Friday, December 31, 2004

...... The way .......

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.... I have just received this from a bhp ...... I want to send it to you ..... you bhp .......

In the Midst of "California Dreaming" I believe that this is the most appropriate time of year to thank my dearest friends for Being and wish them a Happy New Year, a Year that we will run faster, jump higher, love more...
As it is said in the good old books
"The Future is what matters"
and in light of that wisdom I wish that we will live the Future in a way that each moment of breathing is worth remembering, worth sharing!
At the End of the Playground for this year and on the verge of Looking for the next one I can feel the exhilaration of the Past days and yet the magic of the Wonders to come.

My Dearest Be Wonderful, Gorgeous, Unbelievable!

Think about the future .................. you will be spending the rest of your life there ..........

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Brugge-come-Romford! New Year ....

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.... here we are in Brugge and it is not snowing, not freezing but a drizzle of rain.

It has all been good and good fun ......... loving it!

Will be back with you next year and every day - that is the aim.
Whatever you are doing now and will be throughout the year .......... I know it will be a journey

===== as a road less travelled =======

There will be all-sorts of brambles and thorns ......... the sun on your face also ........ a blue sky ....... not always ......... if we expect the unexpected ....... it will happen!

Journey on ....... and in some large or small way - I will travel with you ...... it is a sort of mutual thing ....... we touch finger tips when we do this ...... like it! ............. your unique finger tip ...... finger print - touching mine. The beauty of human touch ......... hmmm ....

Only bettered by .......

I will leave you with something challenging ....... not comfortable eh!
So - if you are clicking this on the Eve of New Year .....
as we step into the Day of New Year ...... the year of becoming ........ even more beautiful than you are!
Two Ways
Eberhard Arnold

One goal is to seek the person of high position, the great person, the spiritual person, the clever person, the fine person, the person who because of his or her talents or achievements represents a peak, as it were, in the mountain range of humanity.
The other goal is to seek the minorities, the physically and mentally retarded, the prisoners, and the despised; the degraded, the enslaved, the exploited, the weak, and the poorest of the poor.

The first goal aims to exalt the individual.
The other seeks the wonder and mystery of God becoming human by seeking the lowest place.
Two completely opposite directions!
One is the self-glorifying upward thrust.
The other is the downward movement to become human.
One is the way of self-love and self-exaltation.
The other is the way of God's love and love of one's neighbour.

"work like you don't need the money
dance like no-one is watching
sing like no-one is listening
love like you have never been hurt"

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Seeing off Santa in Brugge !!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I find words from U2 in all things ....

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I'm 'round the corner from anything that's real
I'm across the road from hope
I'm under a bridge in a rip tide
That's taken everything I call my own

from the U2 song
'One Step Closer'

Going to Brugge for .....

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........ New Year .......... booked ages ago and it is now coming strong and seems too soon ....... went last year and was gggreat.

Will be back soon ....... but will blog if the technology allows ...... I need to reflect ..... bit like digestion!

Needed a bit more of that recently too!

Still in shock about the disaster ........

this New Year




Disaster ...........

Disaster ...........
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Mr Yip ............

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.. I find it not possible to do my sometimes silly and lightweight blogs when half the world is a disaster zone ............

I have just received this;

I first met this great man in Tisadob in Hungary in 1991 when we were both Trainers on a big and great International Training course. He was then in a big job in Malaysia - now he is Secretary General for the Asia Alliance and Pacific YMCA's ...... so you can see why I am referring to him ....... his 'patch' has all of the disaster - other than the African hit.
He says this;

Dear Pip
Thank you for your kind e-mail and expression of concern for our nations that have suffered secerely from
the quake and tsunamis that followed.

We are working on mobilising support to support our YMCAs in the most affected areas - Sri Lanka, India and

But, dear I have learned from you.......there is always something beautiful that will accompany an event.....
even something as disastrous as thisevent.....I am seeing the care, the concern, the oneness, the unity with which people
are coming together to uphold and support each other at this time....people and people, community and community,
nation and nation.......what the world needs now (in the midst of all the killing and death of war, etc,) is LOVE and this
is one big "quake of Love" .........

.....but that's what we are here for..........because we love the Y and the One who
called us to SERVE......

Warm regards.


.... I groan with the world in pain ....



*Urgent appeal for Tidal Wave disaster*

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This is a letter from a friend who is also the CEO of the YMCA working Internationally ...... can you help?

*Urgent appeal for Tidal Wave disaster*

I am writing to ask you to give immediate help to families whose
lives are in danger following the terrible tidal wave that has struck
so much of Asia.

We have all been shocked by the television pictures of this tragedy.
People had no time to be afraid. The giant wall of water that
overwhelmed so many coastal areas came without warning, swept
thousands to their deaths, and destroyed countless homes and
livelihoods. In Sri Lanka alone, more than a million people have been
left homeless, and for those who have survived there is a desperate
need for food, clean water and shelter.

In India, we have reports from one region of more than two thousand
fishermen's huts being destroyed by the tidal wave that struck during
the night while families were sleeping and while fishermen were
returning home with their night's catch. All that is left is miles of
coastline strewn with the wreckage of boats and homes, and bodies
being washed ashore.

We cannot imagine the shock and bewilderment that so many thousands
of people are experiencing. Hundreds of thousands of people suddenly
have nothing. Many more people could die if they do not receive help
in the coming days and weeks.

Reports are coming in from YMCAs in the region who are responding to
the crisis. In Sri Lanka, local YMCAs are already distributing food to
families who have lost everything. Some YMCA workers and volunteers
have lost family members in the tragedy - funerals are taking place
as I write this - but they are working to reach and bring help to
those who need it.

We need to respond to their strength and courage by giving them as
much support as we can.

We need to send money quickly to help buy food, medicine and shelter
As the weeks and months pass, many thousands of people will need help
to rebuild their homes and their lives We must do all we can to help
in the rebuilding of communities too.

Because Y Care International works through local YMCAs, we are able
to respond immediately to the crisis. Help is being given now. But we
need money to pay for the food and shelter that is so desperately

Y Care International has launched an emergency appeal, and I am
writing to ask if your YMCA will join with us to respond to the
crisis by collecting money and making a donation.

Please display posters where you can and arrange for collections. We
will publish more information on the website - - as
further reports arrive from YMCA colleagues in Asia.

Our page dedicated to the disaster and how to repond can be found by
clicking here.

With good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Chris Roles

Y Care International
Chief Executive

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

When Catastrophe Strikes .....

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When Catastrophe Strikes
Eberhard Arnold

Only when we take human existence upon ourselves
in its starkest
and most humiliating misery
-a misery in which nothing has meaning
-can we win through to the only possible way to live
Only when we taste the lot of all,
when we become involved deeply in world suffering,
one in heart with the need of humanity,
can we win through to our true vocation.
Only when the conscience becomes active, only when love is born out of suffering, only when hardship leads to liberating action,
is victory near.

..... is Victory near ......


you can give now ....

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....... I trust Christian Aid and already they are out there and can use every pound NOW

Lord have mercy .......


Monday, December 27, 2004

What a world disaster .....

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....... the poorest are feeling it worst again and ......... it is a enfolding disaster hour on hour.

Lord have mercy ....


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Just home from Sadlers Wells .....

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.... swanning about ...... there was these swans at the gig - Joan, Joy, Ann, Willie, David and this ugly duckling who turns into a swan - one day eh?

It was a great ballet ...... not that I am a cultured wizz.

There was women in the show but the leads were men only. It had some beautiful music as you would expect and the dancers were fab in this unusual interpretation.

I am now back atJoys to enjoy another evening before home.

Trust you are ok. I wish you wonder.



Saturday, December 25, 2004

Joy and Ann ......

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...... forgot to say that the pic below is Joys flat ......... and here we are having some fun ........

....... the biggest drama of the day isn't the cooker packing in as it did a couple of years ago. We had to use the next doors cooker - they were eating away I am glad to say. It was fun!!
The turkey thought he had a reprieve but ...... hey hey.

The big event of the day was when Zig our cat, the Sheilas had insisted he came over to Joys ...... well ....... he had spent most of the day under the bed ........ fear of a strange environment .......... and then he suddenly made a dash for the chimney which you can see in the picture below!

Joy dove and just grabbed him by the legs before he ran up to the roof!!
Scary moment ...... ..... we laughed afterwards that there could have been a clash with Santa ...... meeting mid-way!

Well .......... more drama when he comes back from under the bed!!


@Joys .....

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..... we are on Christmas day and East Enders is on the TV so it is time to blog.

Want to wish you a great season whatever you are doing and wherever you are and whoever you are with - or not ....... I must say my mind has moved a few times to some of the people I know who have as their only friend - a bottle.
Or worse.

Jack Splash is an artiste with a favourite album of mine and ...... one song is called ..... "a Bottle of Hope"

Trust you have greater friends or relationships today and onwards .....

bBlessed now and on ......


CHRISTMAS GREETINGS - bBlessed today of all days ........ touch the deeper sense of who you are and give thanks, beautiful and loved .....

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Present ........

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Someonetowatchoverme ........

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My Nativity Set .......

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Christmas Eve ........

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.... been a busy ..... and you?
Well - I guess that you are so busy that you are not even reading this!

Thursday - yesterday was a miss in blog terms. It was my last working day and now - CHRISTMAS EVE already, is a free day - ha!

Tonight we go to the home of Gill and Steve for some 'Eve' drinks - not much more than water when you drive! It is an annual buzz and chat with some hand made treats to eat ............. and after the Midnight Mass at out home Church in town centre Romford.

Before that - It is getting ready for going away for two days to the Sheilas.
It will be great being with these special humans;
Zig (not beautiful human - but as near as a cat can get!)
................ and we will bump into a few more beautifuls as well.
Boxing Day we go with Willie and David to Saddlers Wells to see the performance of Swan Lake - performed only by men. NO women! It has gained a stream of good publicity and I am expecting some high kicks!
It is a Matthew Bourne production. We saw his version of Nutcracker two years ago and that, with women, was fab in terms of colour and drama. We were on the front row and I loved peering over the edge and watching the orchestra.

New Year we will be in Brugge - we went last year and it is electric.
Fab Chocolate City. Small Town City. Full of character. Cigar shops to die for. Friends to live for. Seven course meal leading to the midnight hour and then .......... dancing on the town square ice rink until 3 am - if we make it that far hey hey.

You may be working today and have feelings - you will have feelings but different than mine. I know many who are working face to face with homeless humans this Christmas. Many who don't want to be in a hostel. Many who would prefer to be in some other place but the invitation never came. I feel for the workers and the residents. I am stretching my feelings to touch. To feel.

Feelings of ........
"The Reality of Christmas
Christ wasn't born in the beauty of a cathedral! He was born amid the dung of an animal's stall. And he was not crucified among candlesticks, but between two thieves. I'm afraid most churches have completely forgotten this reality."
Maureen Burn

The reality of that time is hard to wrap our heads around.
But we must.

Otherwise we are reactive and get caught up in the tinsel.
Being proactive is to go beyond the 'in ya face'.
And Christmas, in our western culture, is in ya face.

I am always trying to tell you who I am - a try -
It helps me to try to understand my yearning - developing self - fumbling as it may be.
I feel ok today but the morning is young and I have not really began to think of the day - the season the depth ............. I intend to love it - but not ice skate over it!

I will blog tomorrow if the technology allows.
I want to leave you with the words of a song which feature strong in my 'Selection Box' - favourite music tracks of this year. Called
......... by Bugge Wesseltoft and Sidsel the songstress;

"Keep on looking
you keep on searching
you keep on moving
and you get a little further
you keep on trusting
you keep on hoping
you keep on facing your faith just to keep on growing

just just try

keep on wondering
you keep on asking
keep on reaching
keep on taking chances
keep on longing
you keep on dreaming
keep on doing what you do never give up believing

just just try
you just try....try...just try

maybe your world shakes
you try to hold on
maybe your heart breaks
just keep on loving
maybe you'll find out
it's meant to be this way
maybe you'll learn this
or maybe we'll learn this

keep embracing each day keep on yearning
keep on making mistakes just to keep on learning
keep on giving, you keep on wanting
keep on fighting, just get up every morning
and try...try....just try
you just try...try....just try
you just just try...just try"


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Greetings to you ....from Me and Marge!

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Festività 2004

Idah Saidan Wa Sanah Jadidah
Tchestita Koleda
Bon Nadal i feliç any nou
Prejeme Vam Vesele Vanoce a stastny Novy Rok
Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun
Glædelig Jul
Mo'adim Lesimkha. Chena tova
Hyvaa joulua
Joyeux Noel
Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto
Kala Christouyenna
Gledileg Jol
Merry Christmas
Nollaig Shona Dhuit, o Nodlaig mhaith chugnat
Natale hilare et Annum Faustum!
God Jul, o Gledelig Jul
Vrolijk Kerstfeest en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!
Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia
Feliz Natal
Sarbatori Vesele
Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom
Hristos se rodi
Vesele Vianoce
Feliz Navidad
God Jul
Froehliche Weihnachten
Noeliniz Ve Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
Srozhdestvom Kristovym
Kellemes Karacsonyi unnepeket ......

.. Buon Natale !


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

WHAT IF ........................... .................. ................................... .............

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I know a lovely man.
- warm
- always a greeting
- helps me feel good
- abusive - racist - terrible - ugly to be near - when drunk.

I find that all humans are great people.
- the burglar
- the violent
- the abusive
- the drug dependent
- the street sleeper
- the dirty
- the robber
- the smelly
- the mentally disturbed
- the drunk

When you meet them -behind the behaviour- they are great humans.
Even me!

They have problems like us.
Only different!
Want to throw the first stone - or a few?

Approach a a human who disgusts you.
Crouch down.
Sit down.
They are usually on the ground.
Or lower than you.
Ask a question.
Give to that human - something.
Eye contact is good.

In time ....
A question about her/his feelings.
In time .....
Tell about a time in your life when you suffered and lived on the edge.
In time .....
Listen with your eyes.
In time ......... a touch ...........

You are communicating to a beautiful human person.


Happy Click .....

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.... here I am ...... thinking of you and how you are doing at this special time.

My new eNewsletter is done and will come out to you as soon as possible. It has churned me up in terms of feelings at Christmas.
This week I will be spending most of the time with those you hate HATE Christmas. Most still do not know where they will be.

Please note that I will aim to keep clicking over the holiday period. So if you have time to click this way - in your busy and different lifestyle ....... I will be here - that's the plan.

Feel what you are feeling now.
A blessing of God these feelings.
If we did not have them we would be a zombie. Or drunk or full of drugs.

Only a perpetual child is controlled by feelings, so, - do something with them ......... even if they are good or bad.

bBeautiful this week



Monday, December 20, 2004

FROM .........

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... heard in a hip-hop song on;
BBC Radio 1xtra
DJ Fitz

That is maybe the best Season Greeting I can send you ............



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...... I will be sending out my last eNewsletter for 2004 and a Christmas Greeting as soon as I can after tonight sooo ..... can you consider?
Adding your email ad to the auto list AND you can register for a monthly blast of info and inspiration.
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bBlessed in these next few days ....


"Life in the U.S. Army Cantonment." Christmas postcard sent to Mrs. 30 July 1918

YMCA Xmas Card
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This is a YMCA Postcard sent home from the front.
The ymca had lots to do in the war - many wars.
You can see - if you peek closely - a ymca environment to care for the humans in need.

I love the stories of humanity coming to the fore at Christmas when we remember love coming in tenderness and .....

during the 1914-18 Great War

Observing the peace of Christmas in the midst of war seems the highest dichotomy, but indeed, combatants on both sides of the lines did mark the day throughout the war. Christmas 1914 saw a brief, unofficial truce between British and German soldiers in No Man's Land. The Americans in 1918 adopted children to give presents to. An American nurse serving in a British hospital bought candy for her patients.

Many references to Christmas during the Great War, like those on this page, are found in documents, photographs and postcards in the Liberty Memorial Museum.

On Christmas Eve [1914] there was a lull in the fighting. The Germans had a Christmas tree in the trenches.
- Gunner Herbert Smith, 5th Battery, Royal Field Artillery.

Christmas 1914
Suddenly a man from my company reported: 'The English are letting off fireworks.' And sure enough across the way from us the enemy trenches were lit up with fires and rockets and so on. We then made up a few banners ready 'Happy Christmas!' with a couple of candles behind and a couple on top.
- Unidentified German soldier's letter

Christmas in the trenches [1914]. It must have been sad, do you say? At midnight a baritone stood up and in a rich resonant voice sang 'Minuit, Chretiens.' The cannonade roared, and when the hymn finished applause broke out from our side and - from the German trenches!
- A Belgian soldier's letter.

Now we are in front of Hill 60 and it's Christmas evening 1915, our company is in the second line in the concrete bunkers.... Now it's Christmas for the second time in this war.... I have to look for a Christmas tree, without a tree there is no Christmas.... It's a wonderful winter day, there is a rare silence over the Front.
What would be the life at home in a little town on Christmas Eve? Everybody would be in a hurry, going home with presents under the arm. And here I am alone with my tree in a small trench. Some candles are fixed on the branches and an old steel helmet.
- Gemeiner Ernst Bergner, 143rd Infantry Regiment, Imperial German Army.

During the Allied occupation of Germany following the Armistice, American troops in Coblenz raised a Christmas tree in front of the Government building. Placing long strands of lights on the pine tree, it soon lit up the area after dusk. As music enveloped the large crowd of soldiers and German civilians, a festive air was made more so when the children received paper trumpets and other goodies pulled from soldiers' pockets. For the first time in years, the windows of the Government Palace were also lit and a lighted cross placed on top of the building.

'Just a few feet from me are members of a typical German family, throwing up a tiny Christmas tree, decorating it thoroughly in accordance with all respect due to the famed Christmas tree.'
- Sergeant 1st Class Charles Stevenson, Co. A, 314th Engineers, 89th Division in a letter dated 24 December 1918.


Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

Who am I -
O my God,
that you would come to me
in tenderness and intimacy?

Who am I - O my God, that you would come to me in tenderness and intimacy?

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Saturday, December 18, 2004


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when there is a strive to achieve
personal achievement
- a killer
- an oppression
and self centred

there is also
- a nurturing
- an equipping
- both ways

Otherwise it is

the means is more important than the end
we never reach the end
every step can be nurturing

Jesus did it
said it
lived it

...... that is what I think - but you never know
there is a chance I could be right ..........



Some News ...

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Frightening News
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"We have become so accustomed to the idea of divine love and of Godâ??s coming at Christmas
that we no longer feel the shiver of fear that Godâ??s coming should arouse in us.
We are indifferent to the message, taking only the pleasant and agreeable out of it and forgetting the serious aspect, that the God of the world draws near to the people of our little earth and lays claim to us.

The coming of God is truly not only glad tidings, but first of all frightening news for everyone who has a conscience."

May Christmas bBecoming
at the soul


Family +++++

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

...... ageing is an issue for you - in your family.
I am saying this, not knowing you, but guessing that you are touched in some way by the life of an elderly relative. If not you - I guess someone close to you is living under some sort of pressure due to a beautiful human who is deteriorating in body mind or spirit.

I am up north with Joan at the moment. Family here, and the above, is relevant. My Mother lived for her last ten years with both legs amputated - one below and one above the knee. She never lost he marbles. She kept her faith, compassion, engagement, dignity and communicate-ability. Even living with a wheelchair as 'stand in' legs, she led a life not confused.
(Note - she was not 'wheelchair bound' like some insensitive journalists and other insensitives say.
"I don't come with my wheel chair - my wheelchair comes with me" say the activist wheelchair 'users'.)

'Losing it' with any part of our life is tough. Becoming confused and memory loss is a big one. I meet humans who are so thought out and articulate and yet many seem to run into trouble with parents who have difficult behaviour.

(There is no such thing as a difficult human - only difficult behaviour.)

So many grown up humans have difficulty being 'adult' with their own parents. Particularly when older people begin to turn nasty or sometimes offensive. So many times these relationships are seen as offensive rather than inadequacy. So a grown up - 30 - 40 - or 50 year old will back off an inadequate parent because they are offended by behaviour. In fact, so often, there is a reactive behavioural response - rather than a a personal mission-led response.
( If you have not seen - check my own mission statement under 'pearls' on home page I think)
If another humans behaviour dictates how we respond we are;
- a feather in the wind -
- a leaf in a stream -
- not response-able.

The alternative to to reactive behaviour is a decision about how we believe it is 'right' to behave, and then striving to do it.
Even with parents.
If we believe it is right to walk away from anyone who is offensive - most families will never ever talk.
If we believe in unconditional love - loving the human person but working at the weaknesses in 'behaviour' (ours and theirs!), we will be deciding how to communicate because it is 'best' - not just because;
"I feel uncomfortable/angry/sick/fed up/mad/putdown/disregarded/treated like muck ......... fill in your own words here .............. "

One of my principles is'
"We are responsible 'to' - not responsible 'for' "

If we are the latter - we will everyone who is near 'self harm' or 'suicide' or 'unstable' because we cannot cope.
Alternatively we will become so possessive and not be an aid to growth - only further oppression.
Being responsible 'to' - is giving what you have but at the same time believing that each human is responsible for themselves AND we cannot be responsible.

When did you become an adult?
I became an adult when I was about 40 years old!
It was as a result of the sorts of things above.



Friday, December 17, 2004

++ Sa-Ra ++

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.......... ....... life is rolling on and I have not clicked about the gig on Wednesday night. I must. Otherwise it will stick in my soul. I need my soul emptying so I can continue the continual life replenishment.

Charlie and me just got to the stage end - only about four foot high in this small club in East London. We stayed put there, swinging our bottles of Bud to the music from the DJ which included Gilles Peterson - the man responsible for this event and us being there.

The base speakers are under the stage so you can feel the vibe as you perch on the end of the stage. We snatched some great conversation - speaking about one inch from each others ear like two birds on a branch.

After the DJ vibes came a stream of live music with each band only doing two numbers - and what stuff it was! Exciting and rolling with passion. Between that stream and the main set from Sa-Ra - we had the world-wide winners presentations - internet voted by 25000 humans from all over the world. The results and their music can be heard this Sunday at 11pm on BBC Radio 1 and for 7 days after via the 'listen again' fab feature. You will hear me whistling!

I am not giving this due credits - it was all electric and must be my gig of the year. Sa-Ra from LA were great - so extreme and different. There is very few of their trax available and those only on plastic. I have no CDs -Apple iTunes have not heard of them - yet I have many of their songs on my iPod via the various radio programmes. They are producers and performers. The next NERD/Neptunes it seems to me - pipdiddy.

Listen up you music lovers ......... well maybe you are nt so much a music lover?

........ loving is vital for others and self ....... and number one, not music, humans ........... love one today ...



NO ROOM ........

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No Room
Thomas Merton

Into this world,
this demented inn,
in which there is absolutely no room for him at all,
Christ has come uninvited.
But because he cannot be at home in it,
because he is out of place in it,
and yet he must be in it,
his place is with those others who do not belong,
who are rejected by power,
because they are regarded as weak,
those who are discredited,
who are denied the status of persons,
With those for whom there is no room,
Christ is present in this world.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

.... Just home ....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

........... from a fab gig - see below ..... will tell you more in the mornig .... hope you are good?



Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A group formed & I began to work ...

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

................I started by giving each member of the group a little Christmas tree the size if a 5 pence coin.
Then I asked what feelings they had - seeing - feeling this.
As usual, many have difficulty to contact how they feel. Out-slipped words like 'I hate Christmas', 'I don't like Christmas', I have no money to buy, not even, one present.

I then moved to asking them who the main human characters were in the Christmas story. The first word uttered was 'santa'.
Soon after there was a list of eight mentioned (- come on - you can do this as I tell you about a group work experience during the past week!)

Their names/descriptions went into a hat, Jesus went into the hat too. Each human then drew one out and I went around the circle asking how they thought that one 'felt' - a feelings question.

Here are some stand-out feelings;

Mary - stressed
Joseph - scared/worried
Innkeeper - guilty
King - good-to-give
Shepherd - in awe
Angel - 'yes'! - sorted!

Three humans in the story were noted as having negative feelings and they were the main focus of the whole affair - as responsible adults.
The rich - feeling good to give, not just receiving.
The tough rough/simple life style shepherd - awe - overwhelmed.

The last one was a dead pleased Angel who really knew that this was pretty good news ........... "YESSSSSSS"

Why do this?
Why did I do this in a group of humans?
1 I am on a journey to cultivate in myself, and others, an increasing ability to be able to get into contact my/their own feelings.
2 Looking at others and empathising is a learning process into sensitivity.
3 Articulating those feelings is a process of 'owning' such powerful things as feelings.
4 A human identification with a powerful historical spiritual human story.
5 Reality at Christmas - to escape the tinsel for some small moments ........ and it was stinking good .........

Why not try it on humans around you?
Adapt - of course.
You never know, they may be pleased to talk 'real' midst the rest of the Christmas slippery slope.

I am 'being' with, during the past week, humans who are this - amongst other things;
Visibly self harming
Severely depressed
Lost and uncertain
Lonely and afraid
No place like home to go at Christmas
Deep feelings and disturbed
(the last one is me and I want to be disturbed!)

Thanx for clicking this way.
I will tell you straight - I take value from you doing this.




The Wolseley ...........

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................... Missed a bit of da blogging over the week-end because a bit rushed with life.

But do want to tell you about Sunday because our October wedding anniversary gig with the daughters sheilas x 2 and their men managed to get together. It was the first chance that all of us were in the country and able.

We went to The Wolseley a nice place next to the Ritz in Piccadilly, London Town ....... it is an all day restaurant in the style of the grand cafés of Paris and Vienna. Used to be a Bank I believe!
Impressive surroundings, simple but excellent dishes and great cakes and puddings. Hard to book, but worth the treat, and easy to pop in for a breakfast or a snack at off-peak times I understand.

It was great to be with these humans and the discussion was as cool and hot as the eats and treats.

Another good place to visit if you visit the big city ....... for us a treat sort of venue - must have more treats!!




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I am going with my mate Charlie to;
Worldwide Music Awards 2004
Hey hey ........

My fav DJ, Gilles Peterson, runs Each year a radio show of the Worldwide Winners. I have taped it for years and it has followed me around the globe. It is a programme made up from the best as voted by Radio 1 Gilles listeners who have voted for their best tracks and albums of the year. Then it is compiled into the Worldwide All Winners show at the end of the year.

This - for the first time is a live show. this year it is a special awards ceremony at Cargo in London tomorrow to celebrate not only the tracks of the year but also the amazing live music in 2004.

Line Up:
Fun Your Ear DJs
Amplified DJs
Gilles Peterson DJ set
Brownswood Emsemble
Amplified DJs
Bugz In The Attic

I understand you can catch the awards results on the next Gilles show and also the live stuff on Boxing night.

I am excited as a little boy.
The child in me comes out to play.
Catharsis - that's it.

How do you do 'catharsis'?


Saturday, December 11, 2004

... and Jesus ...

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............... Jesus fell down stairs.
Trust me.
My fault.
It could have been one of the others
the udders

It could have been a King or a Shepherd or a cow!
(do you get it - the udders?)

Instead it was baby Jesus.

You see - it has been the annual Christmas visit to the Attic.
Out came the tree and the lights and all my nic-nacs.
One of my favs is a little plastic Nativity set - so small - so cheap - some great.
As I unwrapped them out of last years toilet paper to put on the landing window shelf - Jesus slipped and fell - I guess the smallest gets the toughest sometimes - eh?

There must be a message here but - will leave that to you - I am in a too silly a mood .........

you are



L5 .... meet and eat .....

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.... so we gathered and here is a pic of some of ....... been a meeting for twenty four years and three and a half months.

We are the level five group - see the home page for the link.

WE love this place to meet

Usually it is in a L5 home.
And we talk talk.
This was a social gathering
talk talk
eat eat
drink drink
fab climate.

Let me know if you want the ad and Telephone when you come to London. This is a special place.

got home late
fully fulfilled

Friday, December 10, 2004

Some in some out ...

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..... some of these - if you can read the titles - are on my fav CD Selection Box of the year and some are not.

Jack Splash - 'The return of Jack Splash' is not on grrr - but I cannot burn all my delights.

Stay close and - as the rush of Christmas hits us somewhere in our frame - or nose ....... ............. a deep breath and a pause to consider something beautiful
in us
around - what we see
the best in our year
the best of our human relationships
and 'making all things new' is in process

If God was one of us ..........

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.

1 Touch fingertips with my e-newsletter:-
2 Buy one of my books;'s%20Books.html
3 Click pipbhp daily blog;

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Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

What if God was one of us

just a slob

like like one of us?


~~~~~ READY ~?

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Ready for Christmas?
Loretta Ross-Gotta

Jesus observed, 'Without me you can do nothing'. Yet we act, for the most part, as though without us God can do nothing. We think we have to make Christmas come, which is to say we think we have to bring about the redemption of the universe on our own. When all God needs is a willing womb, a place of safety, nourishment, and love. 'Oh, but nothing will get done,' you say. 'If I don't do it, Christmas won't happen.'

But why not try it? Leave behind your briefcase and notes. Leave behind your skills and your knowledge. Leave the Christmas decorations up in the attic. Go and find someone in need.


I must link you to .....

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........ John Davies who has more than one thing in common with me ..... increased today!!

I click this way daily ...... have a see



......... and click this way too ...........

I love how humans can be touched by music so deep ...... thanx Caroline ....


ZIG my friend ......

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............... here I am enjoying life and I have not stinking blogged - how can I do that - I need to be ashamed of myself.

Well - after all - I have been to Filthy McNastys. As I said, it was joys birthday yesterday - Thursday, and I left work at 10 pm to get too the lock in for a wee while. Now I am back and having debriefed with Joan, I am in need of a blog.

I feel good in a still sort of way.
You may be aware that I am on the quest of telling you who I am - and I don't know who I really am unless I tell you. The process of 'telling' is the process of 'becoming' who I am.

If I tell you my feelings - that will help me to know who I am and who I am becoming.

I have been doing a bit this week.
that is.

The blog I did on Wednesday morning - early morning, was important to me. It was a significant rant about where I am at.

So I feel good and tomorrow I have several things but a focus now on;

A light lunch with Richard a friend from India.
He was kissed 27 times at the festival in Prague last year! I was running a worship session called 'rolling magazine worship' and one item of fun, mixed in the magazine of many deep and fun items, was an opportunity for someone to be kissed because it was the persons birthday. It could have been a young thirteen year old teenager BUT we had a line of 27 girls and boys all giving Richard a kiss.
Love it!
Richard has visa issues and we meet sometimes just to chat..
He is a great man.

Later on in the evening, a group I belong to called the 'level 5 group', are meeting in a wee Covent Garden Italian Restaurant to enjoy each other.
We have been meeting for over twenty four years to open our souls and 'be' together and 'become' together.
The food will be fab and the friendship - what a poor word for L5 - will be a delight.
I love these humans.

As I tell you these things, I am feeling myself - feeling the reality and I feel good.
Sometimes I do not feel good.
These feelings are good too - if I feel them.
When I feel that sort, I am learning about myself coz, I am churning and learning life
- my interior
- my exterior.
If I only tell you my activities, and not my feelings, I am not telling you who I am
or myself
or God
I am a ................ NOT becoming human if I do not touch my feelings hmmm.

thanx for reading these few poor words. They are the best I can offer - but they are real and clicked your way as best as possible



Thursday, December 09, 2004

Joy an Ann - the Sheilas - ~I love em .....

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................ after work on Thursday I will be slipping down to 'Filthy McNastys' because it is Joys birthday. Some late night drinks and some good chats.

Really missed her. She just got back from S Africa today - in time for a birthday amongst friends and she even likes the Parents being there too. Good eh?

Felt - feel tired tonight. More relaxed now. Was not so when I got home from the London Tube/Train journey.
Thanx for the iPod God and Joan.
Tonight I was listening for the full two hours journey to DJ Tiesto - thrice voted the best DJ in the world. It was he who played his vibes to the Olympic Games Parade - and I have the CD of that very mix. More trance-like than I normally go for. I am a 'house' man myself.

But on a Train a hand touched me and distracted me from the haze and music ...... it was little Jenny who used to be a member of the Rolling Magazine Team which I led for 15 years at Greenbelt - spawning books and vids and TV programmes - da lot.
It was fab catching up with her after years of not connecting. She also used to work behind the diner in the YMCA and work with kids and stuff.
She now works a 12.5 hour day as a nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children - working every day with babies and kids up to 7 years old who have cancer.

So much to click but it is time for some zzzzzzzzzzzz

you are


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Selection Box for you ......

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..... yes - a free offer for anyone clicking this way.

I will send you my CD with the best of pip wilson 2004

Just send a snail mail ad with one word 'please'

you will get it and bBlessed