Saturday, December 11, 2004

... and Jesus ...

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

............... Jesus fell down stairs.
Trust me.
My fault.
It could have been one of the others
the udders

It could have been a King or a Shepherd or a cow!
(do you get it - the udders?)

Instead it was baby Jesus.

You see - it has been the annual Christmas visit to the Attic.
Out came the tree and the lights and all my nic-nacs.
One of my favs is a little plastic Nativity set - so small - so cheap - some great.
As I unwrapped them out of last years toilet paper to put on the landing window shelf - Jesus slipped and fell - I guess the smallest gets the toughest sometimes - eh?

There must be a message here but - will leave that to you - I am in a too silly a mood .........

you are