Thursday, February 28, 2019

Everyone sat writing. Silence depth beautifulness................ an exercise in Level Five Communication.

I was in Norway
10+ hours travel
and then a special time
with about 30 beautiful humans.

Mid-way in
I read a poem.

I had scrawled it in my
on the flight.

It was this::

When I am alone
on a train
In a cafe
in an Airport
away from desk
and work.

I observe humans

I examine my life

I feel poetic
I feel deeper
I feel like scratching
below the surface
and bleed
- in a positive kinda way .....

pip wilson

Then I asked them to write a poem
stretch their creativity
using short punchy lines
(you can do this)

I gave them a few short words
something to guide/help
then some space/pause/to write.

These were the lines::

I feel ......

Inside I am ....

A person on my mind is .....

I yearn to be ....

I yearn to become ....

The first words in my book will be .....

Home as a place ...

Home inside me is .....

Everyone sat writing.

only then -
I asked if any would be willing
to read out their poem.

About ten did.

I asked later
if they would send them to me.
If I could tell you about them.
Display here?

Here are two
sent to me
right from the heart.

Choices in Life!

I feel rejected
Inside I am like a wound
Without any treatment
A person on my mind is my parents
For choosing how to bring me up
I want to be a source of Hope
For the hopeless and rejected in life
The first words in my next book will be
Choices in life
Home is a place we find Joy
And a source of happiness in life
God is at home.

Alpha Gitau


I feel a strange overload in my heart,
Inside I'm like a basket so full,
A person on my mind is tired and weary,
I yearn to be freed from this nest,
The first three words in my book are;
I want freedom!
Home is a place to never stop loving,
God is at home,
where I am gonna get rest.

George Omollo Oyengo


Stratford teenager’s poem on knife and gun crime. VERY close to my heart & LIFE

Stratford teenager’s poem on knife and gun crime
VERY close to my heart & LIFE

A teenage girl has written a heartfelt poem about knife and gun crime in the capital.

Letetia Brown, 15, who lives in Stratford, wrote My Life Is Not For You To Take, Is It? in response to recent incidents of knife and gun crime across the capital.

Letetia, a pupil at Brampton Manor in Roman Road, East Ham, London, is hoping to make her poem available to a wider public so that it makes people think about knife and gun crime.
She came up with the idea of the poem as away of reflecting what she believes is real life for many, especially young people She said

“I just thought I wanted to show what a teenagers view on knife and gun crime. I just came up with it myself and have shown it to family and two friends.

They said it was really good.”


‘You wanna take my life and get nothing out of it’

I beg them to not take my life, while I’m on my knees with their gun to my head and knife to my throat

You watch me suffer, 

But for what?

What have I got that you want?

I have nothing for you 

You just wanna take my life and call your self a ‘DON’ call yourself a ‘wasteman’ you took my life and didn’t care

Yeah I’m from a different area but is that really a good enough

Is that the reason you get out of bed every morning because that’s just sad

‘You slit my throat, you pull the trigger, I’m in the alleyway and you just don’t quit 

I stand and watch myself die

‘See the tears run from my eyes down my face 

See my soul jump out of place’ 

Are You Mad? 

My life was not for you to take so y did you take it.

Did it bring you happiness? , did it bring you joy? What about wealth?

NO…So was my life really worth taking?


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Mmmmmmm Pancakes ...............


NEW BOOK ARRIVED TODAY 'Blob Resilience' ............ another product from


The field of Emotional Resilience is rapidly expanding. This book is about developing resilience trough a series of exercises, quotations, reflections and images. 
It does not provide answers; instead it offers a framework for discussion along with questions which can be made easier or harder depending upon the audience. 
Areas covered include:
Signs of low resilience * Building resilience * Resilient traits * Self-confidence * Relationships * Building networks * Dealing with conflicts * Self-awareness * Self-regulation * Attitude and motivation


This deeply multiply scarred human She wrote this poem for me - about me.


Group work with young people.

Someone has written a poem about me.

The only other poem written about me 
was from a young
beautiful human.
A long story about her/me/context ........

I regularly facilitated group work in her hostel.
Highly intelligent.
Highly scarred.
So beautiful.

I always started with a fondue of chocolate.
Always with mini donuts.
I call the gathering ‘DONUTS’
Donuts and meted chocolate to dip them in.
The we start the journey of
self discover
self disclosure 
reaching inside
sharing vulnerability
each of us
in a climate of trust …...

This deeply multiply scarred human
She wrote this poem for me.


People seem to forget 
Chose to erase 
Those sugar battered priceless days 
That you 
So excitedly give 
Pumped with familiar phrases 
Which would 
Exhilarate if they felt 
Whilst others would scorn 
My sweet 
Sit and wonder 
Why their fuck off phrases 
To meet 
And dampen the torment 
The fear 
That maybe you 
My friend 
Maybe you once felt 

I once did wonder 
If I could give 
If I could touch 
That trembling hand 
That unheard heart 
That let alone 
I do 
And in them 
And these 
Sugar hooped weeks 
My friend 
Beneath the spangled words I taketh 
Simply beautiful too! 


Monday, February 25, 2019

CUT-UP KIDS - Here is a poem written by a beautiful young human. She read it out at a group work session I was leading the discussion that followed was 'electric'

I find lots of bits of paper with
notes to self
2 do's

One today
"touching humans"
about how I touch humans
some warm
some stiff
some rigid
some recoil
some "I love a massage"

One young beautiful human
used to be stiff rigid recoil
but now she says
"You have not massaged me today"
(I only do a one minute job as humans sit at their desks)

"How come?" Pip speak,
"you don't like anyone touching you
but you are up for a massage?"
"Well - you are Pip"

Nice that init?

A TV programme I captured for my work
called 'Cut-up kids'
about young humans
about self harm.
I have learned a lot from humans regarding this
I have journeyed through with them
some savage
some silently secret.

There is a massive issue in how it all connects with emotions.
It one of my major interests and drives
how to understand the impact of the interior life
how it impacts on the exterior behaviour.
Saying "Just pull yourself together"
is not only not good enough
it is insensitive and oppressive.

There is a real inner 'emotional deprivation' here
which creates some massive
lack of self esteem
and lack of confidence.

Here is a poem written by a beautiful young human.
She read it out at a group work session I was leading
the discussion that followed was 'electric' .................



She'll try
To take
She knows me
My little weak head
At the end of every beautiful thought
She'll smash it with a
One I dread
And smothered
I'll fight
I'll fight
In circles I run
Till I'm twisted and lost in her games
Her fun
And to ignore she
Her anger bleeds
And feeds
See and feel me
Till I walk in peace
But for how long?
I wish a day or two
But you
Won't let me be
Won't let me love
Or love me
And maybe
Because they
In their greed
And couldn't love me
You did
You did
For a while
Nursed me from every wound
Every tear
Bounced back from black rejection
Here now
I've outgrown you
Who you are
I don't know
Just leave
Please please
Let me go


In or out of my life - you are beautiful


Sunday, February 24, 2019

The World YMCA is focusing upon Youth Empowerment.

The World YMCA is focusing upon Youth Empowerment. 
This book is a wonderful, beautiful tool,to communicate this message. 
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs

  • A massive collection, almost 200 pages, of resources to use in YMCA's worldwide.

  • Great ALL AGE TOOLS - Children, Youth, Leaders, Executives, Seniors +

  • Great for all areas of Y Programmes - Sports/ Fitness/ Youthwork/ Teams/ Faith/ Housing/ Personal Development+

  • Great visuals - attractive for all because the Blobs use the primary forms of communication = FACE & BODY LANGUAGE

1 *   Buy physical book (delivered by LULU)
You can purchase book and it will be delivered by post anywhere in the world.

 2*   INSTANT Downloadable version HERE:
This version can be captured on your computer forever and each individual Blob Tool used as a projected image or printed.

APPLY ....................... why not apply this story to yourself - are you like this?

The story of a young woman.
Young and beautiful.
Imprisoned in a tower with an old witch. 
She was told by the old witch that she was ugly, all the time.
One day Rapunzel was gazing through the window of the tower she saw her Prince Charming at the base of the tower. 
She lets down her long hair, long and beautiful tresses. 
It fell to the ground alongside the Prince who braids it into a ladder and climbs up to rescue her.
She was imprisoned not by the tower but by the fear of her own ugliness which the witch had described so often.
Rapunzel sees the reflection of her face in the mirroring eyes of her lover. 
She sees that she is beautiful and becomes free from her imagined uglyness. 
She was not really imprisoned but locked in the prison towers of herself. 
She believed she was ugly because she was told she was ugly.
We need to see in another’s eyes our own beauty, special ness, uniqueness and become free.

You are a beautiful human person.…………………………………………………………………………………………… 


Saturday, February 23, 2019

I come home, after twelve hours away from Wilson Mansions, and I feeling good+positive+stretched+

....... Sometimes I have long days and I am drained and empty 

........... I come home, after twelve hours away from Wilson Mansions, and I feeling good+positive+stretched+
and deeply moved because I am working with beautiful humans who allow me to take them outside their comfort zones where growth resides.

A big chunk of the time can be working through the human person communication tool called 'Transactional Analysis' = TA
It is a fantastic model to help when dealing with beautiful humans have special needs and can erupt into aggression and violence.

It isn't a self defence class.
It is about loving the human before you and valuing the person with every bit of verbal and non-verbal communication.
It is a resource to have available which can be liberating.
Certainly to me.

have learned so much because
because beautiful humans 'get-it'
they clock it
they see
the potential of it all.
Now they have been challenged to practice TA in their every day interactions.
It will be a stretching time for them but they will bBlessed.
DOING it is the learning
for me too.
I must post a video here which will help you if you don't know TA.

I can lead a course for you if you have a group who are interested in journeying outside their current groove ............... Experiential Training


Recommended Reading - 'The Art of Armed Robbery'

England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool

Friday, February 22, 2019

Tips of  πŸ…±πŸ…΄πŸ…°πŸ†„πŸ†ƒπŸ…ΈπŸ…΅πŸ†„πŸ…»  Human Person - I love touching tips with you ............ VIDEO

Child Deprivation ...................

A BHP called John ...............

An interesting encounter in the pub. 
A homeless man called John. 
Clean and clean shaven. 
Clean clothes and interested in classical music. 
No bed for the night. 
A bit muddled. 
He must have felt, through the haze, 
with an acceptance and value. 
He left with some money in his pocket.

Some would say 
'he will only spend it on drugs and drink' ....
What do you expect him to spend it on - 
some new shelves, to put his books stereo and TV on, 
as he sleeps in the London town doorway ? or bench that will be his home? 
Or maybe he can buy a a BBQ ?
and a set of chairs for the garden? 
or maybe a car wash? .... .... .... ... .... !


Thursday, February 21, 2019

My mind created a new Show:: "10 Minute L5 Story-time"

My mind created a new Show::

"10 Minute L5 Story-time"
Imaging a venue, a tent full of humans - most placing their name on a balled piece of paper & placed in my cap.
One is drawn out of my cap and I interview them - just to get them going and focusing on different stages of their lives.
Six are drawn out of the hat in an hour - one after someone's story has been poured.
We all become knocked out by listening to humans and snatches of their lives at certain crossroads.
No 'yesbuts'
No 'shoulds'
No ‘aughts'