Saturday, November 27, 2021

When we had a dog/car/& a family of 15 boys

Yes we loved & worked residentially in Cheshire with beautiful special unique full of life Manchester teenagers. 

One year exactly from getting wed - we sold our first home -  I left factory life, mechanical engineer with Pilkington Glass in my home town …… for a lifetime of adventures. 
Scars and all. 

Eternally grateful to to all I worked alongside. 
The lot. 

Read. My books. 
A search will reveal many. Web or my website. 


Thanking you deeply. 

Massive memories from Norway.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

How one of the Blobs can open a slammed shut heart

A row of Blobs are just nothing special until each group member is asked to place themselves ( self disclosure) before a team or strangers . …….. about feelings / personal development / empathy with others. 
Opening every locked in heart. 
Good for self. 
Great for BECOMING all we want to be. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Are you a PALM PERSON ?

A palm person speaks with open palms not pointed fingers. The communication syncs together in a unplanned way. The voice & tone also join in = warm & soft not hard. Not using the word. SHOULD !




Sunday, November 07, 2021

Moods are one thing Self awareness another

A forever journey of reflection- of understanding. 
Daily recap needed. More often - to keep in touch in our becoming. 
Pen to pad in this fast moving life if working with or alongside others. 
Feel it - dig into it. Not needed to drag us under or distract but maybe saved for bedtime or a full release onto your private notepad. 
There is learning this way. 
About this another & most def about SELF


When it’s cold & fatigue enters our life

Friday, November 05, 2021



I have had a journey through my emotions and often have experienced bad outcomes

 Like you, I believe, I have had a journey through my emotions and often have experienced bad outcomes. Times past me by and time has given me time to reflect one my reaction to a comment or the Behaviour of another.

Time gives an opportunity to become reflective and leaved me wishing for a better outcome. Time can be learning time - 'I wish time' is all about knowing we could have spoken or behaved much better.

Even with our most loved/most respected we have cocked up.

I don't know yet how much I need to learn but I want to accept all feeling stirred within me - NOT bury them deep within myself -  I need to reflect and learn from self and others. Emotion Detective - that's me.

Never ending journey - about the inner Pip and inner you. Strive to understand my inner working and the inner being of others. A never ending journey.

I must learn more but I don't know how much to learn until I get it wrong - or when I sense I am getting nearly right - or better.

That is why I write a lot. Reflective time - sometimes on a blog or more personal/hidden away.

I have published a number of books which describe my journey - into my becoming all I want to become.