Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A childhood memory triggered by this HOT UK weather.

This hot weather in the uk
has got me thinking about one thing.
My thoughts remember the FRIDGE !

One day a long time ago
when I was a child
there was someone up our street,
(by word of mouth)
.... a big rumour,
that someone had got a fridge in our street.

Back in the day NOBODY had a fridge!

I was about 8 or 10.
I had a girlfriend up the street.
Her name was Sheila.

She was the one with the  fridge.
one day she said I could go and have look at it

I opened the door
it was cold inside
and then I was asked by Mr Sheila 
not to open the door because
it costs one pound every time the door was opened.
Because the cold escaped.

Within days I discovered something really exciting
(other than Sheila)
this fridge could make ice lollypops !!
With flavours!

I was a frequent visitor to Mr & Mrs Sheila.
I loved a lollypop every day
(still do)
but I must open the fridge door without permission. 

I still think about this rule - here in 2020 !!

Not so exciting, a few years later
we bought a fridge.
AND we made lollypops with different flavours ..........