with force at my office window.
All our windows are made of unbreakable glass (it was either board them up and live in darkness, or grill them up and create an environment of hostility and defence – or this type of glass).

It wasn’t therefore the window that broke but the frame smashed and splintered as the glass bent to allow the metal pole through.
I was upset because ‘Gloria’ my canary Gloria has got to flying for some time.
Yes, she is OK thanks!

Now the boys were back, eight of them. I went out to face the hostility while the door was locked behind me. They were only sixteen/seventeen years of age but I faced a barrage of all sorts of abuse and questioning.

Legs apart, arms by their sides, fists clenching and unclenching, jaws tight and teeth prominent, the leaders of the group were frustrated and angry.

I could have stayed with my black to the closed club door and facing them stood my ground.
That is what I felt like doing.
It was much harder to wander across the pavement towards them, thirty feet away.
I felt I had to, though.
Still chatting in a warm but firm way, I bent down, feet in the gutter and bum on the kerb.
The boys had moved with me, still slagging me off.
Circling me and kicking stones around with aggression.
I picked up the pebbles from the gutter and flicked them across the road with my thumb.
I felt my back vulnerable as they moved around me like restless wolves.

Before long, however, I was joined in the gutter by one, and then two, until most sat in a line talking while the others crouched in the road, facing me, only moving for cars going past.
We chatted on – and the words became friendlier and the conversation more positive – that leads into another story, but…

The analysis of this was – I had deliberately taken a non-aggressive body posture.
I had made myself vulnerable, very hard to do under such circumstances (my trained mind told me to do it, my emotions were telling me to run in and slam the door or at least keep my back protected).
The boys had ‘paced’ me and had followed me into a non-aggressive posture.
They had a limited repertoire in dealing with conflict –
‘Fight or flight’ – i.e. fight your way out of aggro – or, if well down the pecking order – damn well run!

I have a larger repertoire and was able to think alongside my strange emotions and decide on how best to steer the situation, morally, verbally, and non-verbally.
All this is Emotional Literacy in action.
I fumble and stumble in it - but strive all the same.

Reading and understanding body language isn’t just an interesting subject – in a hostile environment it can be dangerous not to.
It is an important part of letting Jesus live through us.
Not doing it can also be insensitive, non-developmental and not of the Kingdom. So often Christian students all huddle together, laughing and chatting in the college canteen and do not even see the isolated student sitting alone at the next table.
That is non-shalom.
‘Blessed are the Shalom-makers’.

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