Friday, December 03, 2004

-Was not .........

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..... blogger fantastic yesterday was I?

Was a busy with tings and when I got home after 12 last night I got caught up in;
-a countreau
-The culture programme,repeat-really like it
-A 'made for tv' movie which triggered tears and sobs - several times!
I just wept at the time but made a note to myself to try to understand why.

It was about a child being abused by her dad, locked up, deaf, and a stressed social worker working through her own issues while at the same time working for justice with this young human.
All the issues which are important to me and I face myself - week on week.
It was moving.

Why did I weep? - I try to understand now as I click.
~Frank at work was taken into hospital and I was shocked.
~Angus, at work, farewell and I feel it.
~Balvinder, at work, leaving and I like him - respect him deeply.
~Texts and emails from humans brushing brambles along their road less travelled ~ resulting scars and discomforting examination - at least.
~ Otherwise I don't know.
I don't feel bad about the leaking.
In someways it must do me good - methinks.
They must be in there!
Did not force them out.
As I often say - I want to feel the hurts of others and be sensitive, to grow here.
It does not disable me.
It seems to bless.
These powerful yearnings to love and value and express and ..... it seems to be returned back to me without request .....

So that, just that, is my level of understaning - stumbling as it is.
Maybe I will discover more about myself as I journey.

bBlessed today
you beautiful
you special human