Sunday, May 31, 2020

What is engraved on your soul?

Use your finger here. To touch is vital.

...... yes you can finger one of the Blobs which best describes how you feel. 
Sometimes choosing two is more like reality. ........
......... if you don’t have feelings about this -
 stick a pin your palm to check if you are still alive !! 

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

deep and wondrous in terms of L5 and Self Disclosure::

I yearn for the hugging 
to return to the fore.

AND below

A developmental game::

I asked everyone to take an A4 sheet of paper

and express their feeling with it ::

THEN place it into Maslow's hierarchy of humans needs::

TRY it - 

it's deep and wondrous in terms of
Self Disclosure::

My Euro Friends - I never wanted to leave BUT will never leave these BHP's

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Beauty within us

I believe that you love beauty
I believe that you see beauty
I believe you see beauty in some other humans
I believe you see beauty in yourself
I feel that you don't see yourself as beautiful


For the unnoticed - unthanked

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A childhood memory triggered by this HOT UK weather.

This hot weather in the uk
has got me thinking about one thing.
My thoughts remember the FRIDGE !

One day a long time ago
when I was a child
there was someone up our street,
(by word of mouth)
.... a big rumour,
that someone had got a fridge in our street.

Back in the day NOBODY had a fridge!

I was about 8 or 10.
I had a girlfriend up the street.
Her name was Sheila.

She was the one with the  fridge.
one day she said I could go and have look at it

I opened the door
it was cold inside
and then I was asked by Mr Sheila 
not to open the door because
it costs one pound every time the door was opened.
Because the cold escaped.

Within days I discovered something really exciting
(other than Sheila)
this fridge could make ice lollypops !!
With flavours!

I was a frequent visitor to Mr & Mrs Sheila.
I loved a lollypop every day
(still do)
but I must open the fridge door without permission. 

I still think about this rule - here in 2020 !!

Not so exciting, a few years later
we bought a fridge.
AND we made lollypops with different flavours ..........

The reality ..... distant bedtime story time

Monday, May 25, 2020

"When I'm weak, I draw strength from you." in Bulgaria

Zero 7

"When I'm weak, I draw strength from you."

Yesterday my favourite DJ 
on my favourite Radio Station ‘worldwideFM'
played my favourite Zero7 track.

I said I would blog an experience linked to the track.
BUT then I searched my and 
found the original reflection ………….

I add a few words to explain things better::


I'm writing this in Sofia Airport, Bulgaria, 
first time alone 
(but not lonely) 
with the first coffee of the day plus my 
constant travelling companion - 
my favourite DJ Gilles Peterson 
playing my favourite jazz/dance/stretch music 
into my ears and through to my soul.

I am tired. 
I am exhilarated. 
I am fulfilled.

I have been left alone by a giant. 

A giant! 
A big man. 
A physically large man. 
A great man. 
Carlos Madjri Sanvee 
from Togo, Africa

He was then working out of the YMCA World Office in Geneva  
with a portfolio including 
Youth Worker, Finance Officer, Africa, Latin America and 
thrown in - Europe & Russia!! 

(NOW he is the YMCA World General Secretary = CEO.)

And here I am in exhilaration:: 
It is - being with Carlos, together with other International Trainers.

We have been in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 
with 70/80 people at the first ever 
YMCA Balkan Training Conference. 
With young people in majority, 
this community have just tasted life together. 
Life sparkling with the cultures from ::
Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Greece.

Exhilarated I am. 
As with YMCA events - it was indeed full with 
body, mind and spirit activities. 
Training was in YMCA things including 
essential skills, awareness, personal development and 
spiritual stretch exercises. 
I'm shattered - not from the absence of sleep, 
which is reality, 
but the emotional and personal stretch I have experienced 
and loved as I learned as I have led.

Norwegian Oyvin Sonnesyn 
................ and myself were charged with leading a 
7 1/2 hour training experience for 19 young adults 
on the subject of 'Team Work’! 

Oyvin was then an International man, and Deputy National Secretary from Norway, and the YMCA European Alliance (EAY) Musical Director/Trainer. 
He gives 15% of his time to the EAY, 
a fantastic model of co-operation. 

Very different guy than me, 
he is a guitarist and sings - 
amongst his many talents. 

We worked experientially. 
We tapped the youthfulness, energy, experience and 
depth of emotion of people present.

Then the bus crashed!!
(a role play)
I divided the whole group into two groups.
One was lined up in an imaginary bus queue.
This bus queue of a mix of individual people
from different nations = strangers.
(The group dynamics theory is that a ‘group' 
does not exist as a group until they have a purpose in common.)

The other half of the participants bunched themselves together,
shuffling around the room as if they were all seated on a bus.
As they approached the bus queue they were in an accident! =
throwing themselves on the floor with ‘multiple injuries’.

All in the queue going about their daily lives when, 
suddenly, they were confronted by this serious accident 
with this bus load of ’strangers'. 
From 'standing in line', these individuals, 
immediately leapt into action to help.
Immediately becoming a team to handle this challenge before them.
All playing different roles. 
Helping the injured, stopping the traffic - 
phoning the emergency services.

Yes, it was a role play.

My eyes leak as I recall. 

It was an incredible human response.

These multi-national young lives did beautiful things 
including the reflection following the 'accident'.
We touched on the New York 911 terror attack and 
personal experience of ‘accidents' and deep emotions.

One young woman, Emilia, from Romania, 
who works with sexually abused young girls, 
made some fantastic observations of herself.
She was shocked to realise she had first gone to help 
the 'Romanians' in this bus crash.
'Xenophobia' was her term!

We had a great time reflecting on the role play.
Our emotions.
Individual behaviour.
How the ‘queue’ became a team with common objective.
Electric Learning!!

This was one of the many exercises / games played. 
Spiritual stuff. 
Personal Awareness. 
And we had tears as we grew in our unique community. 
A community of acceptance and value of each other.

As I was driven to the airport from the final session I wrote these words.

* Massive
* Flood
* Overwhelm
* Tears
* Walk of love
* Big
* Impossible to think.

I will work it all through from emotions to strategic thought but now - 
I think of the theme song as the plane arrives for me.
We had this song playing during certain moments  - 
one line repeatedly standing out::
" When I'm weak I draw strength from you"
'Zero 7' sing this line - the theme song from our time together:-

" When I'm weak 
I draw strength from you"

The song in question is playing in my ears right now ........... 

If you go to yesterdays BLOG on my website:: 
(24th May 2020)
you can hear and view the video - so powerful.

I am living it all again as I communicate with you.


Sunday, May 24, 2020

I love this VIDEO - many many great memories flooding .....

An inside view of the centre of my operations.

... my HOMEBASE - 
where I churn & learn. 

This Mac corrects all my spelling mistakes 
so can hide how thick I really am. 

Pip HQ. 

Join me daily on ::


A QUOTE from my book - it is where I have journey to .........

..... assume that people are doing their best ...

... seeing beyond behaviour ....
... behind difficult behaviour 
there is a hurting human ....

.... #awareness always precedes #skills.......... 


But have not seen touched hugged for 10 weeks

...... this is me. 
Where I am. 
At home. 

But have not 
for 10 weeks 

yearn for a reunion soon. 

Soon I will be reading her a bedtime story online. 

And be as close to her as possible. 

L⃣o⃣v⃣i⃣n⃣g⃣y⃣o⃣u⃣ precious one. 

Love FROM Grandad 
(and, as you say, I am still 18 !)



......... see 🅱🅴🅰🆄🆃🅸🅵🆄🅻 
Beyond instant dislike ......
.... dislike can be changed to love  

by L O V E 

L  O  V  E


In a storm?

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Lockdown is affecting the way that we communicate and to relate to one another.
These visual activities can enable rich discussions to take place both in small groups and online.
These Blob activities will help you and your group to explore their feelings on a wide range of topics such as Social Distancing, the Process of Emotional Change, Walking Near Home, School in Two Places, Key Workers, Self-Isolation, Panic Buying, Moving Beyond Fear, Ways of Coping in a Lockdown, and many more. Each image comes with a colour version for projection and a black and white image for photocopying and annotation.

The experience of being told “You are ugly”

In a Bar. Which one is you?

The Queen Mother and I - hanging out together.

Friday, May 22, 2020

I was driving and writing at the same time ................

Growth & development.

I was driving back from a gig.
It was with a staff team of
a multi-million pound company based in 
the City of London.

I was buzzing as normal.
The impact of being with a 
keen enthusiastic bunch of humans
always gets me going.

The adrenaline was flowing as I 
travelled down a few UK motorways.

I wanted to write
inside - out = 
capture my internal buzzing
onto paper so I didn't forget.

I grabbed a pad as I was driving
(keeping my eyes always on the road)
I stuffed my pad between my legs
and without looking down
I started to write.

It was about my experiences.
= The most toughest time in my life
have been my most intensive & deep learning.

My words scribbled out saying::

does not reside
in a place called

Human Development
does not reside
in a place called

does not reside
in a place called

does not reside
in a place called

A present this to you to
(I hope)
you can transpose into
your own life

Have a go??????????