Sunday, May 26, 2019

I said to the Taxi driver. “Take care of him, he is precious”

Biog of a man.

He has holes in his back from being shot.
He has numerous stab wounds.
He has smashed the front doors of the Hostel
and he doesn't know why.
He does not live there anymore.
He lives
- nowhere.
He is from East London -
the London Borough often described
as the most deprived in the UK.

There is a constant flowing praise from him
of me in public because he received a letter from me
during one of his visits to detox.
The letter affirmed him and I meant it.
"You are beautiful"

I have no problem saying this to a man
once we have established a relationship.

He often helped out when younger men became violent
and made a difficult situation safer for all in the community.
He is a constant heavy drinker and uses other chemicals - he says not.
He lives on the west side because he is not safe on the east side.
His roots include a gypsy Mother and a history of serious crime and violence.

We spent time with him weeping and talking loud
and long and hard.
Never threatening to me because he says I am from the
East End
'Street', like him
(I am not - my northern accent gives me away - but I know what he means)
and that he respects that and
constantly repeats that.

Medication is refused by his GP,
he had not eaten for two days,
he was smelly and is wearing a
white stained track suit.
A psychological time bomb.

That is the contrast from being with you
when we meet up.
Contrast from all the nice meetings we attend.
The training courses and conferences.

We are ALL so full of beautiful imperfection
and share that -
but we can be so so different in
social status,
psychological, emotional and spiritual condition.

He is beautiful -
and broken -
and damaged -
and seemingly hope-less.
The divine taxi-man has a big job.

After a period of time I did other things
with other people such as talk
or lead a session
and he became ever present
- of course dominated and disrupted.

That continued all day and,
apart from disappearing for more alcohol,
he was still with us for the late night discussion.
He was non stop gush
- a drunken gush of non-stop incoherence.

Other staff helped by moving him away from the group.
It took ages which meant a potential fantastic discussion
was stop-started for some time.

Not one person slagged him off.
We all know what it is like to be drunk
and out of your head
when living in a homeless hostel.

This sort of living/housing experience
gives humans a massive capacity
to accept the the
- so called -

Later I put him in a taxi.

"I said to the taxi man -
"take care of him - he is precious"




Thursday, May 23, 2019

She had hundreds of self inflicted scars on her body - I was leading a Group Work Session .....

I was leading a group in a hostel.
Nameless to you.
Welded into my soul
Vivid to me

The 100's around me
I encouraged all to write
EVEN never shared
if no-one ever read it

It is an act of 
to self.

I have many poems
shared with me
like passing a stick of dynamite 
like sharing vulnerability
as it always was.

Here is one.
Read out loud to this late night group of BHP's

us all.

Read it
feel it
allow it to get below your skin.

You are Beautyful


She'll try
To take
She knows me
My little weak head
At the end of every beautiful thought
She'll smash it with a
One I dread
And smothered
I'll fight
I'll fight
In circles I run
Till I'm twisted and lost in her games
Her fun
And to ignore she
Her anger bleeds
And feeds
See and feel me
Till I walk in peace
But for how long?
I wish a day or two
But you
Won't let me be
Won't let me love
Or love me
And maybe
Because they
In their greed
And couldn't love me
You did
You did
For a while
Nursed me from every wound
Every tear
Bounced back from black rejection
Here now
I've outgrown you
Who you are
I don't know
Just leave
Please please
Let me go


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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RAPUNZEL - The story of a young woman. Young and beautiful but she did not know it.


The story of a young woman.
Young and beautiful.
Imprisoned in a tower with an old witch. 
She was told by the old witch that she was ugly, all the time.
One day Rapunzel was gazing through the window of the tower she saw her Prince Charming at the base of the tower. 
She lets down her long hair, long and beautiful tresses. 
It fell to the ground alongside the Prince who braids it into a ladder and climbs up to rescue her.
She was imprisoned not by the tower but by the fear of her own ugliness which the witch had described so often.
Rapunzel sees the reflection of her face in the mirroring eyes of her lover. 
She sees that she is beautiful and becomes free from her imagined uglyness. 
She was not really imprisoned but locked in the prison towers of herself. 
She believed she was ugly because she was told she was ugly.
We need to see in another’s eyes our own beauty, special ness, uniqueness and become free.

You are a beautiful human person.……………………………………………………………………………………………

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Friday, May 17, 2019

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