Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My favourite things - 2015

I have been working on this since December and still can't get all my reflections together.
So here are some of my Fav things!


Album                      * ‘Kiss the World Beautiful’ by Martyn Joseph
Single track              * Forgiven by Jamie Woon
Book                         * 'The Teenage Brain' by Frances E Jensen
Blog                          * LOVE has no off switch http://www.pipwilson.com/search?q=+love+has+no+off+switch
Web-site                   * www.blobtree.com The Home of Blob Tree Materials.
Journey                    * Home to MrsBeautiful - always a treat.
Gift                           * Soundbar to listen to music and great sound for TV.
Gig Training              * Lambeth CRUSE - with Bereavement Counsellors 

Gig                            * Rolling Magazine in Alesund Norway in February with my friend Torgrim Grimstad
Joke                         * Two Cannibals were eating a Clown and one said to the other “Does this taste funny to you?"
Software                  * 'Get iPlayer Automator' Captures 50 hours a week of Radio DJ music which I soak into my soul.

Buy                          * New iPhone after 3 years with the old ‘dying battery’ one.
Blob Tool                  * 'Blob Upstream' which gets people considering the past and impact downstream= NOW

Drink                        * Mint Tea.
Learning                  * Every 121 opportunity, every Training workshop I facilitate - I am stretched in preparation AND delivery.
Blessing                  * A new Grandaughter Nell - a little sister for Connie and a BLESSING for us all.
DJ                           * Gilles Peterson - continued to feed my soul with music - fresh and always new adventuring.
Radio Station          * BBC Radio6Music
Publication              * The YMCA TOOLBOX Book bespoke for the world wide Y -  http://www.blobtree.com/pages/featured-blobs

Festival experience * Missing Greenbelt Festival for the first time in 38 years.
TV Series                * ‘The Bridge’ - I love the Beautiful Imperfection of the lead ‘Saga’ - so full of feelings.
Injustice                  * The occupation of Palestine by Israel and the daily misuse of power/destroying ancient family homes.
Pipstagram              * The large celebrity in my life:: Conniepops age 6 in February forthcoming.

Event                       * Must be our 51st Wedding Anniversary back in October - and we are still going strong!
Cafe                         * Timberyard Cafe, Seven Dials Covent Garden, London - Love it Love it!

Restaurant               * Da Mario Italian, Covent Garden, London - forever my favourite in the WORLD !
Partnership              * Ian Long - Artiste & Beautiful Human with www.BlobTree.com -  great to work creatively with him.

Pipturesque             * Both my beautiful Grandaughters http://www.pipwilson.com/2015/12/my-our-joy-to-world-at-christmas.html