Friday, February 22, 2019

A BHP called John ...............

An interesting encounter in the pub. 
A homeless man called John. 
Clean and clean shaven. 
Clean clothes and interested in classical music. 
No bed for the night. 
A bit muddled. 
He must have felt, through the haze, 
with an acceptance and value. 
He left with some money in his pocket.

Some would say 
'he will only spend it on drugs and drink' ....
What do you expect him to spend it on - 
some new shelves, to put his books stereo and TV on, 
as he sleeps in the London town doorway ? or bench that will be his home? 
Or maybe he can buy a a BBQ ?
and a set of chairs for the garden? 
or maybe a car wash? .... .... .... ... .... !