Sunday, September 30, 2007

I have never before posted a full size Blob Tool.
If you click you will see this Blob Hospital in full size.

I am only leaving it here for one week and then I will remove it.

If you copy it -
please don't post it on a web-site or send it by email because it is © - please.

How to use it?
It is, like other such tools, a means of facilitating sharing.
Sometimes, more than that, because these tools help humans to talk about things which have never left the lips, or indeed the soul, before.

If someone shares about when they spent some time in hospital - or a member of their family did, this can be a learning experience in terms of reflecting and revealing .
Self revelation is deep, it can bless the sender and the receiver.

So try this::
(If you are with one or more humans
- this will be a more impact full sharing experience
because the verbal adds to the experience
rather than it being internalised.)

1 Looking at all the blob humans - which one is feeling most positive?
2 Which one is most distressed?
3 Put a feeling word to both - how do they feel?
(There is no right or wrong answer
- the individual interpretation
is an act of freedom to express.)

4 Which reminds you of a significant experience in hospital - either as a visitor or as a patient?

Last question::
5 Which of these Blob Humans is you - right now in terms of feelings? - and why?

You will note that I have led you through a series of questions starting with::
Observation of the Blob Humans - not personal at all.
To recalling a past personal experience.
To the final question which was about the 'here and now'.

Thanx for being there ........... and
bless you in your beautiful-ness ..........



"Community is the place of belonging ....
of acceptance......
of caring.

It is a place of growth in love.......
Community leads to openness and acceptance of others.

Without community people's hearts close up......"

Jean Vanier
from 'Community and Growth' (DLT 1989)


Big John has posted the most wondrous video of one of my favourite bands::
The Cinematic Orchestra LIVE at the Barbican.

It is shown live on his iPhone which is like my PiPod only better!
Click here and enjoy this beautiful music::
I have ordered the new Underworld Album
Underworld - Oblivion With Bells

Due for release on 15/10/2007 - price:: £8.95 Delivered

Saturday, September 29, 2007

... this is a London Tube train and I have never seen one so empty ..... and yesterday I was dead in one ......... and around me limp bodies - equally dead ............. and I felt weak and dozed between the stations ............... waking up at every stop ................ pretending I was awake ........ and I doodled in my little life book (some I have slotted in below this blog) ...... in the midst of drain, somehow the soul turns and spins and points and kicks ......

When I am in the midst of

I breathe deeply and slowly
in the tube
I breathe
it is hot
stench of brake pads
stench of body heat
oxygen-less air and heat ..........
it is hot

........... and I think about the group at the beginning ................ and I have nothing to say ....

.... but then I think about the group at the end
alive ............
.....................and the Glory of God is a human fully alive ......

Are you fully alive?
That means sometimes being
tired extreme

Tense and - not happy
spurting with excitement at being amongst humans
dull eyes becoming shining ........

I want to love
I want fast love
I want slow love
I want eyeball love
I want intimacy love
I want listening love
I want yearning love
I want deep love
I want searching love
I want understanding love
I want to love like I've never been hurt
I have decided to make my life an act of love .................



one or the other is in charge of our life



I want to love as if I have never been hurt

and love those who are submerged in hurt

.... seems to me that these words
are in the mind of a human
who is letting
control their inner being

I see blood pressure looming here ...


We don't See another humans experience
we only see their behaviour

A Human with a Moslem faith
offering a gentle comment and question
about considering God
to a human who said they were atheist


Friday, September 28, 2007

Bits of
Pip Wilson dot com

Here I am again - up late with an early morning.
Some humans do this early stuff all the time
me? -
I just like the late nights .......

Check this singer out .............. what do you think?

I only know one other human who captures music from the online radio ....... and I lurve it as it is fresh and new and (I gurgle in my throat ....)

Great stuff on BBC due to it being 40 years since they formulated the current stations. You can listen anywhere in the world to these::
Guests are doing a one hour special as DJ's.

Great show by Sir Paul - plays records for an hour and talks about his journey from first buy to current interests.
Gwen Stefani - found her to have done a great show.
You will find them all here, including Ozzy Osbourne's one which I have not heard yet::

There is a great set of programmes about 'West Side Story' too

Big Game for the Saints tonight - Friday.
We play Leeds who have beat us twice this season. If we win we go direct to the Grand Final ......... nervy Wilson here.

Big stuff here at Wilson Mansions.
Yesterday it was
Shorts off
Longs on.
I have had to say good-bye to my shorts because the weather has turned chilly.
Even the central heating on low tonight.
Some humans have never met me without shorts!
(If you know what I mean!!)

Support the Monks and Nuns wear red in support ............... I feel deeply for these oppressed humans .............. feel feel ....... and press those hands together ....

Had a day of bits yesterday including my motor being serviced and costing more than a bit.
Also had a nice big bit of talk with my friend Martin in the 'maybe the new New Piccadilly
Cafe Koha
11 St. Martin's Ct
London, WC2N 4AJ
020 74970282
Martin was back down that St Martin's Lane because he is 'St Martin' and spent some time chatting to a singer from a band!
He gave me a couple of inspirational books ............... it was all inspirational.............
We talked and talked and it was .............. never was the thought to talk in anything but L5.

Gora go to bed ............

bBeautiful - you are
just want to remind you ............


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


In life we have to make decisions
Sometimes quickly.
When we are communicating with humans
we make them all the time
how we express something
like an opinion
a decision
express a feeling.

Communication is
7% words
55% facial expression
the rest? - is non-verbal communication
our body positioning
our attitude
the twist of our lips
the raising of the eyebrows
pursed lips or not
the tightness of our skin
and much much more.

(I have never clicked this before
I am thinking on my feet
all these things are coming together
my soul churning.)

At the same time as we are communicating with another,
messages are flowing in terms of 'shoulds and aughts'
"this person shouldn't speak to me like this"
"I should be strong here"
and more ..........

At the same time - emotions are rolling through our frame
feeling worked up
messages such as
"I don't like this person"
"I am trapped in this conversation and want out"
and many more depending on the situation.

When there is a conflict going on
in the workplace
short exchanges of negatives
irritation and sometimes snappy words,
with the non-verbals often in close support.
In those occasions
the 'shoulds' are active
telling us what we 'should' do
AND the at the same time
the emotions are rolling
"I feel like really shouting"
"I am really going to scream at this person"
and more.

(Stay with me)

Some humans work with beautiful humans who have special needs
Sometimes there is conflict situations
sometimes there is aggression flowing
sometimes there is potential risk of violence
sometimes a real risk of violence
and sometimes it kicks off.

During these times the messages flow more urgently
fast flowing as the body reacts to the the tension
breathing speeds up
all the energy flows from non essential organs
into the muscles
in case we need to fight or flight.
The messages called 'shoulds' and 'aughts'
and 'feelings' and 'emotions'
are telling us what to do.

We have another bank of messages within us
These are the ones I try to exercise when I do training with humans
These are the 'evaluating' messages so we are not told what to do
by the ever present 'emotions' and 'shoulds'

The awareness, which always comes before skill,
needs to be able to develop to enable us to read these messages
even in conflict situations
or, if we follow our emotions
or our shoulds.
If we do follow them, problem,
we can make things even worse.

The evaluator in us, which reads these messages, and listens to them,
learns to not be controlled by them.
That means we are deciding how to act -
rather than emotional responses or even worse,
being controlled by ancient historic attitudes which I call 'shoulds'.

I am aware I have been a bit cryptic
short hand
but this is a journey of discovery
it is not just about managing ourselves in conflict situations
it is about all interactions, all relationships, peace of mind and how can accept and love another human.

It is a great tool for the life-toolbox.

I wish you was here so we could really talk about it.
Level five communication of course .............

© Pip Wilson
26 September 2007


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am frowning internally
and biting my nails inside.

I yearn for their balloon to be burst,
that insecure balloon - that fear of being hurt balloon -
that mask shaped balloon ............

but it is not me who can take that pin ......
the popping
must come from the inside - out.

I want to scream and say .......
you can trust me.
I will not throw your words,
your expression,
your foul language,
your stumbling words ......
I will not throw them back in your face.
I will not ridicule.
Come on ...... love like you have never been hurt.


so show/me/how to feel/about being me/so that I can leave my shell/
and shout and jump and kick/until something gets changed/
because the future is mine/and I don't want it to be like/the past/
and I hate/ seeing people starve/in order to give me/cheap trainers.


.... and I want to go deep to scrape the bottom of my soul ...............
.... I want to feel all the beauty_full_ness in the world ........
.................... and don't want to stop with the world .......


............... I want to reach out
and touch your finger tip

...... unique you .......
.............. together with unique me .............


I have learned so much today because because these beautiful humans 'got-it'

....... I had a long day today and deserve to be drained and empty 

........... I came home, after twelve hours away from Wilson Mansions, and I was feeling good+positive+stretched+
and deeply moved because I was working with beautiful humans who allowed me to take them outside their comfort zones where growth resides.

A big chunk of the time was working through the human person communication tool called Transactional Analysis.
It is a great tool to have in the toolbox of life.
It is a fantastic model to help when dealing with beautiful humans have special needs and can erupt into aggression and violence.

It isn't a self defence class.
It is about loving the human before you and valuing the person with every bit of verbal and non-verbal communication.
It is a resource to have available which can be liberating.
Certainly to me.

I have learned so much today because
these beautiful humans 'got-it'
they clocked it
they saw
the potential of it all.
Now they have one week to practice and report back to the group.
It will be a stretching week for them bu they will bBlessed.

I can lead a course for you if you have a group who are interested in journeying outside their current groove ...............


Sunday, September 23, 2007

...... what always amazes me is ........
...... get the right climate of trust .........
.... and humans will open up, unzip their soul, dig the depths and share stuff which even blesses themselves.

That is why I love group work, groups, trusting interactions, level 5 conversations ......

I am using this quote again and a please
do not just scan it but -
drink a little deeper;

Paul Tournier
the Meaning of Persons::

"We become fully conscious only of what we are able to express to someone else.
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it, but it must remain vague so long as it is unformulated”


Out this afternoon and evening with the Sheilas and their men.

We dined, for Ann's birthday, at the oldest London Restaurant.
Wondrous style and lots of traditional meals here - enough to make you weep ...... just looking at the menu.

I had roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding which went off the scales in terms of goodness and size - but it did me in. We don't eat meat at Wilson Mansions - hardly at all. It is fish and chicken and as healthy as can be ........ but oozing goodness.
The beef made a dint in my energy - back to fish!

After that we strolled through London's Covent Garden to the Covent Garden Hotel and met friends to sip Champagne and more presents and chinking glasses for little Sheila.

so great

Tomorrow I am leading a course called Stab - about how to deal with violence and aggression ............ contrasting eh?

thanx for being there

"We're afraid to be human
because if we're human
we might get hurt"

Madeleine L'Engle


I am not here to blog
I am here to feel
I am clicking and wondering what will come out from my soul
and trickle or slink down
to my stubby finger tips
and make some progress
soul undressing.

Music is playing in my study/office/work place
Late Junction
late night stuff
and I love new things.

I have had a sip of Cointreau some hours ago
and a couple of light cigars
watched Rugby League
and was sad to se our greatest rivals WIN!

Now the Wilson Mansions it quiet
Joan in bed
Zig out playing with the locals
or catching mice
I would love to put a web-cam on him
see where he goes.

I have ploughed through some catchup stuff today
feel good about that
still got 101 messages in my inbox
booked my motor in for service
booked a flight to Norway for 15/10
chased non-payers
set up new gigs
and done the diary with Joan and more .......

I feel I am learning so much
every venture is new
every gig is stretch
every invitation unique
every design for human experience - massive
for others too.

Looking back
I am sad at certain jobs passing
now I know
that moving on has helped me
I feel I have changed so much,
repertoire extended beyond myself
I am becoming ............... not so much 'being' ..............

I feel less religious than ever
and I never have
but it is less now.
I feel that my every breath is about faith
about loving inward-outward-upward
and I don't believe the upward stuff
I believe that God is all and everywhere
ten dimentional
I have decided to make my life an act of love
love it

I am thirsty
I want to journey
I don't want to stay
done it
I want to live

but I had better go to bed ............... reality ................. zzzzzzzzzzz


Saturday, September 22, 2007


.....just_got_to_do_this ........

If you have been clicking this way for more than a few weeks you will have read about my encounters with beautiful humans in a place called The New Piccadilly Restaurant.

It is a cafe
it is called the Cathedral of Cafes.
"With an orgasm of yellow formica"
It has been my second home for about twenty or more years.
It is just around the corner from a neon filled Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's west end.
It is a caff.
The food is simple and ordinary
The service is heavenly
Heaven in the Ordinary.

It will pass away today and I cannot bear to be at the funeral.
I was there last Saturday
and it was tough
it was like being at a death bed
loads of passing humans
maybe all with their own memories
all with a eulogy
I don't know ...........

It will close and erased for McDonaldisation
the simple going new and clean and modern and crap.

So I had to post a few Pipturesques
say farewell
and I have just written in my diary
"New Pic died
22 September 2007


Friday, September 21, 2007

....... I was chatting to Michael McDermott in the Greenbelt Festival Hotel ........ and I drew the Level Five communication steps ...... and we chatted about it ....... and it has stuck with him .......

...... this is a great interview with him via 'Emmoworld' see my right sidebar for the link to his blog - thanx Dave

This was a recent article in Chicago Sunday Times

A beautiful 'noise'
interview Michael McDermott cuts through all the pain the only way he knows how
September 2, 2007
BY MIRIAM DI NUNZIO Sunday Show Editor

When life gives you a bowl of lemons, you can make lemonade, or you can get rip-roaring drunk.
Singer Michael McDermott opted for the latter throughout much of his career, openly admitting he spent a lot of time with a bottle of Jack Daniel's and plenty of other "pleasures" that took him down a deep, dark path. Through it all, the singer-songwriter managed to keep the faith, both literally and in his music, which has always leaned toward the spiritual.

McDermott has just released "Noise From Words" (One Little Indian Records), a collection of intimate, introspective roots-rock that reflects the last few years of the Chicago singer's tumultuous life.

Never shy about answering any question, McDermott is so candid it's scary. If his songs lay bare his soul, his spoken words reveal a truth even more deep.

"I just got back from playing some small clubs in England and I'm not sure people knew what to make of me, with my level 5 honesty," McDermott says with a laugh. "I was just hanging out at the hotel lobby one night and I overheard some folks saying, 'We have to go see this McDermott guy because we hear he's a madman.' [Laughing.] Whatever. I've been called worse."

He may have been called worse in his 38 years, but his life probably couldn't get much worse than it did in 2004 when he spent a night in Cook County Jail for cocaine possession.

"Jakob Dylan is a good buddy of mine and he was playing House of Blues and I went to see him and they're searching everyone at the door and well, they searched me and I had [the stuff] in my pocket," McDermott says. "It got real ugly and I got arrested."

McDermott, who ultimately got probabtion and drug counseling for the Class 3 felony, spent one night in general lockup, in the very cell occupied by his father a couple of years earlier.

"[My dad] was in jail for a gun charge," he says. "If you knew him, you'd realize how insane that is. He's this Irish, Paul Newman-looking guy whose so easygoing."

Jail became the catalyst for the some of the songs on "Noise From Words." Being in jail can do things to a man's soul.

"Revolutionary moments come from something that dark," McDermott says. "It was not fun. [Laughs.] I spent a great deal of time against the glass [partition] blowing hot air onto it and writing 'Help Me' with my finger in the [misty] circle. I realized then and there this was not my life. And the music came out of all that."

Other lyrics on the album came from a painful emotional episode last New Year's Eve when McDermott, ring in hand, was ready to propose to his lady love. Turns out, she found out something about him that was, well, not the kind of thing you want your future fiancee to discover when you're going to pop the question, and she sent him packing. He wrote the hauntingly beautiful "Still Ain't Over You Yet," a song that, as far as he knows, still has not been listened to by the lady in question.

The songs on "Noise From Words" run the gamut from gorgeous ballads to gentle folk to grand storytelling to rollicking anthems. The arrangements are subtle and pure: plenty of guitar, bass and piano. Nothing too rock 'n' roll.

"There's something to be said for staying out of the way of things," McDermott says. "I've been trying to be a rock star for so long. Forget it. I'm a folk singer, I'm a drunken Irish storyteller. Why not stick with that?"

Ironically, in high school, McDermott was attending daily mass and contemplating the priesthood. "The problem was, I realized that if I was a priest I'd be a bad whiskey priest," he says laughing. "But I've been searching for Jesus all my life. I always wanted to be his poet, his singer, to represent him. People come up to me and say, 'I found Jesus through your music." Really? Well he stopped returning my calls long ago. So next time you hear from him, tell him to give me a call."

For a moment it's as if that "bad whiskey priest" is unleashed, cutting through the layers of "tough guy" the singer has built up over the past 20 years. In truth, he now speaks to Christian groups about his checkered past, about jail, about finding meaning in life no matter how hard you fall. He wrote "My Father's Son," a heartrending ballad about that oh-so-precious relationship shared by him and his father over the years. He says he remains devoutly close to his parents.
"The older you get, you realize how beautiful your parents are and how much like them you really are. One day you realize that's not such a bad thing."

The album's closing cut, "I Shall Be Healed," bookends the opener, "Mess of Things," quite nicely. The journey takes the listener from the really bad times to the redemption born of them.
"When I got out of jail on that Sunday morning, I just walked straight to a church, to the side chapel where I was all alone and just broke down," McDermott says. "There was a mass going on and you know those words you say right before communion, 'Say the word and I shall be healed'? That became my mantra. I went home and I was like, 'That would make a great song.' I truly believe that I shall be healed.

"And maybe one day Jesus will return my calls."


That is me
no more New Piccadilly
cannot make the last day tomorrow
so goodbye Piccadilly
Leicester Square

....... next time, or the first time, we meet
can it be here?

Koha Restaurant - Bar
Leicester Square
11 St Martin's Court
London WC2 4AJ is literaly around the corner from
Leicester Square Tube station .. .. .......