Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Beth Nabi and her U2 Tattoo Project - Interesting item in the Guardian today, as a fan!

Beth Nabi, 40, university professor from Jacksonville, Florida 

I've seen U2 73 times in 10 countries since the first time in 1997, and even found an opportunity to merge my love of the band with my academic research. 
I teach graphic design and digital media, and I had been studying U2's visual identity as a fan. 
I went to Vancouver for the start of their 2015 tour - everyone goes out early to hang around the rehearsals, 
so there's this great community - 
and I noticed lots of the people had U2 tattoos, 
and it hit me: I wanted to capture this. 

I wanted to know what marks they put on their bodies and why. From then on, I documented the fans in line. 
I would interview them and document them, asking: 
"What does this band mean to you that you have them on your body?" 
And now the U2 Tattoo Project has had an exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 
And it has been on the U2 official site, 
which was mind-blowing. 
As a fan: holy shit! Bono may know my name! 
For any fan to have their idol aware of them is sublime.

In the Guardian today.