Tuesday, December 07, 2004


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...... have you noticed?


Today I was in the Church of Apple.
I went to the new apple-mac shop in London town.
There is a God.
It was like a Cathedral.
All glass and a dozen communion tables around - all with great numbers of iMacs and other delights.
iPod heaven too!!
God is in the house .......
by the way ..... I love that house music tune! 'god is in the house'.

I was in the big smoke for meetings and was able to do;

Saw daughter and beautiful human for a quick salad in Covent Garden near her office - and we talked Christmas strategy!
How does one make a TV programme at Christmas without showing all the Christmas decorations?

Saw Andy T my great friend in the New Pic Cafe .......... what a venue - pray for him and all the family - he has had a big lifestyle/job change and they all need a lift up to the maker.
We talked all-sorts of things including Greenbelt.
Did you know - he is only the third Vice Chairman of Greenbelt EVER.

Home to building disruption and a grrr because my 'Audio Hyjack' is not working at all and this is vital stuff.
It captured my favourite DJ's from radio to hard drive- to iPod so I can commute and enjoy it.

Now this is important and it bugz me.
That reminds me - I have ordered the 'bugz-in-the-attick' album and will be seeing them on the 15th hey hey.

Still full of grrrrrr