Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Wolseley ...........

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................... Missed a bit of da blogging over the week-end because a bit rushed with life.

But do want to tell you about Sunday because our October wedding anniversary gig with the daughters sheilas x 2 and their men managed to get together. It was the first chance that all of us were in the country and able.

We went to The Wolseley a nice place next to the Ritz in Piccadilly, London Town ....... it is an all day restaurant in the style of the grand cafés of Paris and Vienna. Used to be a Bank I believe!
Impressive surroundings, simple but excellent dishes and great cakes and puddings. Hard to book, but worth the treat, and easy to pop in for a breakfast or a snack at off-peak times I understand.

It was great to be with these humans and the discussion was as cool and hot as the eats and treats.

Another good place to visit if you visit the big city ....... for us a treat sort of venue - must have more treats!!