Friday, December 10, 2004

ZIG my friend ......

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............... here I am enjoying life and I have not stinking blogged - how can I do that - I need to be ashamed of myself.

Well - after all - I have been to Filthy McNastys. As I said, it was joys birthday yesterday - Thursday, and I left work at 10 pm to get too the lock in for a wee while. Now I am back and having debriefed with Joan, I am in need of a blog.

I feel good in a still sort of way.
You may be aware that I am on the quest of telling you who I am - and I don't know who I really am unless I tell you. The process of 'telling' is the process of 'becoming' who I am.

If I tell you my feelings - that will help me to know who I am and who I am becoming.

I have been doing a bit this week.
that is.

The blog I did on Wednesday morning - early morning, was important to me. It was a significant rant about where I am at.

So I feel good and tomorrow I have several things but a focus now on;

A light lunch with Richard a friend from India.
He was kissed 27 times at the festival in Prague last year! I was running a worship session called 'rolling magazine worship' and one item of fun, mixed in the magazine of many deep and fun items, was an opportunity for someone to be kissed because it was the persons birthday. It could have been a young thirteen year old teenager BUT we had a line of 27 girls and boys all giving Richard a kiss.
Love it!
Richard has visa issues and we meet sometimes just to chat..
He is a great man.

Later on in the evening, a group I belong to called the 'level 5 group', are meeting in a wee Covent Garden Italian Restaurant to enjoy each other.
We have been meeting for over twenty four years to open our souls and 'be' together and 'become' together.
The food will be fab and the friendship - what a poor word for L5 - will be a delight.
I love these humans.

As I tell you these things, I am feeling myself - feeling the reality and I feel good.
Sometimes I do not feel good.
These feelings are good too - if I feel them.
When I feel that sort, I am learning about myself coz, I am churning and learning life
- my interior
- my exterior.
If I only tell you my activities, and not my feelings, I am not telling you who I am
or myself
or God
I am a ................ NOT becoming human if I do not touch my feelings hmmm.

thanx for reading these few poor words. They are the best I can offer - but they are real and clicked your way as best as possible