Sunday, June 15, 2003

The waitress was the spitting image of a young traineewho worked with us as a one year Internation trainee ....... all the way from Germany.

I am in mid France and we hit 40 degrees today. Stepping out for a meal tonight was like turning on the fan heater. whoooo ........ not used to it.

Must have been idiots to travel from North to south France. All that way and hitting the heat as we travelled ....... that was 1986 when we first headed this way ........ in a mini-bus costing £30 and a gang of kids from tough backgrounds. I was so much a failure but full of excitement, that we took a similar trip the year after with 6 vehicles!! In convoy!! Must have been mad.

Yet these experiences were formative in many lives. People stretched their wings, culture, language skills and every other kind of stretch as we lived so close for two weeks.

This holiday we are doing a steady journey and stopping three times. The first ever trip took a week, yes one week, to get down to the med coast. Then we came straight back!! We still have the super 8 cine film to prove it. Must turn it into a video sometime if anyone I know has the technology. For years after Joan and myself, and the girls, always ran a holiday like this. I was our own as well. We could not afford a holiday so the kids going as an organizes trip made it cheap for all of us.

We took kids from:
st helens ywca ...... the y club
st helens ymca .......
Mayflower family centre in Canning Town east London
.................hundreds of kids I guess in all.

Now here we are tracking back in time and staying in that Italian Riviera which attracted us with groups so long ago, and so many times.