Monday, June 30, 2003

Just sent out 3600 and something e newsletters to my mailing list with a major feeling of failure because it has been three months since my last MONTHLY letter to people who are willing to scroll with me.
Sorry folks!!

I am now back from a two week drive to Italy with a few days in a hotel there inbetween !.......... also the days of travel through, and back, tasting the delights of France ..................they were wonderous.

Not done many blogs during the holiday because ..........I suppose I switch off and do little personal reflection. Lots of level 5 with Joan of course ............ and sometimes the deepest subject is the wine and the duck!!

I read three books. The only time I can bother with fiction. I enjoy and it does me good to get inside the mind of a cop or killer ....... and they do make me think. Would love to write a novel myself. Everysoul has a book withinthem ......... tis said.

First day back to work today ...... fixed up about 8 meetings already today. There is lots to prepare for. Not the least the Prague festival I go on the 31st July and before then ....... major prep of the soul and the action needed to deliver the shows and experiences when, I trust, God will place his fingerprint on so many wonder-ful lives.

Will try to do the daily blog now till then ...........
live wonderously...........................................................bhp
I like Moby

Just watching him on TV doing a festival bit like he did when he did our Greenbelt.

I like Moby


Friday, June 20, 2003

Still clicking for Greenbelt and YMCA Prague 2003 whilst sucking on my spaghetti on holiday ...... love it love it

The Greenbelt event will be majestic this year and will scratch a few itches. We never know what the current issues will be 'come August' but they will be stirring in the pot and I do not doubt the Greenbelt community will wrestle with them and touch the soul of each and colour with the Kingdom.

Prague event ...... much like Greenbelt ,as far as the imagination will take me, will be special in terms of the languages and cultures to colour the art and performances of all kinds. It will be a ymca event, a Christian event, a cultural event and pouring with wonder. Same time last year the whole city was flooded to disaster levels. This year we want a special sort of flood....... of wonder. My efforts, prayers and every heartbeat will be put to ensuring there is an 'experience' for each person which will take them on in their lives to richer and deeper things. That we all my be "greater kickers of darkness until it bleeds daylight" ...... I love the line and the singer who composed it (Bruce Cockburn) and the band you quoted it )U2)
for your experience .......

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Thunderstorm in Italy following days of hot hot hot.
Missed the 30th GB party and moreso when I read the reort about it on the Greenbelt site
great .........crisp site methinks.

Will not be missing the real thing. I will be a fantastic festival and not the least because of the music line up.

There will be also some great speakers and a few retro shows, looking back at the history from the first festival with a load of hippies ...... some still around and still got the same hips ....... most of them. I have been a Greenbelter for about 26 years and Vice Chairman for 16 or 17 years. This is the last year and after the festival the Chairman and the Vice will change. Fantastic humans ..... all of them ....... and the Angels ...... and all the ticket buyers .......25% up this year!!
stay hot hot hot

Sunday, June 15, 2003

I have managed to find a Hotel in my resort with wi-fi and going in Iwas able to open up my mactop and there and then be on line with no cables hey hey

It is hot and sticky ...... ice cream needed!!!

The waitress was the spitting image of a young traineewho worked with us as a one year Internation trainee ....... all the way from Germany.

I am in mid France and we hit 40 degrees today. Stepping out for a meal tonight was like turning on the fan heater. whoooo ........ not used to it.

Must have been idiots to travel from North to south France. All that way and hitting the heat as we travelled ....... that was 1986 when we first headed this way ........ in a mini-bus costing £30 and a gang of kids from tough backgrounds. I was so much a failure but full of excitement, that we took a similar trip the year after with 6 vehicles!! In convoy!! Must have been mad.

Yet these experiences were formative in many lives. People stretched their wings, culture, language skills and every other kind of stretch as we lived so close for two weeks.

This holiday we are doing a steady journey and stopping three times. The first ever trip took a week, yes one week, to get down to the med coast. Then we came straight back!! We still have the super 8 cine film to prove it. Must turn it into a video sometime if anyone I know has the technology. For years after Joan and myself, and the girls, always ran a holiday like this. I was our own as well. We could not afford a holiday so the kids going as an organizes trip made it cheap for all of us.

We took kids from:
st helens ywca ...... the y club
st helens ymca .......
Mayflower family centre in Canning Town east London
.................hundreds of kids I guess in all.

Now here we are tracking back in time and staying in that Italian Riviera which attracted us with groups so long ago, and so many times.


Wednesday, June 11, 2003

well ......yes I am
well .......I am going on holiday
well ..........feel good after a few days feeling weak and that is strange
well ..........great to get thought of with calls and wishes and cards even
well .........the next few blogs will be holiday reflections and what normally drives me to jounaling is the work with people ..... and this next period will be relaxing,adventuring and loving it loving it.

well well we go ...... normally I only read fiction on this main holiday. So in the next few weeks I will become a New York cop and a surgeon and a gangster and maybe even a Detective. At the same time I will tell you about the bubbles in my champagne and the food we had ...... I take fe digital pix of these too! Sad?
If I could crack this with my cyber gurus I would be able to post a pic or so showing me lost in art and culture and just turning off normal life.

Got some good reading about Jesus in a cyber age and Muzik magazine for my music interest and the 4500 tunes in my iPod to listen to full length operas or 'the kills' 'dwele' or 'white stripes' ........ a favorite will emerge ........

Was delighted to get an e mail from a hotel, not ours, at our destination resort who have wi-fi and airport!! They said, following my cheeky request, that I can call in and use my mactop to do my blogs and e's and surf ............ free!!. So I can catch up on the rugby league and Big Brother and the news from the uk and world. If I can listen to the Saints stuffing Leeds on Friday on Internet radio 5 live ......I will be well happy.

See hat I mean about moving my head to a different groove ...... I am init already !!!!

remember ................... God takes bits of you to make Angels!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Well ......... life is good and holidays looming ..... the Doc today said my blood pressure is good and waved any deeper questions aside. My simple medication to carry on whilst on holdays and that is all.

So life is always re-creation and that is my yearn. I have never worked to live ..... always lived to work. Work and recreation are one and the balance a life long mission. The truth is, I have the passion to work with people and I don't want to seek pleasure ..... just use it for refreshment. I do like the odd glass and a small light cigar, as I told the Doc, "and not every day" I rushed to add .........true too.
My mission is to live to love. Make my life an act of love. That is being honest and it is not sacrificial and 'burn out' tactics. Passion for people. Being with them, wanting to learn together about the life journey, all so real. At one time I was a driven man to convert people to the Christian faith. That was it.
NOW .......I still want for them to chose a walk with God, to love Jesus because they realize they are loved by some major creator. Now it is more like letting the light shine than forcing their jaws open so that God will get in. He has to get in if I do the right things. That was me. A driven human.

I ony became an adult when I was around 40. Until then I never accepted myself and always wanted to be ......"if only I could ......"
I was once a person who 'couldn't' and I became a person who 'could'.
I love to see that happen in others in anyway.
I wil love the holidays. Love the joys of beauty in so many things. I will then love to get back and be useful and not a taker (only) in this world ....... but a 'maker' too.

God loves. In my own experience it is a life of finding that love and journeying constantly, constantly excitingly to experience more, and give more, like a never filling drinking jug.
hey is late and I am dribblig down my chin ......... see you soon ...... I plan to blog on holidays that wotk or pleasure ........I never know!!

Saturday, June 07, 2003

I am never ill but Thursday I ended up with two ambulances outside the front door, three checks of the heart, countless blood pressure checks and hospital until 3am Friday morning.

To cut it to the minimum, it was gut ache that made me finish early and drive home only to get the pain higher in the chest and then the clammy sweats. It turns out that all is well and I did well in the entire test but it was a gastric thing, maybe an ulcer? Never had anything like this before other than a few Rugby injury hospital visits some years ago.

It was ugly especially for Joan, and now I am shutting down the pace and cutting all weekend things and anything else I need to because …….I still want to drive to Italy on Thursday ……without a blue flashing light!

Sounds like a medical report rather then a blog ....... but it is real life .......... bhp

Thursday, June 05, 2003

sometimes I don't feel like writing
today I don't
last few days I didn't
tonight I try

big brother on tv
like it
the art I pursue is people

I heard Dwele in interview with Gilles Peterson
I have his album
he said in passing, that a songwriter-singer is like an artist who when painting
fixes his mind on every line
every contour
every fleeting facet of shade
his music, he says, is like that
his study of his subject creates his art
the title of his album is

a human said to me, as we looked at a picture of jesus in a crowd
why do you analize everything?
I don't but I do people
I study them
love them
desire them
often I hold myself back in expressing a love, a feeling for them
and yet I know I do say thing upfront more than most

so big brother is on
Gilles is on the mactop radio
and this is my favorite time of the day
what is yours?
tell me?