Sunday, December 05, 2004


Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

......... every year I do my own 'SELECTION BOX'
This is a collection of my favourite tracks from albums and singles I have purchased during the year. It has been worked on over 11.5 months and will have some 35 tracks ...... some short and quirky because I link the tracks together to make it unique - as you are!
It is fantastic - I must admit.

I am like last year making it available to you the blog clickers - only you.

All you need to do is send me an email with the word 'please' and include your snail mail.
I will aim to get it to you by the end of first week of the new year with full track listing and 'sleeve notes' sounds posh eh?
I will be ...... burning the midnight oil during the seasonal break hey hey!

My email ad ...... I don't post it here coz the spammers scan all the web for e-mails and throw porn viagra and Rolex watches ads on my screen ..... you will find it on the home page of pip-dot-com.

bBeautiful .......