Monday, January 18, 2016

Pulling people together and building a climate of trust - group work

It is great to work with people who have had tough lives 
and have learned so much/I 
have learned so much. 

There is hurt there. 
There is experience there. 
The face shows it as the words struggle out in the context of a group. 
This is what I do now. 

It is pulling people together and building a climate of trust and........ 
letting the group open up on an issue which they are stretched with. 
Not comfortable, but something which stretches their mind 
and the very depth of their soul. 

When you have been hurt it is difficult to trust again. 
More-so to love again. 

My facilitation is to stretch to love. 
The theory is that if we separate from people, 
not liking one or another or slagging off others, 
that destroys the 'community’ 
(the principle methodology of growth and development) 
and also hinders the growth of the person themselves. 

To write someone off is to damage me too. 
It is old fashioned 'love your enemies' because…. 
anyone can love their friends. 

It is wonderful to hear affirmation flying over the group. 
One corner to another::
"I used to think you were an idiot, 
a loud mouth idiot with no care and sensibility 
to yourself or anyone else. 
Now I have got to know you, you are a really good guy. “ 

Love it, love it, love it. 
That very issue of getting to level 5 communication 
makes my heart sing and 
I believe God  rejoices in heaven 
because such is the kingdom of heaven’. 

There are people in the group who really add some great stuff 
and sometimes sit back and think ………. 
something of God is being made here. 
"Shalom' ........ 
right relationships 
right community 
right awareness
right sensitivity 
right openness 
right direction 
toward the kingdom coming 
in rich and broken lives. 

What I really admire is the staff 
who enter into the group life and 
really share their own vulnerability, 
brokenness, hurts, faltering …… 
it is so beautiful that the staff do not have to pretend 
to be 'beautiful perfection’ 
but like us all in the group ……
'beautiful imperfection'. 

Several of the people I work with 
will be going to events and 
they will not automatically fit in. 
They will feel different. 
They will feel that everyone seems to know 
how to enjoy these things and they don't. 

The will be stepping
right outside their
comfort zones.

Like us we feel it in strange contexts.
BUT when you are feeling
it is difficult
scary even
to relate to a stranger
make human contact so

If you see them. 
say hello 
love with your eyes 
love with your smile