Thursday, December 09, 2004

Joy an Ann - the Sheilas - ~I love em .....

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................ after work on Thursday I will be slipping down to 'Filthy McNastys' because it is Joys birthday. Some late night drinks and some good chats.

Really missed her. She just got back from S Africa today - in time for a birthday amongst friends and she even likes the Parents being there too. Good eh?

Felt - feel tired tonight. More relaxed now. Was not so when I got home from the London Tube/Train journey.
Thanx for the iPod God and Joan.
Tonight I was listening for the full two hours journey to DJ Tiesto - thrice voted the best DJ in the world. It was he who played his vibes to the Olympic Games Parade - and I have the CD of that very mix. More trance-like than I normally go for. I am a 'house' man myself.

But on a Train a hand touched me and distracted me from the haze and music ...... it was little Jenny who used to be a member of the Rolling Magazine Team which I led for 15 years at Greenbelt - spawning books and vids and TV programmes - da lot.
It was fab catching up with her after years of not connecting. She also used to work behind the diner in the YMCA and work with kids and stuff.
She now works a 12.5 hour day as a nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children - working every day with babies and kids up to 7 years old who have cancer.

So much to click but it is time for some zzzzzzzzzzzz

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